1961. Compatibility Axioms #331-340

331. Women have to negotiate, trade off, and even ‘train’ men and their man to help pursue female interests. For example, she can rule the rooster, if she empowers him to rule the roost. [126]
332. Women for decades have proclaimed publicly that men are only after sex. For personal and political reasons, females rationalize that they deserve and can enjoy without penalty the benefits of the male nature. Those assumptions mislead women. They adopt masculine traits and habits and expect men to copy feminine traits, but the process breeds incompatibility. Men don’t change their nature. They fake what they have to in order to achieve frequent and convenient access to sex. [126]
333. When women don’t take advantage of their female nature, men respond unfavorably. When women don’t appreciate their femaleness to the fullest, men don’t either. For example, when women act like guys, men treat them like guys. If men marry guy-women, they don’t stay married very long. It’s very feminine females that make men take advantage of their male nature and shift responsibly into domestic compatibility. [126]
334. It happens after one-night stands or several dates. Women hook up only to wonder why his promised call never comes! The best odds for getting a call, for getting him to come back, is this: Refuse to hook up in the first place. [130]
335. Her mindset largely governs the ringing of her phone. It starts with the presence or absence of an attitude of gratitude about herself and her potential value for a man. If she doesn’t value herself highly, men won’t either.  [130]
336. If she’s ungrateful for herself and sees sex as her potential, she should expect booty calls. If she’s grateful for herself and sees denying sex as the tool for expanding her potential, she can expect calls to explore her other interests. [130]
337. Sex does not bond a man. It captures him until conquest and maybe a few more times. So, even when he does call after hook up, she may be viewed as potential duty slut. [130]
338. A woman holds a man by making him grateful for her in ways other than sex. This takes time and the delay of his conquest. [130]
339. To men after conquest, sex just happens, their relationship just is, and taking her for granted comes easily. Those are natural conqueror’s rights initiated by her yielding. So, her strategy and tactics before his conquest govern her life with each man. [130]
340. She may not know how or want to use it, but she holds the dominant position with a man until she yields. Use it or lose it. Lose it and she can’t use it. [130]


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8 responses to “1961. Compatibility Axioms #331-340

  1. Seeking Happiness

    Hi I found your blog again after looking into it years ago. Now being married and having a very open and honest husband (to the point he is very blunt and hurtful at times) I am having a hard time within my relationship. I am hoping to gain much needed insight into the minds of men and how to better my relationship through your blog. I was wondering what is the best order in which to read the content listed on your blog? If I remember correctly, previously you had something on your site that gave a suggested order to read your content to get the most understanding from it. I believe it was kind of like a 101, I can not totally remember. If possible would you be able to suggest an order to read your content to get the most understanding from it. There is so much more content than there was before and I am a bit overwhelmed.

    Your Highness Seeking Happiness,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear. More will follow on Monday.

    P.S. I’m back. Go to wwnhu.wordpress.com. I overdid myself with the ‘university’. It’s too complex to maintain but still available. It should provide a good enough start for your purpose.

    • Seeking Happiness

      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. My condolences to you and your family. I am eternally grateful that you still even in what must be a difficult time for you are taking time to educate women with your knowledge. There are so many of us who are coming late to this knowledge like myself. I feel that if more of us knew we would find more happiness in our relationships.

      Your Highness Seeking Happiness,
      Thank you, my dear.

  2. Maria

    I have a question that fits #333. My husband is a high level martial artist in a very rough, close contact sport. I have been training under him for a few years now. I worry that as I get good at this, he’ll begin to view me as unfeminine. I don’t want that- it’s not worth it! Still, it’s a great work out that keeps me fit and I LOVE it! It’s fun, but it really appeals to my aggressive side and I don’t know if that is something I should be unleashing in front of him, even if it’s only on other women. What do you think?

    Your Highness Maria,
    I don’t know what to expect except you should have already received messages about his approval etc. I do suggest this: In all matter not connected to the sport, try somewhat harder to stress your feminine side and spirit.

