1962. Compatibility Axioms #341-350

341. A single female’s denial of first-sex with every male holds male dominance in check and increases her influence. Yielding weakens and depletes her advantages and weakens or kills each conqueror’s respect for her. [130]
342. If she’s hunkette to him, he drives up his dedication to conquer; his eagerness rises. Her continued denial expands his eagerness. Eager men make phone calls. [130]
343. So, her repeated denials guarantee his calls, if he’s truly interested in her. That’s how she knows his intentions. Her over-eagerness guarantees no call. Submitting to conquest leaves the next call and booty question open. [130]
344. The longer she delays their first-time sex, the more she enhances herself as a prized and valuable return on his investment. [130]
345. When she gives up her advantages by yielding, she forfeits the most dynamic period of gaining his respect for her. Respect will not guarantee a call, but his earning it is essential if she expects that he will grow to love her. [130]
346. After conquest he dominates, and the conqueror’s first right is to dominate their sexual agenda. That can too easily mean, move on to the next gal; there’s no future with this one. [130]
347. She looked good enough to chase last night, but after hook up she … well, you know. [130]
348. Men are more teachable before conquest than after, so platonic courtship shapes her future. Especially about her expectations, those thoughtful things that will prevent her being taken for granted. Flowers when? Remember what? Affection when, how often, what form? Picking up what and after who? Help with what, where, and when? What works and doesn’t work for parents and other examples? And especially and unforgettably for him, what she dislikes and can’t stand. [131]
349. Solved—her commode seat problem. With just a little coaching, she can prevent his being inconsiderate, her being disappointed, and both being argumentative. Rule established before conquest: Her commode remains closed except when in use. It is just the way she lives, take it or leave her. Every user as appropriate lowers both seat and lid. It makes toilet obligations equal, responsibility unarguable, and commode appearance more in tune with her female sensibilities. [131]
350. What she sees in him is what she gets. He is born with the capability to do good. He becomes as good a person as he does good. If he does not do a lot of good, he cannot be very good for her. Only she can judge whether his efforts are good or not. Later rather than sooner, she will learn that doing good for her exclusively does not make him a good man or person.


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3 responses to “1962. Compatibility Axioms #341-350

  1. Cinnamon

    Later rather than sooner, she will learn that doing good for her exclusively does not make him a good man or person.

    I am really intrigued with this statement. Would you be kind enough to expand on this one, Sir Guy?

    Your Highness Cinnamon,

    I thought that might interest someone.

    Imagine how teen girls get so self-centered when they first find love that they focus on nothing and nobody else. Whatever her beau does to please her is good. Whatever he does elsewhere or with others, she ignores. He’s the height of hunkness to her but without any consideration for others. For example, he treats food servers with disdain, or harps endlessly when someone makes a mistake.

    Her immaturity keeps her from judging his character from his actions rather than judging his value to her by what he says.


    • Cinnamon

      Sir Guy,

      Thanks for the explanation. You never cease to amaze me with your insights. This is a perfect example of why women have to be hardheaded when dating.

      You also remind us here that judging a man based on his moral character is learned behaviour, and that to gain this level of discernment we must willingly relinquish our addiction to flattery (not easy to do at any age!).

  2. Ely

    ” If she’s hunkette to him, he drives up his dedication to conquer; his eagerness rises. ” what does hunkette mean?

    Sir Ely,

    Hunkette is the female version of a hunk, great looking and ideally attractive in all aspects.

    Also, welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another man joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.


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