1936. Compatibility Axioms #231-240

A friendly reminder: I’m not describing what women want or would like to see. I describe the natures of men and women that they ‘inherit’ at birth, that which God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize.

231. It takes a lengthy courtship for her to figure out how to both succeed with a man and even if he’s really worth it. [107]
232. The groundwork is laid in courtship for her later rewards. It’s both the training and proving ground for his learning to live with her. Heaven forbid that she’s insincere because men tend to fight back when they’re surprised. [107]
233. Relationships start with attraction, infatuation, and lust that fold into passion and love and level off as enduring mutual love. Or, so women hope and dream. But each phase requires different but sincere behaviors out of her. [108]
234. The rules for success are many, but wrongs trump rules, Nature trumps love, and men trump women that don’t know how to make a man successful at husbanding and fathering. [108]
235. Men don’t take orders from women; it weakens a man’s sense of significance. Women are much more effective conveying their expectations some other way, more indirectly and less insistently. [108]
236. Women must qualify their man for marriage; condition him to accept her values, standards, and expectations; and expect never to change him after their first sex together. [108]
237. Man of the House, Head of the House, Home CEO, or whatever you call it, the woman indirectly governs the home unless she joined up with the wrong man. It takes a long courtship to decide correctly and make such a future together. [108]
238. It’s her nest that her man considers his castle. He expects comfort and convenience over her perfectionist tendencies, functionality over her style and fashion, and the appearance of him as boss. When she insists on her way, he tends to object and rule more. [108]
239. Husbands respond to their wife’s thinking but not immediately, directly, or openly. A husband needs time and latitude to make wife’s expectation look like something else—even his idea. Men can afford to be impatient, but their woman cannot. Patience is an immensely great female virtue for marriage. [108]
240.Men treat women as females teach them earlier in life. Mother didn’t exemplify self-respect and didn’t respect the son as different. Girls didn’t condition the boy to respect females and domesticity. Single women didn’t earn the man’s respect by denying sex. Flowing out of those consequences, men mistreat women. [108]

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