1933. Restore Compatiblity! Halt Divorce!

The happy season is upon us. I have to take a break for family and travel. So, I leave this unusual post for you to ponder while in good spirits.

I was inspired by an outstanding thinker and prominent author. On hearing him, I copied his style and uncovered a precise summary of What Women Never Hear. He identifies one side of the equation to restore male-female compatibility.  I identify the other side.

On his December 11 TV show, Glenn Beck interviewed Stephen Mansfield, author of Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men—An Utterly Invigorating Guide to Being Your Most Masculine Self. The author summarized his book with this. (I add the brackets to describe my understanding of his principles.)

Mansfield’s MANLY MAXIMS

  1. Manly men do manly things. [aka not female things]
  2. Manly men tend their fields. [aka fulfill responsibilities]
  3. Manly men build manly men. [aka set good examples and father well]
  4. Manly men live to the glory of God. [aka live up to standards higher than Man]

Mansfield and Beck agreed that the country needs a similar book for women. Watching them discuss those maxims, comparable maxims for women jumped from my mind as the summary of 850,000 words in What Women Never Hear. I jotted and have only reordered them. I present them to you for Christmas.


  1. Feminine women exemplify moral living.
  2. Feminine women tend their relationships.
  3. Feminine women tame and civilize male aggressiveness.
  4. Feminine women inspire men to respect and love others.

I leave you with this encouraging thought. Merged, stirred, and melted into human behavior, these MAXIMS can make  everything better once again.


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7 responses to “1933. Restore Compatiblity! Halt Divorce!

  1. Sis

    Ooh, I love it. I love the way he worded it also. Very nice! The feminine maxims are very simplified also, easy to remember!

  2. Anon

    May you have a wonderful holiday. I have appreciated all the guidance you have given me over 2013 and wish you God’s blessing for 2014.

  3. Some Other Guy

    Good post Sir Guy.

    IMHO we help halt divorce when the court system quits incentivising people to get divorces as a way to get a financial windfall from a divorce settlement.
    “Wow, I get a big alimony check every month and I never have to live with that man/woman again? Where do I sign up?”

    I am fully aware that there are many cases where the alimony is fair. But we all here of plenty of cases where divorce is being rewarded with huge lottery like payouts that have no basis in reality. They only serve to scare people, away from marriage.

    • boomer babe

      We also know, that this stuff goes down the generations:
      Kids NEED both parents in the home to develop normally, and since many people who have SEX, will make kids sometime…

      Other than that

  4. Still Learning...

    Merry Christmas Sir and Mrs. Guy, and thank you for the gift of this blog!

  5. Cocoa

    Merry Christmas sir Guy to you and your precious family. May the season where we observe the birth of Christ encourage and motivate us to restore family values and morals.

  6. Adam

    My only issue I have with your MAXIMS is the last two focuses on men, not women. The point is how can a man be a manly man, not in physical strength but moral strength. Which then Manly Men ties all together with the most important MAXIM which is #4. The other three are impossible with out to live in the glory of God. It alone gives a man his ability to live and give sacrificially without the need for applause, approval, or affirmation in this world. So start your MAXIMS for women over which the last one ties it all together with the one and only Jesus Christ.

    Sir Adam,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another man joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I’m confused. The points you make I cannot relate to the article. Could you be more specific about men and women? Unfortunately, I used two lists numbered 1-4, so you need to cite more precisely which you mean.

    I do challenge this sentence: “The other three are impossible with out to live in the glory of God.” Being a newbie here, you may not be aware that the blog focuses on how men and women are born. It’s as if they emerge the womb as full size adults. It’s not inborn that they believe in God, but they have a primal urge to find something higher than themselves. When they live up to something higher than themselves, the people around them live better lives. It’s the way God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize them for the life that follows.

    Finding and believing in God is a lesson learned in life and therefore not a natural pressure to live according to the first three MANLY MAXIMS which are inborn.


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