1960. Compatibility Axioms #322-330

A quick recap: God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize us to be compatible with a mate. We match up easily in many ways.  
322. Men are driven to overcome Nature and other barriers, compete with men, and shape human events. Women need a brighter future for them and theirs. Compatible matchup? [126]
323. Men just need a place to flop, eat, and throw their things. Women are driven to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones. Compatible matchup? [126]
324. Men want the freedom to pursue their nature as hunter-conquerors and target high value prey. For example, men don’t mount rabbit heads in their den or pursue women they find unappealing. Women want help when they need it in a world they cannot dominate. Compatible potential?
325. Women are born pretty. Men are born handy. Compatible matchup?
326. Women fear abandonment. Men fear insignificance. By promoting their man’s significance, women demote their fear. Compatible potential?
327. Men have a natural inclination for directness and impatience. Women are endowed with the talent for indirectness strengthened by patience. Their willingness to be flexible and negotiate enables them to gain ultimate influence in relationships to the advantage of them and children. Compatible potential?
328. Man-think primarily focuses men on the present. Woman-think primarily focuses women on the future. Compatible potential?
329. Women are motivated to enhance their sense of importance through relationships. Men are motivated to earn self-admiration through accomplishments. Compatible potential?
330. Women are naturally modest. Men are not but respect women for insistence on it. Compatible potential?


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7 responses to “1960. Compatibility Axioms #322-330

  1. surfercajun

    Dear Sir,
    Welcome back. You know we all missed you.
    Wishing you well.

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    Thank you. I love it when pretty women tell me that.

  2. Sharon

    Sir Guy, so good to see a new posting from you. Thank you, and welcome back. Do you see a fine line between “maneuvering and negotiating” (#327) and manipulation? I observe that one of the men in my life seems to prefer directness from everyone. E.g. The question from a woman, “Wouldn’t you rather do such-and-such?” (which sounds innocent to me), he views as manipulative — especially if he has already stated his intentions.

    Your Highness Sharon,

    First, “maneuvering” was a poor choice and I have changed it to “be flexible.”

    Second, such men lack the ability to trust others unconditionally.

    Third, I suggest you convert to using directness this way. Give no other response than “No.” If what he wants seems okay to you, go along but provide no other feedback. Choose between no and okay but verbalize only your refusal or rejection of his intention. Just say no and don’t complain or don’t explain. Doing so provides what he expects but permits you to retain your dignity.

    Silence without feedback (e.g., body language or enjoyment as he expects) is very direct. Let him stew awhile in his own ‘direct juices’.

    Someday his view of others may change. He may choose to offer to negotiate or at least request your input beforehand. But don’t count on it. Just preserve your dignity and let his misery increase. You can’t change him.


    • Catherine

      Sir Guy,
      If a man changes for what appears to be the better, what should a woman do? Might he leave her to recover from what he now sees as some kind of negative in his past behavior? Should she separate herself from whatever sparked the change? This assumes the man changed on his own, with no requirement/request from the woman, but the change positively impacts her life somehow.

      Your Highness Catherine,
      Yes, ignore it. Let him deal with it himself. Even if he brings up the subject, say little except as you can reflect admiration and then forget it.

  3. Ilovethisblog

    Dear sir guy,

      I need help! I think in some way our roles have shifted as he has taken on the submissive role in the relationship which leaves me being the continuation of the relationship. Its like he wants to be pursued instead of pursuing, like he is the woman.. why do some men act this way? Is this some tactic men use to conquer women? Is he playing vague and unavailable? Im confused. It’s so frustrating when I would bring up a discussion about a topic I.e. our relationship and, the way he keeps saying “its what you want” “Its what you want”. Its like I have no idea of what he thinks about anything and I don’t want to ask him what he thinks because he doesn’t try to communicate which makes me think he doesn’t care enough. I want to know he cares because I don’t want to waste my time. I think He doesn’t fear losing me.. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?..I feel like ive been carrying the weight of this relationship which it wasn’t like this in the beginning and, In turn I think this leaves me coming across as desperate to my significant other. I would really like to know what do I do to recover..

    Your Highness Ilovethisblog,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    If you’ve had sex together, he’s warming up for departure. If not, he’s into manipulating you. His lack of fear at losing you translates as you either permit him to conquer you for sex the first time or he’s moving on.

    Read the red flags more thoroughly and you will know what to do.


    • Cinnamon


      You seem to be new here. If you spend a couple of weekends reading deeply in the archives of this blog you will begin to understand the male-female dynamics that have led to your current situation. I would start with the series “Boot Camp for Girls.” Also go the WWNH University and it will lay out a lesson/reading plan.

      Sir Guy (and his beloved Grace, who is no doubt looking down on us all) gives all this advice FOR FREE and it is PRICELESS. Save yourself years and years or heartache, fruitless and expensive counselling/dating workshops/reading of relationship books, etc. and instead, avail of this miraculous free gift he has left open to all of us here on this blog.

    • Ilovethisblog

      Dear sir guy,

      Today I have read the red flags and, no we have not had sex together but something very interesting ocurred today. When I asked him does he want us to be together? instead of accepting his same.. “are you sure that’s what you want us to do?”.. answer , He informs me that He doesn’t think I am ready for a relationship.. Ouch!.. I am certainly hurt I have no understanding as to why he would even say this to me. what am I doing wrong?.

      Your Highness Ilovethisblog,

      You’re doing nothing wrong. Lacking one, any woman is ready for a right relationship.

      He’s guilting you for sex of blaming you so he can have an excuse for dropping you. If I’m right and if you walk away, he will evaporate. OTOH, it may ignite his interest. So, I say drop him before he drops you. Above all, no sex, as that is what he’s primarily after, not you.


  4. anonymous

    Good video for teen girls to watch:

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