2029. Men Play Hardtoget aka Vague and Unavailable — I

Her Highness Eleni at 2026 asked for more info about men acting hardtoget. Cocoa suggested my response as a standalone post, so here it is before the subject cools.

The Battlefield. Let’s look first at the female side of life. To love is to give. To be loved is to earn it by giving. The hardtoget guy offers little or nothing of himself except apparent lack of interest wrapped in what he believes to be inimitable charm. So why should he be loved or, more importantly, shown any of the benefits that he might or could be loved? The more he seeks you to pay attention to him rather than the reverse, the more you should be harder to get. You defeat his game plan in order to earn his respect, which weakens his desire to dominate, which recognizes you as deserving of greater influence in whatever relationship develops.

The Motivations. Men act vague and unavailable because it 1) makes conquest less costly in time, effort, and money; 2) is less risky to the male ego; 3) strengthens male dominance in whatever relationship develops; 4) quadruples the pleasure of conquest by having outsmarted her. (His devious cast of mind comes from the lack of unconditional respect for the female gender caused by the feminist-induced lack of unconditional respect for the male gender.)

Women are intent on pleasing an attractive or interesting guy or having a boyfriend. So much so that they chase a guy and yield sex thinking that he will bond with her as prelude to permanent mating. Such female mistakes while reaching for female-friendly relationships enable conquest with little or no investment of the guy’s time, money, and effort.

Play by Play. Vague and unavailable is the female game—INDIRECTNESS—exploited by men to both facilitate conquest and dominate whatever relationship follows. They want and let women do all the relationship development work. They perceive an opportunity to win sex, booty, or escape by lazily outsmarting women. They risk virtually nothing as they drift uninvolved into her nest of dreams and his access to frequent and convenient sex. Such men induce whorish behavior in women with men establishing the fee so subtly that women don’t recognize how it inflates male dominance, deflates female influence, and nullifies female hopes and dreams of long-term relationships.

How do you gals handle the guy playing hardtoget? First, never abandon your own game plan, which should be that of the female standard—harder to get. Make each guy prove himself worthy of you. Second, you ignore him more dismissively than he can possibly ignore you. You take control with polite passiveness until it grates on his nerves that his approach is NOT GOING TO WORK. Regardless of what he does, which means a lot of nothing except gentle put downs of you (inflicting guilt), outdo him at the same game. While inflicting guilt on a man doesn’t profit a woman, in this case it helps keep him uncomfortable. (He won’t take the guilt as a game changer, but it does weaken his determination that you’re a pushover for his charm and all else he has but refuses to offer.)

Make nothing easy for him; he has to earn even your smiles. Harden the shell you normally keep yourself in. With actions and not words, he has to make himself worthy of you. Any help you give him works against you. You’re the teacher who has to convince him that he’s more disposable than important, weak than strong, unappealing than admirable, less dominant than he thinks.

It may take days, weeks, or months of contact or even dates. Ultimately, he will see that he wants you under your conditions more than he wants sex with you under his conditions. That’s the game breaker for you. If he never learns to see it your way, he was only after sex to begin with or he was unwilling to pay the price of your standards and expectations. IOW the game plays out like this. Men pursue with sex foremost on their minds. Targeted women change each man’s heart behind his back (that is, mind) by enabling him to discover qualities other than sexual assets that he can admire (aka virtues) about her as person, woman, and possible mate.

If he gives up chasing you, you’ve won. He was only after sex to begin with, and finding that out is the primary objective for women. They must have the patience to determine whether he’s truly after her more than just having sex with her? Her victory and his defeat hang on her patience and the reverse on her impatience. It’s all up to her; he’s just another player in her life until he foregoes sex in order to sincerely pursue her for his mate.

Recovery. He begins to rethink his vague and unavailable approach. He takes action to pursue you sincerely and with willingness to invest himself by giving of himself. Then and only then, you start paying more than the slightest attention to him. He will do so cautiously at first for fear of losing you before he even gets started. So don’t be anxious to help him escape his discomfort; give him the freedom to fail so that he will try something more appealing to you. Moreover, success when he overcomes your resistance means much more if he’s done it by himself and without the help he tried to con out of you.

We all keep doing what makes us comfortable. Only discomfort makes us change or even want to. That’s why you should call all his bluffs. For example, be prepared and if he threatens not to see you again, say goodbye before he finishes. Show that separation does not bother you. Keep him uncomfortable with your apparent disinterest or else he reverts to hardtoget for everything that he wants out of you.

