2005. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 93

  • Why do women want their man to dress up? Impress her? Yep! Show his devotion? Yep! He acts more appealing and likeable when dressed up? Yep! Those make her feel good, but something else registers higher. Her sense of self-importance must be frequently fed by what others think of her. Consequently, she feels highly important on the arm of her well-dressed man. It confirms that he’s important to her and signals that she’s important to him. He obviously treasures her, since he’s gone far out of his way to look great to be with her. Furthermore, she’s that way on an everyday basis. The better he looks, the greater she shines—daily.
  • Where freedom reigns, as it once did in America, female sensibilities rule the culture. Women indirectly feather the edges around male behavior to make society more suitable for women and children. Unfortunately, men, media, and political activists have watered down female sensibilities with sex education, politics, and porn. Women no longer dominate cultural values, social standards, and domestic expectations. Male dominance has recaptured America today.
  • Selfishness left uncorrected in childhood prevents women from finding gratitude, the absence of which causes unhappiness. They seek happiness at the expense of others, but it eludes them. Selfishness causes men to pursue satisfaction at the expense of others; they become easy to understand but difficult to accept.
  • Religious and political conversions have this in common: One quits living by what they have experienced and starts living by a code that promises who they can be. For example, a Christian is saved, a communist turns conservative or vice versa, or a Christian turns Muslim or vice versa. They adopt a new life based on promises of a better one. But not all of those beliefs are built upon the desire to be a better person for humanity; most are built upon becoming a better member of the group and groups fracture humanity.



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2 responses to “2005. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 93

  1. anon

    #1 surprises me. I presume the opposite is true, too? Women should do all these things as well, right?

    Your Highness Anon,
    Yes, you’re right in principle but men are different. Escorting a foxy babe can help a guy’s reputation, but that’s not the most important benefit. Her beautifully coiffed and attired body enhances his sense of self-admiration, which means more to men than the importance of others’ opinions that women crave.

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