2010. Dressed to Kill—His Imagination That Is

PREFACE. Feminists endorsed and encouraged it. Women dress down for female convenience rather than dress up for attracting male attention. Doing so minimizes and neutralizes the male urge for sex and is supposed to help promote the death of patriarchy. Feminists and advocates even used shame via sexist and harassment claims. Didn’t work, did it. Male dominance worsens, because men have been made desperate to defend themselves against politics. They try harder and even fight back; they take it out on women who act more like enemies than friendlies. The natural and unconquerable male urge for sex has morphed into disrespect for female-friendly interests.

REALITY. The real world produces unintended consequences. Using politics to alter human nature, Feminism’s fallout continues. 1) It neutralizes masculine interest in one woman and spreads manly interest to all females. 2) Makes conquest more relevant and respectable to men than family responsibility. 3) Weakens unconditional respect for the opposite sex, both ways too. 4) Makes girls better conquest targets and trophies. 5) Makes the marital marketplace less friendly for female aging. 6) Destroys interest in lifetime togetherness for couples. 7) Demolishes the girlhood hopes and dreams of women.

A woman’s appearance sends messages that women can read but men decode subliminally. For example, these are common. Sloppy attire symbolizes the lack of admirable qualities, aka virtues. Low-care grooming symbolizes low self-respect, which precludes fascination. Dressed below what the occasion calls for can be read as self-worth of lesser value, aka low self-image, than that of the others present. Overdressed for an occasion can signal pretention, phoniness, or fashion ignorance. An overly erotic appearance signals cheapness. None discourages the masculine urge for conquest, but all of the above discourage manly interest in anything beyond first-sex together.

To be more specific, how does a woman’s skin-tight clothing influence men? Flab and flaws discourage or offend male eyeballs, turn off masculine curiosity, and reduce the interest of men looking for more than sex. Lack of perfection dulls his eye-viewing except for conquest. The thought arises that she appears desperate and will yield easily. In exchange for conquest he accepts that she will look worse unwrapped. So does he want her?

Einstein said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” However, without curiosity a man’s imagination doesn’t energize to penetrate beyond her surface appearance. His eyes reveal all the knowledge he needs. Skin-tight wrappings reveal that beneath it she’s careless, not neat, and probably desperate. An acceptable conquest but little else, perhaps nothing beyond it. Whatever his interest becomes, he forms it without knowing or even caring what she really looks like undressed. That’s the wrong way to teach a man to devote himself to one woman.

Her careful and neat dressing in loose but attractive clothing has another and very opposite effect. It opens his curiosity, fires his imagination about how she will look unwrapped beyond his apparent knowledge, and sparks his interest to find out more about her. Her not appearing desperate, he judges her as challenging.

Subsequently searching for her weaknesses that may help get her into bed, he learns of her admirable qualities (aka virtues). Over time they accumulate and hopefully transform her into a fascinating woman by his standards.

Non-judgmental is a popular but misleading buzzword and even worse for women. People could not survive much less live successfully without judging others. Female clothing and appearance invite or discourage masculine interest. Women shape their future when they shape their appearance to make themselves feel good about pleasing manly eyeballs. Skin-tight clothing has the effect opposite of what men find attractive for more than sex. Thus, skin-tight clothing defeats a man’s interest in spending enough time to uncover a woman’s fascination.


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12 responses to “2010. Dressed to Kill—His Imagination That Is

  1. Shanna

    Mr. Guy
    Thank you for reinforcing the importance of appearance. I was all too guilty of throwing on anything…sweatpants, t-shirts, etc, to run errands. I’d save my dressy clothes and make-up for “special” occasions. In the past year, my desire to be more feminine has increased. I was only thinking of it in the physical aspect, but your blog along with others has helped me mentally as well. 🙂
    Now I make a point to make myself pretty wherever I go, even if it’s just to grocery store! I haven’t been approached by men, but I feel so much better about myself. I’m sure I exude a different energy than before. Also, my eyes have been opened to how women present themselves in public. I’m appalled. No wonder men remain uninspired. I understand dressing for comfort, but what I often see is NO attempt to play up the feminine at all. Many women look tired, sad, overwhelmed. I’m sure that’s what I looked like! On the other end, I see young girls who try to be feminine, but it’s often way over the top because they’re getting the wrong cues from pop culture.
    I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement more than I can express here! Thank you.

  2. MLaRowe

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Thank you for this reminder.

    I’ve been more careful about my appearance since finding your blog. I love clothes but now I get even more pleasure from fashion with the guidance I have found here.

    The other day my husband in passing mentioned the sweaters I wore when he first met me (I’m a fan of cardigans). This re-enforces what you are saying. I didn’t catch his eye by “busting out” of anything (we met at work) and now he remembers the way I looked with fondness.

  3. surfercajun

    wow, this speaks volumes today as I saw most women today in black or black and white… nothing feminine about them. No wonder I was receiving so much attention. Bright white feminine top with tan slacks and ballet flats, hair soft looking in a low pony with bright pretty lipstick, along with a smile, with pretty blue earrings and necklace. An effort DOES make a difference! We should make an effort in dress in all we do.. whether we stay at home or go out. Someone is always looking at us. Great points!!!