Don’t become sympathetic or even empathetic to his situation. Let him dangle in miserable discomfort at not being able to capture your heart with his newfound and expected-to-be-easy effort. Let time and his greater effort to please you resolve his discomfort. (Modern women complain that younger men lack initiative and staying power when things get tough or don’t go the easy way. Men become what women expect of them, so less determined men don’t quit when the right woman guides them with natural female charm, the kind they inherit at birth. The female blessings page at blog top provides many details of the female nature.)

Until he abandons his hardtoget attitude, and unless he makes himself worthy of you to even carry on a decent conversation that leads to proposals to get together or for dates, you will never earn enough of his attention for it to grow into respect and ultimately love, devotion, and promise that you’d make him a good mate. And without doing that, you’ll never get him to subordinate having sex to having you.

I suggest you also study the article 1985, How Men Decide to Marry. It’s more what the woman doesn’t do that sets the hook.




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33 responses to “2029. Men Play Hardtoget aka Vague and Unavailable — I

  1. Shanna

    “Women are intent on pleasing an attractive or interesting guy or having a boyfriend. So much so that they chase a guy and yield sex thinking that he will bond with her as prelude to permanent mating. Such female mistakes while reaching for female-friendly relationships enable conquest with little or no investment of the guy’s time, money, and effort”.
    THIS!!!!!! There’s so much truth in this statement that I want to turn backflips!!!
    I wish I’d known this a year ago before spending so much mental energy on Mr. Vague and Unavailable, trying to get inside his head. Thank God for His grace and what bit of good sense I had to avoid being conqured by Mr. V/U.
    We still communicate, but I’ve learned through experience and this blog, to NOT need to know what he’s thinking, feeling, etc. But most of all, I’m free of the neurotic neediness that used to plague me. And voila!, Mr. V/U shares more, but I don’t even make a big deal of it. Thank you Mr. Guy for helping me to strenghten my resolve and realize my worth.

    • Cinnamon

      We still communicate, but I’ve learned through experience and this blog, to NOT need to know what he’s thinking, feeling, etc.

      One of the most valuable things about Sir Guy’s teachings for me has been the shift from wondering “what is he thinking” to knowing that “what he thinks about me” will become very evident over time through his actions.

      When I was single I ran across more than my share of Mr V/U. I used to think it was “my problem” because I didn’t know if was a tactic for assserting male dominance (in a warped way) to try to get me to react.

      I don’t think Mr V/U generally are very good material for MrGoodnough. Were I single I would be very wary and stick to Sir Guy’s instructions to the letter. What I would advise a female dealing with one presently to do, in addition to Sir Guy’s very careful instructions, is to keep eyes open for men who DON’T act like this. When you meet such a man, the contrast between his treatment of you and the treatment of Mr V/U will make you see Mr V/U by comparison in a VERY unfavourable light.

      • Shanna

        Thank you! You’re exactly right. I also used to think it was “my problem”. I spent years thinking encounters with Mr. V/U meant I needed to try harder…years of warped thinking. It’s way too exhausting and does nothing for me in the long run.

        • Cinnamon


          It helps to keep in mind that prior to marriage, you are the buyer and he is the seller. ALWAYS.

          A Mr V/U tries to reverse these roles. Who wants a man like that? I certainly don’t!

          And it’s not just “young men” who do this. I dealt with a Mr V/U last year who was in his 60s! (he was highly accomplished, as well).

          Your Highness Cinnamon,
          Excellent point. Mr. V/U seeks to make her the seller.

          • Cinnamon

            Sir Guy,

            Can you please delete the link in my name in the above post? I put it there by mistake. Thanks!

            Your Highness Cinnamon,
            I think I did. Let me know if it’s not okay.

            • Cinnamon

              It looks perfect, Sir Guy. Thank you!

              (I have a very small blog that deals with some of these issues but it is under a different name and I forgot to “switch off.” I speak far more freely/personally here at WWNH than I am able to anywhere else online, as it is a unique refuge you have provided where we feel welcome to do so. I don’t want to lose this place as it is too important for me).

              Thanks for understanding 🙂

  2. surfercajun

    thank you ladies for sharing.

    • Cinnamon

      You’re welcome, surfercajun. 🙂

      Sir Guy has said before that he gives guidelines only, not exact rigid rules because each woman’s situation is unique and she has to figure out how to apply the rule best for her situation.

