1946. Indirectness: A Wife’s Most Effective Strategy

Even within compatible couples, the masculine preference for directness easily causes confrontation and even more so when women use it. The feminine talent and skill for cooperation makes women the relationship experts and gives birth to their preference for using indirectness. Without it, the man’s game of competition overpowers the woman’s game of cooperation and male dominance reigns at the expense of female dignity.

Women are born with immense talent and skill to use indirectness as a successful technique for dealing with men. It calls for tactics, expectations, and calculated responses centered on someone else in ways that encourage their cooperation.

Indirectness prioritizes patience over impatience, niceness over spitefulness, subtle over obvious, deferred over immediate gratification, calm and smooth talk over harsh chatter, and simpering rather than her spouting orders. It also calls for no insistence on getting her way at this time, delaying arguments until no longer needed, accepting loss of arguments to fight another day and way, finding gratitude rather than fault, smiling when frowns are expected, not complaining about her problems but asking directly for help and pleasantly depending on whatever ‘rescue’ he provides.

Women love easily. It causes grateful wives to predominately live according to their natural soft-heartedness. They routinely rely on it rather than their natural hard-headed ability. Indirectness capitalizes on that tendency. It enables wives to brighten their futures by enabling their husbands to dominate the present. Thus, the relationship expert generates the compatibility that lasts forever.

Translating all that into directness, she empowers herself to rule the rooster while enabling him to rule the roost, which offends a man until years later when he learns the truth and worth of it, which is why the hopes, dreams, and rewards a wife longs for come so much later in marriage.


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10 responses to “1946. Indirectness: A Wife’s Most Effective Strategy

  1. surfercajun

    Thank you, sir for explaining the indirectness. I was unsure at times exactly WHAT that was!! Sent this along to some other ladies that want to know as well. :o)

  2. thetruth01

    Hello Guy,

    The last time we spoke I said I was going to see of anything happens between my friend and I. I don’t think we are great together, for example I like a guy that calls often and he doesn’t. OK end of that story. I have a coworker who I though was pretty cool. We would talk often, but I thought it was just him liking me some what and that was all. One day he asked my in a roundabout way to hangout, but in a text to not let anyone at work know. I asked why if we are just friends and that when he told me he doesn’t want anything serious. That’s when the games began for me and I flirted and teased him for a few days going back forth about sleeping with him, dating him, and wanting nothing to do with him. The last thing I told him was that I don’t want him right now maybe later. He came to me and told me to stop playing games and guys don’t like to be teased. This conversation took by surprise and I felt pressured and excited at the same time. He said I was being indecisive; I told him I am indecisive. I told him I wasn’t interested. Then he said I need to get used to the idea of him and I. I said fine I will call you when I’m ready. The last thing I remember him saying was you don’t have to and he ended the conversation. I really don’t want anything to do with him, I just liked the attention. Now I see how serious he has taken it I will never initiate calls or texts outside of work again. Will that work so that he leave’s me alone?

    Your Highness Thetruth01,
    Will he leave you alone? I can’t figure it out.
    Men can’t identify female insincerity as well as women can see it in men. He seemed sincere to start but were you?

    • thetruth01

      OK thanks. I wasn’t sincere because I don’t see him getting close to me not physically or emotionally since he told me intentions. At first he seemed like those guys who put women on pedestals by the way he acts and I love guys like that so I was going to give him a chance. And I believe he should have told me his intentions before he gave me his number so I could have told him right away that I wasn’t interested. I feel insulted because I thought we were friends, I didn’t expect that from him. Actually I’ve never had that happen. I guess it’s a blow to my ego because I think I am way more attractive than he is and he should be begging me to date him.

      Your Highness Thetruth01,
      Keep this in mind the next time. He can’t figure you out. You have to figure him out but it takes a long time. Don’t be so quick to confirm your intentions either. Mr. Good Enough men have far more qualities than are evident in the first few months of association. Ever so slowly enable them to reveal their intentions subtly and indirectly. Except for getting close or you in bed, they usually don’t know their intentions until your virtues accumulate and increase their respect for you. Also, sincerity always produces the finest results.

      • thetruth01

        Wow great advice. I now have something to ponder on. I really appreciate your insight.

      • thetruth01

        Hello Guy,

        I was telling a guy friend about my coworker and how he behaves around me. He was telling me that he is obsessed. Is that a red flag or is it a good thing? I do like the attention, but today he scared me. I turned around and he was just staring at me. I just acted normal.

        Your Highness Thetruth01,
        Second thought makes me reconsider. I don’t have enough info to respond accurate enough.

  3. My Husband's Wife

    Thanks for the great post. I always need reminders and explanations of “indirectness.” My instincts tell me this is the best approach–but I continually struggle with translating it into my everyday life.

  4. Southernbelle

    Sir Guy,

    I am a bit confused by this ..”Ever so slowly enable them to reveal their intentions subtly and indirectly. Except for getting close or you in bed, they usually don’t know their intentions until your virtues accumulate and increase their respect for you.” I thought being indirect was a feminine strength that ladies should employ and directness a masculine strength. I don’t understand the value of him being indirect; it seems like a weakness if a man employs this.

    Your Highness Southernbelle,
    A man being indirect may mean he’s unsure and proceeds cautiously. Or perhaps something else. He knows that directness is his strongest suit, and who knows why a particular man chooses something else?

    • Wants to know

      I think that his indirectness is meant be of value to us. If the man states his plans with the gal before he has decided on her, he may risk having to go back on his word to be with her. But if he hasn’t explicitly said anything, he is free to upgrade his intentions 😉

    • gonemaverick

      I may be wrong… but I understood Sir Guy’s statement to mean #she (the woman) should subtly and indirectly enable men to reveal their intentions.

      Your Highness Gonemaverick,
      Good call, darling.

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