  4. Is a woman’s motivation to dress like a man (wear pants) so strong that she is willing to sacrifice her appearance in the process?

    Sir Outstandingbachelor,

    So strong? Yes! Women have been dumbed down by feminists instead of smartened up by outsmarting men. In the name of equality, they copy men for comfort and convenience of appearance. Ignoring the male nature, women turn off their man-friendly uniqueness as potential mates in favor of sex targeting that brings out the residual adolescent, less respected, and less respectable side of men.

    As women go so goes society, which means that as women dumb down by acting like men, men are doomed to follow by acting like women. Translate it this way. The more the sexes abandon the natures they are born with, the less respectable and respected we all become. Since a man’s love is based on respect of females generally and one specifically, love grows weaker as the kingpin emotion of couple compatibility.

    Women have been forced to accept this; they receive far less manly love than they deserve. Simply because they choose to be more like men.


    • boomer babe

      i’ve just read a blog, called Clash Daily.
      Someone interviewed (c)rapper Ice T, and he said many men are becoming SOFT…
      To me, this didn’t happen in the 80s but the 90s forward, when women started wearing PANTS ONLY.. except for skirts too short (since the late 70s through the eighties had broomstick skirts) and all they wear are black & white, ‘hot pants-daisy dukes’ NO SKIRTS –and IMO the reason they tend to wear black only, so it matches the mutilation of their bodies with the tattoos. They all turn BLUE and wouldn’t go with pretty pastels.

      One of my favorite commercials is the CELEBREX one, when the MAN starts to go for a BALLROOM DANCING lesson.
      The women he was dancing with wore a peach colored sweater with a blouse underneath and was wearing a NAVY BLUE BROOMSTICK skirt…i would love to find where they are selling them now since they are hard to find in CA

      • Cinnamon

        Boomer Babe,

        Coldwater Creek used to carry broomstick skirts but they have gone into Chapter 11 and are closing down. http://www.etsy.com has quite a few though so you might try them.

      • Heidi W

        Try modcloth

        Your Highness Heidi W,

        Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

        What’s modcloth?


    • Cinnamon

      Women have been dumbed down by feminists instead of smartened up by outsmarting men.

      Sir Guy,

      A question has been on my mind for a while.

      Do you think most women today are open to the information you provide? I would like to believe that most women are in the dark and would welcome the information as I have done, but my experience is very mixed in this regard. I have tried to help women young and old including by explaining things about the male nature and pointing them to this site, but while some listen others aren’t interested, even when they are miserable in their personal lives.

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      You face two kinds of women separated this way. Some feel like victims (of society, men, politics, and economics, etc.) and have a weak sense of responsibility for brightening their own future. Others feel they are not victims, seek a brighter future, and remain in charge of their lives. The former steers clear of blog and similar self-help matter. The latter craves such material.

      P.S. And another thing. The former group copies men more than the latter group. They don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Since this blog is offered for nothing, it must not be worth much.

  5. Anne

    May I just suggest the work of Carol Tuttle in Dressing Your Truth? (She keeps up an active blog and also sells a course online.) She promotes modest dressing in a style that supports each woman’s personality (which she divides into four categories and gives dressing-tips for each one). It has been a delightful support to my Mirror Time and I appreciate that she promotes and models modesty! 🙂

    • Anne

      By the way, I don’t get any kickbacks for promoting her – her books and blog have just been helpful to me.

  6. Lady Penny

    Sir Guy,

    In your reply to Cinnamon, you say “P.S. And another thing. The former group copies men more than the latter group. They don’t appreciate unearned gifts. Since this blog is offered for nothing, it must not be worth much.” I think one can also say that people do not appreciate the unearned gift of Jesus having died on the cross for our sins that’s why people live the way they live.

    Your Highness Lady Penny,
    Amen to what you say about Jesus. Moreover, as reported in the New Testament, He legitimized women’s major strength, love, as the cardinal principle of Christian culture and society and convinced many men to follow his principles built on love. Sure made life for women simpler and easier, but so many females fail to use the advantages that are available when one relies on Christian teachings.

    • Lady Penny

      “….. but so many females fail to use the advantages that are available when one relies on Christian teachings.” Amen to that, Sir Guy! I remember reading a quote in my teacher’s class many years ago that said, “many receive advice but only the wise profits from it”. So I guess a lot of the ladies are not wise in that they do not see the value in what is being freely shared in the Bible.
      Also it amazes me how difficult it is to believe positive things like what the Bible teaches versus how easy it is to believe negative things like what Feminism teaches versus. Furthermore, it is also easy to believe a messenger when s/he bad mouths another even though you may not know the person that is being spoken ill of. Perhaps it is easy to believe the messenger in such a case because we are immature in that we do not make the effort to question the bad press that is being freely shared or the intentions of the person spreading it for that matter. Life is a curious place!

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