      It is so beneficial to be able to learn from each other, and to share our own experiences and applications of Sir Guy’s teachings.

  3. Cinnamon

    Men act vague and unavailable because it 1) makes conquest less costly in time, effort, and money; 2) is less risky to the male ego; 3) strengthens male dominance in whatever relationship develops; 4) quadruples the pleasure of conquest by having outsmarted her. (His devious cast of mind comes from the lack of unconditional respect for the female gender caused by the feminist-induced lack of unconditional respect for the male gender.)

    Here you can see an example of how some men are training other men in techniques of V/U in order to manipulate (the example deals with V/U texting):


    If you come across this behaviour you know exactly what to do 🙂

    Your Highness Cinnamon,

    That site is an example of what society needs less of, men acting like women. So, I philosophize about this cause and effect. Men become what women admire, and admired men live up to female expectations.

    Cheap and easy sex has taught modern men that they don’t have to stand on their own two feet and deal with women as bold, upright, principled, and admirable characters with integrity sprouting from every pore. Instead, they spread the word on how better to deceive, lie, and manipulate women who are also guilty of acting more like the opposite sex. All done in the pursuit and providing of cheap and easy sex, which takes manly focus off of pleasing a woman because of her unique appeal as friend, companion, partner, and mate. All caused by the abandonment of female desire to be adored by men devoted to marital bliss. (Moreover, only the bad and undesirable traits of the opposite sex are exposed when one side seeks to gain an advantage, which directly generates bias and prejudice within one sex and indirectly in the other.)

    Men didn’t use to disclose their conquering techniques to other men. Women rejected sexual freedom. Men knew only about marital relations and whoring; they lacked experience to inform others about successful conquering. And so, they had little or nothing to share for fear of being wrong or unknowledgeable to their peers. For the most part, only disreputable (i.e., unmarry-able in male eyes) females were even mentioned in sexual terms. Among gentlemen, politeness required that women not even be discussed. Now, men teach each other to deceive, lie, and manipulate.

    However, even though their tactic of spreading the word copies women, they didn’t learn from women to deceive and manipulate. They learned by exploiting opportunities for conquest and correcting their failures with new methods.

    For relationship harmony, women need to know the bad or undesirable traits of men and so their chatter about men is good for men and productive for relationships; women can adjust with more knowledge whereas men are less likely concerning relationships. Men are just not that adaptable, that willing to change as women desire it.
    When men are cognizant of a woman’s weaknesses, the hunter-conqueror’s nature sanctifies the woman as undesirable for more than conquest, which weakens her influence in whatever their relationship. The less men know of a particular woman and the more unique are her behaviors, then the more of her traits are presumed admirable (aka virtuous) just by the way she carries and presents herself and avoids things that turn men off.

    As men learn more about conquering women, they pass up learning how to uncover the qualities that particular women have for compatible mating. IOW, as men share info about how to conquer women, it diverts them from focusing on more than sex. Therefore, the author you cite merely expands the man’s game for men and female-unfriendliness for women. Sooner or later in life the male nature drives men to want to mate with a lifetime companion but listening to other guys poisons the waters.

    Women heed the opinions of other women about the male sex. That’s how women have mislead themselves about men for many decades. Regarding men, it follows that they are also driving themselves farther away from having good and more meaningful relationships than exist even today. However accurate or inaccurate, justified or not, exchanging criticisms within one gender polarizes it against the other. The cause is critical chatter, the effect is less respect.


    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Sir Guy,

      I really appreciate your diagnostic of the link above and also the link to the article where women were complaining about men’s dating techniques (vague and unavailable men). I think it’s valuable for us ladies to see the right view that you explain and recognize these sites for what they are: garbage.

      To me, both these articles (one from the man’s view and one from the women’s view) exemplify the disrespect/anger/division created between the sexes in the last decades. Each article brings up current problems that each gender is facing, but in both cases—they pose no good solutions that will help in the long run. In addition, advice that is given will do nothing to get either sex closer to what they “really want” according to their God-given nature and hormones.

      Not only is the women’s rights groups in full swing, but now we have men’s rights groups cropping up everywhere–which further infuriates both sexes because none of them are promoting “respect” and “appreciation” for the other gender. Both sides either remain in victim mode or anger mode, which does absolutely nothing productive.

