1957. Compatibility Axioms #311

311. This is to introduce a specific set of axioms that will follow in the days ahead.

It exploded about 50 years ago. Compatibility was dumped into a hellish hand basket by the radical political movement that became Feminism. The articles in days ahead will cite many causes and effects, some connections and consequences, and lay groundwork for dozens of axioms that follow in this series. Also, I continue to avoid women’s political, legal, and economic issues and progress. I will focus  exclusively on social and domestic consequences.

Feminism crushed the concept of feminine dignity, devalued female prettiness, and destroyed the social construct of the lady and lady-like behavior. It mocked gentlemanly behavior, which taught men to focus primarily on sex appeal, which turned women exclusively into sex objects, which discouraged women from other-than-sexy appearance, which reduced the social value and self-worth of less naturally endowed women.

Feminism continues to immobilize women into classes of physical attractiveness, which focuses masculine interest on nines and tens, which weakens female ability to compete for men, which encourages women to more easily yield sex, which enables men to avoid living up to female standards and expectations, which turns females toward masculine-style sexual freedom, which uplifts men over women, which makes women second-class, which enlarges male dominance, which reduces husbandly responsibility, which weakens marital compatibility, which disappoints female hopes and dreams, which tears down the family unit, which threatens the American way of life, which energizes me to write this blog, and which convinces me that only women can improve their conditions both living among men and with one.

Following shortly in this series of Compatibility Axioms are many female-unfriendly concepts and thoughts brought to us by feminists and their political theories. Their impact against compatibility should be obvious.

P.S. I capitalize Feminism and use it as the polar opposite of Femininity.

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