1923. Compatibility Axioms #171-180

171. Wish I had said this: “You don’t marry someone because he’s your soul mate; he becomes your soul mate because you married him.” [from Julia Shaw’s article “Marry Young” at www.slate.com]

172. A man’s loyalty and devotion to wife and children is cultivated best by a woman mentally and emotionally committed to nesting, nurturing, and nestling in her home and his castle. [97]

173. Small breasts have great value in helping to keep men faithful. Large breasts appeal to the adolescent side of men. They admire the large and look for the larger, which shifts their mindset to sex play with other women (and weight control goes out the window with women.) [98]

174. Younger women and imitators primarily use skin to make boobs attractive. It works. However, it captures male attention with thoughts of sex (just as hugging does). They bypass her other qualities. When she pushes sex onto the back burner, men tend to chase her for who she is more than what she can do or what she might be in bed. [98]

175. When dating, men like their woman to look seductive so that he appears like a great conqueror. Not so after marriage. He wants her to look trophy-like, happy with him, and obviously available only to him. [98]

176. Meaningless sex eventually leaves women feeling empty. Promiscuity compounds to weaken their feminine self-respect, -worth and -image. They become aware in middle age if not before. [99]

177. Promiscuity reinforces to women that men are only after sex. Chastity teaches women that men are more interesting than that. [99]

178. Promiscuous sex teaches men that women are playthings and easily dominated or dumped. Chastity teaches men that women have respectable values and are not easily bamboozled.  [99]

179. After early passion wilts among couples, men do not stay long or dependably with women they conquered as pushovers. Round heels turn off the Marrying Man. [99]

180. With so much unmarried sex available in society, men are enticed to comparison shop their wife against the young and more ideal. Even late night TV shows in the bedroom stimulate husband’s imagination (and probably that of less devoted women also). [99]


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9 responses to “1923. Compatibility Axioms #171-180

  1. True. Sometimes I feel like women have to work a little harder than men do….why is that?

    Your Highness Breatheeatlive,
    Because women have to relate better to get what they want, desire, and dream of. Men are much more independent and less needful of women except for sex.

    • Cristian From Madrid

      Hello there
      I do not know why is that, but it is the best interest of the woman. why? How hard do you have to work to get a good full equiped car? Would you settle for the first, or any random car?
      Same way with men. With the advantage that if the man is a worthy man he will, no doubt, give back lots of things for your …little harder effort? why? because a real man does not like to stay in debt with the woman he is interested in, long term.
      And that creates, a very useful vicious circle,where the attention to the other partner never ends, if the woman accepts to go on working little harder. The man will always respond. It a question of pride,self respect.

      The real battle is not to get a man.that is so easy any woman can do however ugly or stupid. The real battle, the one that really counts is how to keep a man. And that is a job for inteligent, long term envisiones women.
      Axiom 171 is just delicious! As a man, i find it very useful and it is stranges but it teaches one to be humble, keeping good looks out of the alowing virtues to emerge.
      Women shoud try to stop dreaming about that special one, and start making the man they have by their side special, because she is special!

      As far as i am concerned, …I make this suit look good!

      And now,totaly off the point..

      Mr Maligned, I was just wondering…
      Your pseudonym…Makes me think about a
      Mal Aligned…Actually I read it as MalAligned…from the word Mal, * spanish, for Bad and Aligned,,english for Alineado

      Sure that one gets the impression that your thinking is …badly aligned with the modern way of thinking… Sure you are mal alineado with the worldly manner of thinking and pseudo-normal habits and nowadays customs, because your wise words have the smell of a set of rules one can easily find in the Bible.

      We,your readers, all have, more or less this smell impregnated in our minds and hearts. Sometimes we do not get it in the first place, but later we get it all figured out!

      Let me greet your readers..these avid readers whose comments I enjoy. For all of you who read this comment, say a prayer for Guy and his family. One is always in need for a unselfish prayer! And keep comment… We are all reading Guy and reading each other and together are growing in wisdom…

      reading this Axiom saga can not help thinking about the Bible and the Proverbs. How sweet is any self evident truth, isnt it? Makes one smile in delight…

      sorry for my english, and sorry for the lenght of the post. i did not expect it…Forgive me.
      These are just some thoughts shared with your lovely and charming readers.