      I have searched the web high and low and have been baffled at how WWNH is about the only site that I can fully trust besides a few Christian sites (they usually retain the proper order of creation and promote respect between people) on how to improve relationships between men and women. When I come across various site I always ask my self these questions:
      1. Does the site just present problems or give solutions?
      If it gives solutions, then:
      1. Does the advice fit with my religious beliefs?
      2. Does the advice consider that people are to be treated with dignity?
      3. Will my self-respect stay in tact if I choose to follow the advice?

      P.S. Sir Guy, in response to the passive vague and unavailable, I had initially thought this might be due to poor mothering, but realized that I was wrong after reading your post, it’s more linked to a woman’s “likeability”. A day after realizing this, I had come across a young girl who just got married. And she described how at first she didn’t think the guy she was dating was Mr. Good Enough at all. He was too much of a partier and not serious about growing up in general. She told me how she hinted to him that she wanted “a more responsible man who didn’t party.” Well, he quit partying and joined the army…proved himself responsible to her and then they just married before he had to go over seas. She was LIKEABLE and worth it enough for him to change. (BTW, the girl is just delightful, uses proper language and is very positive and upbeat…and exudes gratefulness).

      One thing is clear: women have no idea how much POSITIVE influence they can have over the men in their lives when they treat them properly respectfully.

      • Cinnamon


        These are great observations. Yes, the information Sir Guy provides is VERY difficult to find elsewhere. He is by far the best writer on this subject in the world as far as I am concerned (and I have read a lot) – really, there is no one else who can touch him. To top this off, “relationship advice” abounds all over the place, but nearly all of it is unhelpful (at best) and some, at worst, is downright misleading.

        A site that is excellent and very much in the same vein as Sir Guy is called Peaceful Wife. I would recommend it to anyone who loves this blog.

        I wanted to comment on your final observation:

        I had initially thought this might be due to poor mothering, but realized that I was wrong after reading your post, it’s more linked to a woman’s “likeability”. ….he quit partying and joined the army…proved himself responsible to her and then they just married before he had to go over seas. She was LIKEABLE and worth it enough for him to change.

        I am hoping Sir Guy will consider a second article in the Vague and Unavailable series, because you bring up an EXTREMELY important point., which was discussed/debated a few years ago in one of the comment threads (I can’t remember which one): Is V/U an objective set of behaviours that have little or nothing to do with the woman, or are they a reflection at least to some degree of the woman? In the old thread, there was a man who posted that “if a man is acting V/U, it’s a reflection of something the woman is doing.”

        From my reading of this article and Sir Guy’s follow-up comments, I think it’s fairly well-established that this behaviour in most cases springs from the man. In the case you cite, however, it is clear that the groom DID change in response to her likeability – but I think it’s important to distinguish that situation from one where a woman thinks if she is just “nice enough” to Mr V/U, or just said and did the “right things,” he will “change.” In other words, I don’t want young women reading this to feel that somehow he is acting V/U because they are not likeable enough! I hope this makes sense, and would welcome any clarifications from Sir Guy about your example and how it fits into his take on V/U.

        Your Highness Cinnamon,
        I heard you. Look for today’s post #2030.

      • Kate Li

        Wow, there are such wisdom in your writing. Thank you for sharing your insights. My utmost respect to Sir Guy and you!

        Your Highness Kate Li,
        Welcome aboard. I love it when pretty women join us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    • Cinnamon

      Thank you Sir Guy for such an incisive analysis. I knew you would have a lot to say to us about what this all means. The following is so true:

      IOW, as men share info about how to conquer women, it diverts them from focusing on more than sex. …However accurate or inaccurate, justified or not, exchanging criticisms within one gender polarizes it against the other.

      This is why so many of the Red Pill/Manosphere men are so unhappy. They have made a false idol out of sex, but most of them want more than sex from a woman. They have articulated correctly the problem and it is a devastating one (loss of femininity, and all that it entails) but the “solution” they offer is no real solution at all, and in fact is as bad as the poison causing the disease.

      I know I speak for many when I say I am so grateful you are here to teach us these things.

  4. boomer babe

    IMO, this V/I is the reason young people don’t look like ‘normal’ couples when they are together..
    i’ve just seen a book written by a graduate from Princeton

    the book is called MARRY SMART.. by Susan Patton
    she is similar to Sir Guy, by explaining on how women should be towards men
    BTW, the V/i was the womens game to get men to marry them, but so many men are NOT RAISED with ‘real men’ these days, and they are becoming extremely passive aggressive.