  3. Ilovethisblog

    Hello sir,

    I am very interested in understanding when is the right time/age to start dating as a young lady. I’m not too sure when is there a right time because a lot of woman get involved/engaged very young and, there hasn’t been a definite age. I wasn’t really taught what is appropriate timing. Also What types of relationships such as long distance? Or not. Friends of friends?. These types of relations happen often to young adults, I’ve been set up by a friend before. Also peer pressure relationships are often engaged in. Same with young men. Im curious does long distance relationships help in the females benefit? Pros and cons.

    Is texting a good form of communication?.. I know that sometimes waiting for a response can be extremely daunting. I also believe that text messaging is a man’s field more than a woman as a man can sometimes be less informative in his response to a woman. I believe a woman can learn a lot from a man’s tone, voice which interprets mood, which gives her a better perception of how their conversations are actually going. In my opinion a lot of men can use texting to their advantage, as a man can be texting multiple females at once, but its not the same for phone calls. With phone calls a woman can hear how nervous he is, if he is good at talking, listening etc. learn his personality and better judge his interest levels with how he interacts with her. I consider these factors are very important in getting to know each other in the dating phase. As with text she has to figure out just what he meant by this or that and, interpret the text message as how she would take it instead of what it actually is. I don’t believe a woman should partake in text unless absolute necessary such as, I’m running late ill be there in minutes, or, please call me when you get this message, I’m in a meeting, Can’t talk now. After all these are a few of various text templates configured in people’s phone’s today.

    Your Highness Ilovethisblog,

    You seem very young, so I shall respond accordingly.

    There is no right time/age to start dating except as your parents decide it. If you can’t respect their wishes, it’s an indication that you will remain immature all your life and pass it on to your children.

    Other than that, you seem to have a mature appreciation of what works best for a woman. Face-to-face encounters work best, voice-only works next best, and texting works against female interests except as you cite for “running late” etc.

    I have one suggestion. You are concerned with the little things in your life, which you either are or should be outgrowing. Focus on doing one thing: Develop your own system of identifying the character of those with whom you associate. Is their character respectful of others regardless of rank in life? Learn to isolate and appreciate integrity, strength of character, willingness to give rather than take.

    Learn to uncover this in your dealings with people. Are men interested in you or just what you have to offer? The more easily you offer your thoughts and feelings, the more easily you expose yourself to be taken advantage of. Full disclosure, for example, loses a man’s interest. Men become interested in what they have to work for. They lose interest if they don’t have to uncover it themselves. If they don’t have to work hard to get to know you, it’s the same as an unearned gift and men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Men also don’t respect those who make things easier for them (except a mate they have ‘hired’ to do precisely that) and a man’s love is founded on respect.


    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Ilovethisblog,
      I forgot something. You may find this series of considerable interest, “Boot Camp for Girls.”

  4. thetruth01

    Hello Sir Guy,

    I’m starting to see a pattern when comes to guys I’m interested in. Their actions show that they don’t trust me because I flirt a lot even though it’s usually unconsciously. I really do like this guy at work, but now he is keeping his distance. In the beginning he went out of his way for me. He still treats me good, but he doesn’t want to make us official. I feel he tries to get me back by flirting and whatnot when he sees my interactions with other men. I have been told quite a few times that I flirt a lot and I want to change so I can get the guy I really like. I feel like If I don’t change I will be single for the rest of my life or in a loveless marriage.

    Your Highness Thetruth01,
    Her Highness Cinnamon beat me to the proper and good response. Well done, Cinnamon.

    • Cinnamon

      Based on my reading of Sir Guy’s teachings:

      You almost make it sound as if “flirting a lot” is beyond your control, when it is not. It is an act of will – which in the last line of your post you actually admit you recognize.

      “Flirting a lot” is behavior that Sir Guy would strongly discourage in any female. It is not feminine behaviour. There is a massive difference between “flirting a lot” and making yourself approachable (which Sir Guy recommends). Learn what the difference is and modify your behavior accordingly. If you chose not to modify your behavior you will reap what you sew.

      • thetruth01

        Thanks for your response. I will take time to learn the difference so I won’t try to use excuses for my behavior.

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