1992. Self-gratitude — Just What Is It?

Self-gratitude is the habit of claiming gratefulness for who you are and what you do. It keeps your heart overflowing with your importance and worth as person and as female fulfilling your multiple roles in life. Self-gratitude floods your heart when you follow and reinforce your natural feminine qualities pretty much as God intended, Nature trains, and hormones push you.

Created to be good, you do good by following your heart. When you reinforce your self-gratitude daily, it enables you to focus on life outside yourself, which in return confirm your claims of self-importance and add to your self-worth.

In modern life this seems almost a universal fault. Influences contrary to self-gratitude are inculcated in childhood and doomed to continue later in life. As the direct result, women pay too little attention to keeping their ego sufficiently protected, self-love sufficiently inflated, self-worth sufficiently appreciated, and self-gratitude sufficiently reinforced, that is, DAILY.

And it works in reverse to simplify and ease a changeover. Even if you have to fake it for awhile, you can adopt individual default attitudes and find yourself doing that for which God designed, Nature endows, and hormones energize you. You don’t copy or act like men. Instead, you act uniquely different, take pride in it, and expect to be honored for it. It makes you worth what men are willing to pay in lost independence in order to have you for a mate.

On the other hand, to the extent you copy masculine characteristics, you lose self-gratitude. For example: 1) Promiscuity steals your joy. Joyless women can’t be very grateful. 2) Competing with husband drives him away. While you may be grateful for winning battles, it vaporizes on losing the war. 3) Sloppy appearance destroys manly interest. Grateful for attracting male eyes reinforces your self-importance, but its absence weakens self-love, self-confidence, and self-worth.

The more intense is your self-gratitude and more wide-spread across your personality, character, and roles in life, then the more capable and influential you are. Your relationship expertise expands, and you’re more capable of fixing relationship issues. It also prepares you better to deal with all aspects of life.

The shortage of self-gratitude waters down other gratefulness that is essential for your happiness. Serendipitously, the more grateful you are for yourself, the more grateful for others and things. But the reverse doesn’t work. With insufficient self-gratitude, declaring your gratefulness for others and things actually forces comparisons that question and weaken self-gratitude.

However, recovery is everything and each woman is capable. More to follow when the default attitudes are posted soon.

As a modern woman, even though member of the superior sex, you lose macro and micro influence and negotiating power in direct proportion as you lack self-gratitude. The reverse is also true. The greater is your self-gratitude dealing with men and their natural expectation to dominate women, then the greater is your influence in matters concerning other self-interests. Men lose negotiating power when you rectify your life with great gobs of self-gratitude. Living up to your nature is living up to something bigger than yourself, and also endows you with the moral high ground.

When you exploit your natural femininity, you focus less on present matters in exchange for greater influence in shaping the lives most important to you. You promote compatibility and maintain harmony the easy way. Moreover, you contribute somewhat to universally helping men find the satisfaction and women the happiness they respectively crave. It’s your self-gratitude that empowers your awesomeness over men and female opponents on matters of your heart, life, and future.



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6 responses to “1992. Self-gratitude — Just What Is It?

  1. My Husband's Wife

    Great wisdom found here! I hope every woman will read this as it’s one of the best articles, EVER, on the subject of feminity…period! This explanation of self-gratitude is THE key to unlocking happiness and turning away from any sort of negativity that one encounters in life. It gives us women the ability to be our unique, feminine selves and the ability to handle all types of situations.

    Sir Guy, I’m ever grateful and appreciative at this life-changing knowledge you’ve shared that will improve the lives of women, men, and families, and society! I believe you’re accomplishing your goal with this article and this blog.

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    I expect to soon post the revised and expanded list of default attitudes. It should broaden the subject.

  2. Dear Sir Guy,

    The healing words in this article soothe me to the core. I was in a slump and it is so quickly resolved when I look at who the Lord made me to be and thank him for that.

    Suddenly, I am helping others, humming along and hopeful for the future with fortification for my current hardships. So many years I have struggled in many ways, but I could not really say I had lost my joy; until recently.

    Things were black in my head for a moment. Some days of deep depression. I’m no stranger to depression, but to be without joy?…. These have been dark days and I read this article about self gratitude, points similar you have made in the past I had forgotten.

    Oh, to breathe, thank you, Sir Guy. I’m singing again! ; )

  3. northshore

    I am looking forward to the “default attitudes” list. I have an inkling as to some of what is on there, but a handy list is something I will bookmark and refer to again and again.

    Thank you for continuing to write.

  4. Sir Guy, how can I thank you? I think you are an answer to my prayers. “Wisdom crieth in the streets” says the Proverbs. In other words, wisdom is there to find if you just look. I look forward to each entry, and read it several times to really soak it in.

    • MLaRowe

      Agree with this.

      I found this blog at a time when I very much needed it and I don’t think that was a coincidence at all. Outside of my little world there are all sorts of things happening with marriages, sex clubs, etc. and who-knows-what-all else.

      I needed to hear the wisdom of a different generation. I still need it. I miss my grandparents terribly and much of this is what they would have sat me down and told me.

      So keep writing Sir Guy, please don’t waste time on comments or people who don’t understand or just want to argue.

      Those of us who need this sort of grounding and sound advice are reading every post and taking action.

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