    Anyway, i’ve seen her on THE DOCTORS tv show, when she said to get plastic surgery before going to college.
    i thought she was ‘over the top’ myself, and Dr Rachael and Dr. Lisa were angry.. but Travis and Ian were NOT…
    she said for girls to try to find their MRS degree when there are so many males around to notice you.
    She got married at 31 just enough time to have her two sons, she doesn’t have daughters..and don’t want the 18-35 year olds to make the same mistake

  5. cocoa

    Thanks sir Guy for posting this. It is definitely worth it.
    reading it again though I have the feeling that this attitude in men applies to younger guys. Can’t see a mature man behaving like this.

    Also, alpha men are straight forward with what they want when they want it but they are also not into overly sharing plans and intentions. Their responses are short and blunt to an extend. Alphas really have their pride too but when they encounter a worth-it-woman they might become a bit willing to give in, to apologies, to listen, to reschedule but they will always keep their pride, which is NOT vague and unavailable.

    The real challenge for women is to be able to differentiate between Alphas and others. It all comes back to what sir Guy tought us, watch with your eyes not your ears. Listen to your hard head not your soft heart.

    Not sure if my rant make any sense at all!

  6. prettybeans

    Dear Guy,

    You have outdone yourself. Thank you.

    Dear MHW, could I kindly have the list of helpful Christian websites that you use? I’m gorging on every bit of useful information that I can get as I am in recovery overdrive.

    Thank you

  7. Some Other Guy

    Good post Sir Guy. I would just caution the women to be careful of playing too hard to get w/ men. You play too hard to get and you can chase away a good man who is not comfortable “pushing himself” on you. Many of the good men are simply not going to push thru a woman’s overly cool reception. A good quality man is socially savvy enough to interpret when he is not valued for the qualities he brings to the interaction. You still have to provide some encouragement for the man in order for him to see that you are worthwhile pursuing.

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    Good point well expressed. That is the situation today. Thanks.

    • cocoa

      Totally agree. And that’s what I was trying to say above.

      As a mother of boys, I don’t want to see them pushing themselves on a girl. They have to see and feel some modest reception. A heart felt smile. A caring question about their wellbeing, a tin of home baked cookies 🙂

      Again a good quality man won’t push and won’t pursue without some indication that he’s welcomed.

    • Cinnamon

      Some other Guy,

      I repeatedly tell single women how important it is to make herself approachable because of male “approach anxiety.”

      Sir Guy has discussed this issue previously on the blog, strongly advocating the same viewpoint as you (see article 1541 “Make Herself Approachable”), but it isn’t a topic that comes up in the discussions on a recurring basis, although it probably deserves to.

  8. gonemaverick

    i don’t know how i missed this post. i can’t remember reading it. brilliant!

  9. Kubra

    Sir Guy,

    Is it ever OK to call a man out on his bullshit for playing hard to get? It’s been a month since I’ve “backed off” and very little improvement has shown. It’s extremely frustrating and makes me have feelings I have a hard time handling. He graduates in a couple weeks and I don’t want this to just die off with no say from either party, even if it wasn’t meant to work out.

    • Cinnamon

      Don’t do it, Kubra. Let it die off.

      I know it’s very hard to exercise self-restraint in cases like this, but you must. The satisfaction of speaking your mind is very temporary and will be far outweighed by what you will lose in the long run by doing so.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Kubra,

      Sure you can call him out if you don’t care if you lose him. It’s best to just ignore him and all his efforts until he decides you’re the one he wants and he uses actions to get and hold your attention.

      Incidentally, let him graduate on his own. Let him see that you don’t care. He may or may not come around to your way of thinking. But, if you continue as before you know he won’t.


    • That Horse Is Dead

      Lady Kubra,

      I find a better alternative is to write down everything you want to say, read it aloud as if you are saying it to him, then delete or throw it away and thank God that you have the self-control to maintain your dignity. As Sir Guy says, if you have your say you will lose him and it confirms you are in a hot mess over him. Be the bigger person and believe you are worthy. The man you want to invest your time in will want to invest his time in you. I realize this is so difficult when feelings are involved, but if he is going to come back around then time will tell without you chasing him. And when/if he does come back, don’t be surprised if this kind of immature behavior continues. Welcome back, Sir Guy!

