1930. Compatibility Axioms #211-220

211. Men are empathetic until everything is done that can be done. Then, they get sympathetic. Women get sympathetic without problem solving efforts having been made.
212. Women measure a man’s love by her standards, and so he repeatedly falls short. If men were born for closeness, nurturing, desire for intimacy, and continuous dialogue, they would have been born female. [104]
213. The foundations of their love differ. His love builds on respect, and nothing affects his deepest respect more than how she handled and still handles her sexual assets. After that, his respect grows from her self-respect, character strength, and feminine nature. [104]
214. Her love resides in her dreams. It springs alive when she realizes that he can and will adjust himself to accommodate her aspirations for their life together. Only the most egregious actions by him shatter her dreams and, consequently, love. [104]
215. His love is one-sided. It depends more on what he does than what she does or says. He even separates love from appreciation. She does not. His heart energizes actions that he determines will or ought to please her. Such actions rather than words reinforce his feelings and enlarge his love. [105]
216. One husband told by wife to do the spring cleaning while she worked, turned the leaf blower on the house with front and back doors open. (I know the wife.) Another, told to show more affection for his wife by a counselor, went home and washed her car. That’s how men show affection, although these examples may be too unusual. [105]
217. Our forefathers showed affection with actions that endorsed their masculinity. They honored their woman’s wishes for social stature, such as opening her car door, seating her at the table, repairing broken things, and especially bringing home the bacon. [105]
218. Today, women discourage displays of affection. They expect their man to do things that demean his masculinity by appearing to follow female orders, such as doing the dishes and changing diapers. It is not the doing that offends, it is the squeeze on his manliness from having to do it because she demands it. [105]
219. She can be more respectful, and he expects it. When not shown, he responds with less affection. [105]
220. Her love is multi-sided.  She depends more on what he says than what he does and more on what she does than what she says. It’s confusing, but she likes it that way.  It expands her flexibility for fulfilling her dreams with him. [106]


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2 responses to “1930. Compatibility Axioms #211-220

  1. boomer babe

    i would like to tell you, that 217 IS STILL BEING FOLLOWED!
    my daughters 19 yo boyfriend does those things by rote to all the women in his life, (mom and sister) as well as her
    a side note:
    i WISH that modern women stop using the term SINGLE when they are without a boyfriend (you are single until you are MARRIED– and it should be open for other guys if you are not). I don’t know where that came from, but it makes it easier on the man, to not ‘step up’ and ‘put a ring on it’
    I even hear this on facebook–SINGLE–when she isn’t married or engaged
    perhaps, years ago, many women either were married, or had a boyfriend, or were engaged but still considered themselves ‘single’

    Your Highness Boomer Babe,
    I suggest your daughter go out of her way to specifically thank his parents for doing a good job, and do it without the boyfriend’s presence or knowledge. You could do the same separately and perhaps lay good groundwork for in-law relations should they marry. It’s a small investment with potential for great ROI.

  2. boomer babe

    it funny you should say that,—i’ve already told his mom and dad, AND since both are still in college (shes 18) they aren’t going to marry until they graduate==my husband thinks they will marry as well…
    He is one of the FEW millenial boys that has HIS ORIGINAL PARENTS.; I’ve told my daughter to not go out with a guy who doesn’t have married parents, especially in the 21st century, since many boys of single moms DON’T have adequate mentors.
    My daughter seen her 4 aunts, and 4 sisters marry or make kids with guys who are inadequate, so shes careful

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