Dear Mr. Beck,

You seek ways that We the People can reboot America and restore our exceptionalism and greatness—and rightly so. You seek a Whitfield moment and recovery that begins in the pulpit—and rightly so. You seek a union of free men who stand up more responsibly to restore the constitutional American spirit—and rightly so. May I add another truth to your quest?

I have not heard you mention this. Through lack of certainty caused by politics and propaganda, men and women are unable to capitalize on how God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize the sexes to be different in hundreds of ways. Consequently, the traditional battle of the sexes has escalated into war with children in the crossfire. While feminism has wrought huge legal, political, and economic gains for women, the radioactive fallout generates conflict, demolishes harmony, and prevents compatibility in the social and domestic arenas.

We are created to be compatible as mates, but we destroy that inheritance by prioritizing unmarried sex over permanent mating. Endowed to do good, which enables us to be good people, we poison that primal urge with left-leaning politics. Energized for self-interest, we escalate to selfish and beyond.

Synthesized out of two male-dominated religions, American forebears developed our Judeo-Christian culture. Under persistent female domestic pressures, the culture gently evolved into wifely domination of values. Men need only a hut, but women turn huts into castles. Men conquered the West but women civilized it. Pillow- and breakfast-talk sent husbands into the fields, factories, streets, and courts to improve life for women and children. Men dominated workplace and society but women dominated home and culture.* By promoting and appreciating the effort of free individuals, relationships evolved such that respect for the opposite sex equaled or exceeded respect for one’s own gender.

As if a reciprocating engine, it worked this way. Fuel mixture: Women are predominantly motivated by the need of self-importance; men by the need of self-admiration. Combustion: Women respect men for who they are and admire them for what they do. Women guard their uniqueness and men find them important and respect them for what they do. Mutual respect generates mutual trust. Travel: Compatible relationships become easier, steadier, and lengthier. American cultural greatness and economic exceptionalism grow.

Progressives undermine truth in order to remake society in their image. They demean sex differences and propagandize that the sexes are alike except for reproductive differences. Because non-Progressives ignore God’s designs, Nature’s blessings, and hormonal urges, Progressives more easily divide us into two classes: rulers and dependents (aka regulatory tyrants and ambulatory subjects).

Thus, Mr. Beck, we lose our culture because we ignore the hundreds of sex differences caused by God, Nature, and hormones. Capitalize on those differences in spite of Progressive pressures and we can restore men and women to the roles in America that the founders expected, children appreciate, and grannies are proud of what they have done.

If you think more truth can aid your quest, the potential can be evaluated at What Women Never Hear: https://wwnh.wordpress.com.


Bill Clark Dean (aka A. Guy Maligned)

P.S. I have no interest in personal contact. I am too busy trying to help individual women around the world put their lives on a better track or back together.


*Many years ago Tocqueville spotted it in action, “[M]orals are the work of woman.”


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9 responses to “1931. OPEN LETTER TO GLENN BECK

  1. Reblogged this on Esprit and commented:
    A great letter from Guy at What Women Never Hear. Of all that I’ve read of how to respond to feminism, his wisdom has proven to be the most sensible, effective, and reliable. And his own marital happiness over the past 50 years is evidence that he knows how to create happiness with a wife rather than bitterly complain about women. His respect for women and positive outlook on the possibilities for cultural renewal are refreshing.

    Your Highness Arid2385,
    Thank you for the exposure.

  2. Some Other Guy

    Can you explain why an open letter to Glen Beck? Seems like he already gets the idea that progressives are ruining marriage and family.

    Sir Some Other Guy,

    If my purpose isn’t obvious, then I need help don’t I? I suggest you start with the second paragraph and the one immediately above “Sincerely.”

    I can’t figure out what you expect. However, your suggestions for improvements are always welcome.


    • Some Other Guy

      My question was poorly worded. I agree w/ the content. What prompted you, at this moment, to send these thoughts as a letter to Mr. Beck? And why him in particular. Why not Hannity or Limbaugh? Any incident in particular?

      Sir Some Other Guy,

      That’s simple. Hannity and Limbaugh are great talk-artists of the modern scene. Beck is the multi-faceted, multi-talented action-artist that spends many millions to do what America needs. H & L talk and appeal to the ears of America, the female side. Beck acts and appeals to those of action, the male side. I favor the latter, so I see Beck as deserving of subscription to The Blaze and truths of this blog.

      Also, several years ago I passed some of my writing to Hannity, but he showed no interest.


  3. boomer babe

    i’m hearing stoopid stuff like PUTTING WOMEN ON THE FRONT LINES being strong in the MARINES… (when we do this, and when some women get extra muscle, they could stop menstruating for a time, and if done too much, causes BRITTLE BONES in menopause) on top of guys being crazy and even MORE CONFUSED when they get back home

    • My Husband's Wife

      Boomer Babe, you’re right on and it’s very wrong on so many levels. Like you said, what does it do to the female body to be in combat? We’re not built for such. And women will continue to lose the respect as this continues to play out.

      Pushing women to go against their nature to be in combat is another agenda happening right now to hurt both genders (family) in the long run. Have you seen the Katy Perry music video “Part of me?” It’s basically a campaign for women to join the marines. She gets jilted by a boyfriend and is angry and fired up. So she signs up to be a Marine. They show her cutting her hair off, tying up her breasts, etc, basically destroying her femininity. Then you see her fighting in combat. One disturbing scene is of her strangling a man under water. It ends with a bunch of women in their fatigues with guns under a flag. Quite sickening it is! And you know how big of an influence Katy Perry is these days!?

      • Catherine

        Just watched the video. 😦

        • boomer babe

          I don’t even CARE to watch videos like this: for one thing, its NOT just Katy Perry who is into having women like imitation dudes, but many CONSERVATIVE type fathers are also into it. (Doug Giles, Paul Ryan)
          I’ve just heard a commercial on the radio about a woman who joined the US navy, she said her dad was proud of her for joining and SHE also has to CARRY THE SAME AMOUNT of WEIGHT the guys do. (when i mean conservative, the stations that carry Hannity Limbaugh etc.)==there is a WAR on femininity from ALL SIDES!

          • boomer babe

            When i mean that guys get ‘confused’:
            guys today will LET women lead if they like to jump ahead, (since they don’t have to) since part of the reason strong male leadership is missing, is that WOMEN are leading THEM.
            I’ve just seen a woman COMPLAIN about how men are portrayed on tv commercials…being bimbos, etc. Many TV roles in dramas are about strong women, Sergants, captains, and WHERE ARE THE GUYS!?
            I miss the old shows from the 70s that showed men of all colors and women being feminine, so I watch MEtv, Cozi TV, and Antenna TV…LOL

  4. This article goes along well with the blog — and from HuffPo of all places!!! I almost think she’s a regular reader of this blog. 🙂

    Your Highness Kathy,
    Thank you. It’s a good article; I support her advice.

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