  10. Cocoa

    Hello hello sir Guy and welcome back. We all missed you…

    Sir Guy can you please help me unlock this mystery (am sure it is not mystery for you though) you would a male acquaintance always bring my husband to the conversation? For example, looks like your husband (he knows my husband and mentions the name) is suffering, looks like he doesn’t want to come back home! Now that is out of no where. I never ever talk about my husband and consider that very private. He says it jokingly or so it appears? I thought he was trying to get me to talk about him… But in general this particular man always if there is a chance bring my husbands name in whatever we are talking about. Why is THIS?!

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    It’s only a guess but he’s probably searching for how good and tight is your marriage.

    • Cocoa

      I have the same feeling too sir Guy. I asked mom and she suggested couple of things but she leans towards what you are thinking. In here language he’s trying to find a gap to enter from.

      But my other question would be, why? I don’t see or hear him ask the same questions to other people.

      Any advice on how to deal with this. I always praise my husband, even in the darkest days.

  11. Cocoa

    Mom guessed something very close to that sir Guy. My following question is, why? Why would he be interested in my marriage. I never I ask him, for example, about his marriage.

    I have other male friends who say, how is your family. Any plans for the weekend/Easter/Christmas. And that’s all ok and lovely. But this one is different.

    If you can draw some light on why is that sir Guy and a suggestion on how to respond please. I am hopeless with good and firm responses. I sometimes walk away though…

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Walking away is good. Keep it up. Gently let him know that you’re not interested and he is a disappointment. If he gets pushy, push back.

  12. Cocoa

    And why is that sir Guy? I never ask him about his marriage. Only how is your children , what year they are in. Other male friends ask about my family in general and about what’s the plan for the holidays and so forth… Nothing like this guy and his questions.

    Btw, my mother suggested something very close to what you said here.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    He’s getting overly familiar to facilitate getting you into bed.

  13. Milena

    This article is gold, thank you! 🙂

  14. Aidos

    Sir Guy,

    I currently have a man in my life who is behaving this way. It’s exactly as you describe. He comes around, he puts himself, literally, in front of me, he initiates discussions, he joins me for meals (we work in the same place), BUT our time together is random – only when we run into one another. He doesn’t invest any effort, time or money into getting to know me outside of this building.

    This has been going on for three months. In the beginning, I thought he was genuninely interested because all throughout the day, I’d look up, and he’d be there. I’d smile to show indirect interest, but I’d not initate contact or conversations.

    Since he’s not asked me out, I keep trying to mentally/emotionally cut myself off. It’s very hard. I’ve tried flat out ignoring him when he sits with me, yet he still comes around.

    I am attracted to him, and every time I have an urge to emote or share thoughts with him or ask him his intentions, I come here and read. I read and read until my resolve comes back. Then I’m good for a day or two, but then he’ll come around again, and I feel myself wanting to confront him – if nothing else to get it over with.

    I have no clue what his thoughts/intentions are. He hasn’t said a word. Since nothing is building, it would be a relief just to not see him around, and it wouldn’t be that hard for us to ignore each other.

    Is there anything appropriate I can say or do?


    Your Highness Aidos,

    It may be time to shift into direct mode. You might open the door with options similar to these:

    • I like listening to you. You could have held my attention years ago. Wonder what that would have been like?

    • Your interest in _____ fascinates me? Where did you pick up such expertise?

    • Your personality fits in everywhere I see you. Who raised you so well?

    • Just curious because I like the way your mind works so well on complex matters. What do you think men look for in a woman? Woman in a man?

    • What’s your main goal in life? Women reach for happiness but men reach for all manner of things. Yours? If you care to share it.

    Indirectness and listening to a man scores for women. Sometimes it just ain’t enough.


    • gonemaverick

      Sir Guy I’m looking forward to your answer to Aidos please.

    • Aidos

      Thank you so much!

      My attraction for a man is heavily influenced by the way he sounds, and this man does indeed have a wonderful voice. I genuinely enjoy listening to him, so I’m sure I’ll be able to ask these soon. 🙂

  15. Sarina

    This is definitely one of the best articles on the web, all women should stumble upon it
    Pop culture pressures women to initiate things aggressively, like asking him out, ask for a kiss, ask for a hug, call him, no wonder guys sit back and won’t lift a finger.
    Locally, I know how it’s enough for a guy to meet a girl and if he asks her in 5 minutes, wanna hook up or be together, she would just flat out accept it, no conditions, no resistance whatsoever and then I’m not surprised how my local women have this ‘unfavourable’ reputation worldwide (won’t mention what it is, but it’s obvious). Desperation has stomped any respect our guys had for us, we have women who are getting slapped in the face and beg the guy to stay together.

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