1929. Compatibility Axioms #201-210

201. Promiscuously experienced boys make poorer adult-mates. From many round-heel and easy-pushover girls, boys learn two things. 1) Females aren’t as respectable as males. 2) Token commitment is sufficient and devotion unnecessary to capture a female.
202. The end result of masculine-style sexual freedom for women is that men become more adroit at sexual hit and run, and women gain more experience as ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, ex-live in, and ex-wife. [103]
203. As male dominance is challenged in the home, it strengthens and fertilizes the man’s natural reluctance to stay long with one woman. [103]
204. Females pursuing equal right to be unfaithful actually redouble the males’ effort to maintain and even exploit their natural dominance and sexual freedom. [103]
205. Women are endowed with a cooperative spirit, men with a competitive one. Men easily recognize the difference, guard their turf aggressively, and overpower wifely assertiveness that challenges husband’s role. [103]
206. Women need to exemplify religious morality. It can civilize, tame, and domesticate the male beast. (New school moral relativism breeds abuse and violence of men against women and children and both sexes against others.) [103]
207. Women bitch that men don’t act gentlemanly. It’s the highly valued self-respect of ladies that inspires men to act gentlemanly. (To loosen up moral values, feminists several decades ago shamed out of existence the social construct of the lady. Gentlemanly respect and courtesy faded rapidly thereafter.) [103]
208. Women insist on equal sharing of housekeeping and childcare responsibilities. The best intentions to equalize workload weaken mutual devotion, because sustaining equality is too friction-causing and impossible in the end. [103]
209. Men usually keep their love under wraps. When he expresses love, he does so through actions designed to please his love object, and it shows in spurts. [104]
210. Women express love through closeness, nurturing, and intimacy. She reveals her love frequently using words when necessary to keep the spirit moving. Also, she expects her ears to be filled frequently with his words of affection and appreciation. [104]


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2 responses to “1929. Compatibility Axioms #201-210

  1. Anon...

    I’ve seen many ’round heeled’ girls in my time, complete with wearing leggings WITHOUT a skirt that covers their bottom.
    I like to watch people and what they dress in, and one day in the mall seen many girls/women 14-60 in the same outfit, except ONE–she was stunning wearing a DRESS with her leggings, and looking feminine. Although looked over 40, was the only one with her boyfriend/husband with his arm around her when they shopped==you would think younger women would follow her example, and if they did, would they start to act more feminine

  2. Elizabeth

    Sir Guy,
    I was wondering if you would expound on this axiom, since it brings up a fascinating and strong difference between men and women:

    209. “Men usually keep their love under wraps. When he expresses love, he does so through actions designed to please his love object, and it shows in spurts.”

    It seems that the man could be displaying actions that he believes very clearly reflect his admiration of woman, but to her the actions may be interpreted as normal, everyday actions within the relationship that merely confirm their compatibility. But to him, they are very deliberate expressions of his admiration of her and the value he places on her role in his life.

    I love how thought provoking these axioms are… looking forward to your response.

    Your Highness Elizabeth,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Men don’t reveal their feelings easily or voluntarily. If they are after something in particular, perhaps. Women look for open declaration of love much as they like to express it. But men are different. First, a man doesn’t love the same way as women. Second, full disclosure about his feelings is self-forbidden. It’s too risky; it can either be used against him, expressed too early and she finds fault, or he comes across foolish and risks losing self-respect. Also, men know that caution pays off better if a man is after a woman and not just after sex.


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