      Peace be with you all!

      Sir Christian in Madrid,
      You English is clear enough and I too enjoyed the linguistic twist. My pen name initial ‘A’ stands for ‘Another’. Malign means “to criticize somebody or something in a spiteful and false or misleading way.” Synonyms include slander, criticize, and smear. My name is an indirect reminder that women too easily find fault more than they find ways to praise men, criticize more than uplift men, and damage relationships in ways that they are unaware. Most damage is done in the name of Feminism and by ignoring or forgetting to both respect and utilize the true nature of men and women, about which I hope to describe better ways.

    • I thought so. I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks Mr. Madrid for your response as well. I don’t believe that women or men work harder in their relationships with their loved ones, because after all, it is a choice. I put that question out there to get you all (men) point of view on the relationships that you all have with women in your lives. I’ve seen men get bashed and dragged through the mud (my fiance in particular), and I find it difficult to stay silent and let these things pass. We are working on making our dreams come true and have had to let go of a lot of negativity. Thank you both for your responses.

  2. To keep men’s attention and devotion to just one woman, and not wander when the man gets bored.

    Your Highness Breatheeatlive,
    That’s as good an explanation as many others. The sexes differ in hundreds of ways.

  3. Anon...

    No. 172 seems hard for women to fulfill if SHE also has a full time job and long commutes. Perhaps it wouldnt hurt if women pay for a maid service out of her paycheck?

    Your Highness Anon…,
    That’s too personal a question for me. However, it would seem okay if it enhanced husband’s devotion to wife, children, and home. After all, isn’t that what’s needed most?

  4. Anon...

    Sometimes i watch girls 14-30 hug their dates in public when they first meet them which is inappropriate behavior since it doesnt honor the male or female. Men as a rule doesnt need affection and security as much as women…

    Your Highness Anon…,
    I have to go personal for the first time. There’s more to your observation. The problem is all the hugging of men who are often no more than distant acquaintances. I’m 82 years old and sex thoughts still enter my mind (admittedly in passing) when I feel the back of a pretty women. If women want to have better relations with men, they will quit hugging every chance they get. You all don’t keep men by constantly injecting sex into their minds. You do much better by dangling such thoughts just out of reach, which then forces men to work their way into your life rather than your bed.

    • My Husband's Wife

      Hello Anon and Guy!

      Thank you guy for sharing your personal insight. In doing so, I think you touched on one part of a very interesting subject which is this: Many women today don’t think that men are “different” creatures and that they should restrain themselves a bit when it comes to what they say and what they do. They treat them as “one of the girls” (ie: hugging, sharing all emotionally, talking about sex, husbands, etc.) which in fact they are not. It makes things more difficult for men in general (and to be honest, for me as a wife). To me, it registers loudly as a lack of respect.

      I think feminism is partly to blame for this one? The idea that men and women are the same, only with different body parts. It’s a complete lie that has been promoted so much that people aren’t even aware of how dangerous it to how the sexes relate to each other. Both men and women deny the natural “tension” between the sexes these days.

      I work in an office where I’m the only women and I have to say, I pay special care not to look, touch, or speak in any way that would be inappropriate and maintain my personal space. If a conversation gets personal, I always include asking about the wife and kids and speak positively about them. I’m not attracted to any of these men and I honestly don’t believe any are attracted to me, but I feel it’s important to maintain that “barrier” between the sexes and keep things strictly professional.

      Unfortunately, I see this first-hand as my husband works with a bunch of women (they are in their 40-50s) who have no clue about adequate barriers between the sexes—so I experience this first-hand. I’ve also noticed that the women who are not religious are the ones who have more of a “barrier” issue with men. But maybe this is no different today than years ago and I’m just more sensitive to it because of my beliefs.

      I would say that another benefit of this site is helping women realize that we do need to think about our words/actions towards men–no matter how old they are and take special care to respect them in every way.

      I can’t thank Guy and Mrs. Guy for all the help in creating harmony between the sexes!

      Ever grateful!

  5. I can’t thank you enough for posting these completely spot on facts. I agree with each one of them especially the “soulmate” part! So many marriages got broken because of the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of it. Thankfully this fact is laid out in the open more often now than before. Thank you!

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