1926. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 86

  • Women know they are pretty; it comes with birth. Women who smile a lot are prettier. Innocently complimenting or teasing a woman makes her smile and adds beauty to the world. Women should appreciate men for making this a prettier world by niceness and funning rather than an uglier place to live by disrespecting and aggressing.
  • Show me a woman that dislikes compliments and I’ll show you a woman that dislikes herself. She thinks either that she doesn’t deserve it or feminist dogma taught her to reject her nature and also be suspicious of men.
  • A direct connection exists but which happens first? Who starts it? Unsought and unexpected compliments by men cause women to dress and groom more attractively and act more appealingly.
  • If a woman doesn’t appreciate unsought and unexpected compliments by all men, she lacks respect for the male gender and appreciation of herself. It makes her less than ideal for learning to appreciate one man.
  • She’s simple. Comfort with who she is enables a woman to share herself with others. He’s complex. To the extent that a man is comfortable with his sense of significance in the eyes of a woman, it enables him to share himself.
  • Modern women give up their natural mystery and insult their own prettiness. They slap their appearance together with sloppy clothes and disregard for grooming in ways that reveal disregard for their own importance, lack of self-respect, and pain at receiving insufficient love.

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One response to “1926. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 86

  1. A visitor

    Sometimes women are left cold by compliments because there has been a male predator earlier or currently in her life. This has robbed her of the enjoyment of being pleasing. It can take a long time to undo this hurt and form bonds of trust with men. A good father or good husband can do a lot of good here.

    Your Highness A Visitor,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when someone else joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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