2000. Compatibility Axioms #451-460

451. Sex does not bond men, but the opportunity for conquest conquers his attention and holds it tightly until a woman gives in. This facet of his nature enables virtual virginity to work for her. [154]
452. This puts the courtship agenda in her hands: (1) Her hard-headedness prevails over both her soft-heartedness and his hard-headed and hard-hearted persistence for sex. (2) She tests and retests him to be the potential right man for life together. (3) She continues to reject sexual relations at least until number two is proven and engagement or preferably marriage follows. [154]
453. The curse of modern adolescence is this. Girls too highly value boys and having a boyfriend. More so, in fact, than they value feminine, modest, moral, female-empowering, and self-protective behaviors. When boys butt their hormone-soaked heads up against the brick wall of ardent feminine standards, it teaches girls the well-hidden truths about the male nature and how to avoid future life as some guy’s ex. [154]
454. Women age most gracefully and charmingly when they intensify their natural femininity early in life. Duplicating the male persona ages women prematurely and leaves them with little grace and charm for their elder years. [155]
455. Women are naturally well-equipped with a cooperative spirit, indirectness, nurture-power, soft-heartedness, and natural but unoffending hard-headedness. These strengths help balance their man’s dominance. Each successful balancing event reinforces her efforts, strengthens her influence, and enlarges his respect. [155]
456. Extraordinary women arise from this model to hold the respect of men for life: She keeps herself looking pretty and modest, fairly independent, and attractive to men. However, she automatically tests any man she encounters as if for a relationship. She doesn’t relate well with those unworthy of her. It applies to all men, not just her man. [155]
457. Femininity in early life captures a man’s attention. Femininity practiced ardently over their years together gradually empowers her as family matriarch in later life. [155]
458. Femininity best improves a woman’s lot in life by inspiring a man to adopt her social and domestic values and expectations usually built upon her girlhood hopes and dreams. But it calls for indirectness, cooperation, patience, and charm used to admire his significance, demo her respect, and show gratitude for and dependence on who he is and what he does. [155]
459. Whether done by one or many women, feminine values and standards upheld strongly and persistently against unmarried sex go far toward reducing male dominance, aggressiveness, and violence. (First principle of masculine behavior: Men do whatever women require in order to have frequent and convenient access to sex. Second principle: Men even marry if that’s required.) [155]
460. He measures his manly prowess by her worth after his conquest. Much of her retention value hinges on it. He wonders roundabout and over time: Now that I have, who else conquered this woman, if she is to be anything more than a used sex target to me? [156]


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3 responses to “2000. Compatibility Axioms #451-460

  1. Andromeda

    Hello Sir Guy,

    Could you please elaborate on point 460? Do you mean that once a woman is captured, a man would still take time to decide if or not she is worthy of him?

    Your Highness Andromeda,

    Yes, but first let me change your word captured to conquered. The first is too loose a meaning, whereas the latter means their first time to have sex together.

    The difference is here. Men change after conquest. He’s freed from chasing her for sex and evaluates her for all else as keeper, booty, or dumpee.

    Of course, the more she played her cards to her advantage and delayed conquest, the more likely he finds ways to admire her qualities, consider them virtues, enable virtues to compound into fascination, and fascination and more virtues to compound into promise for her as his mate. In which case she’s a keeper.

    On the other hand, have found her virtually or actually virtue free, she’s subject to become booty of dumpee. Don’t forget, however, that I’m speaking only re the male nature and not particular men. It’s the male’s default decision-making process that arises immediately as the consequence of conquest.


    • surfercajun

      Guy, Thank you for answering Andromeda’s question. If decided to keep her (perhaps marriage?) can he feel that they are closer because of first sex or is that said for her sake?

      Your Highness Surfercajun,
      I wrote today’s article 2001 trying to answer you with a bigger story. Does it cover your concerns?

      • surfercajun

        I caught that in today’s post. Some of it did help, yes. Perhaps I need to go back and re read and absorb it all. Thank you for the post! I did however get clarity on this male’s first sex with this woman he felt close too afterward. They have been married for over 20 years. I need to keep learning, growing and broadening my view on the male relationship with women.

        Keep going, Sir Guy. I can’t speak for all women here but I am learning so very much and I am so grateful!! The more information you give us, the better and more interesting the article your create!

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