Several days ago I mentioned a new concept, self-gratitude. That is, the finding of things about oneself for which she is grateful. Well, writing what I have to say has proven as difficult as the concept is potentially valuable to women. My rewriting thus far remains in a state of dissatisfaction, so I can’t publish it yet.

Here’s a hint. It puts her face-to-face with her greatest earthly friend. I will suggest a procedure that will produce the greatest advancements that women can make in their lives. To use the concept is to both fertilize and stimulate her heart and mind to produce what she wants her world to look and feel like. It puts her in greater charge of her life than ever before. And it can be had by merely figuring out herself how to exploit her female nature to her best advantage.

In the meantime, I will publish some more compatibility axioms.


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7 responses to “1983.1 — ATTENTION, LADIES

  1. Shanna

    Oh my, Mr. Guy…I can’t wait! Take all the time you need, and thank you again for your wonderful blog!

  2. surfercajun

    this really sounds exciting, feminine and wonderful! Thanks/!

  3. cocoa

    It puts her face to face with her greatest earthly friend. Wow, I am waiting patiently 🙂

  4. Cinnamon

    Add me to the list of all those who have pre-ordered this and are eagerly waiting! 🙂

  5. I think I will really need that difficult article. Thank you in advance. In the meantime, I will enjoy learning from your axioms, as I have these last few posts, though I haven’t commented recently. Thank you for all of them.

  6. MLaRowe

    I cant stand the suspense. How about a tiny hint? The first part of the first step?

  7. J'ahdor

    I can’t wait, I love these posts – so enlightening. I keep reiterating, you, Sir Guy have changed my posture in regards to men; I know now how to pass up a little ARA (Admiration, Respect, Appreciation) and set a challenge…. I look forward to more. Thank you : – )

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