2033. Female Blessings at Birth — 46-48

I continue asking for your agreement/disagreement on the long list I’ve compiled. This is the 16th group of three blessings, and I’m grateful for your earlier responses.

With each item, do you agree that you and other females inherit it at birth? Or, is it something you and others learn later in life? False means that the item is missing completely from your heart, or it’s something you learned during life, or you just don’t think women are born that way.

In case you’re new to this blog or wonder why I compiled the long list of blessings. I hope to close the gaps and shortcomings in the following causes and effects so that modern women can have better lives.

  • A woman’s happiness depends primarily on the gratefulness that accumulates in and shines outward from her heart.
  • Women can only be as grateful for others and things as they are individually grateful for who and what they are as a person, woman, wife, mother, girlfriend, granny, church-goer, encourager, Christian, Jew, American, Korean, employee, and on and on and on…. The key term being grateful for self, self-gratitude.
  • Women will or should be more grateful for themselves as individuals if they are aware of just how magnificently they have been designed, endowed, and energized to be the key players in life and compatible with themselves, others, and especially a lifetime mate.

Where I explain or add comment with each blessing, perhaps I could be wrong in your eyes. Feel free to challenge me. I’m not trying to be right, just searching for and clearly describing truth—as close as we can get it. I search for the naturally endowed blessings that empower and encourage women to use their irresistible force to override the immovable object of male dominance, the superior sex vs. the dominant one.

These are the blessings for your consideration today.

46. I am honest in all affairs of the heart, but I reserve the right to know when and with whom to disclose my feelings. I am suspicious of anyone who pushes on me to disclose the details of what resides there. [Guy adds: The popular practice of ‘full disclosure’ within couples torpedoes the best interest of women by playing to the man’s game. The more he know about her, the more easily he plays to her weaknesses to facilitate conquest and subsequent control of their sexual agenda. Of course a few men are not like that, but she will be an old lady before she can without fail discern the difference. However, she does learn from experience and can spot the threat more easily in her daughters’ boyfriends.]

47. I have so many blessings in my life for which I am grateful. [Guy adds: Women are born capable of being happy but they have to earn it by keeping their heart filled with gratitude. To look for happiness in other ways is to miss it at best or find the onramp to misery at least. That’s why women who can’t be grateful for their work effort and job outside the home should look elsewhere—with or without their job—for things and people with whom they can find more gratitude. Purposely find ways to express her gratefulness among others and it will return her to happier days.]

48. I think enough of myself that I can help bear the burdens of someone else. [Guy adds: The mothering instinct is a superbly reinforced-by-childbirth extension of a woman’s interest in caring about and for others. However, low self-esteem weakens her concern about others. It leaves her with self-serving convictions that she does or should come first among others, which reduces her concern and caring for and about others. She isn’t born with low self-esteem; it’s hardwired by caregivers in infancy.]

Example for your response: “48-F” works okay to reflect your opinion of false to that one item. Also, comments are welcome and desired, especially if you take exception to anything.

Thank you for your opinion. More blessings from the list will follow in a day or two.



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2 responses to “2033. Female Blessings at Birth — 46-48

  1. MLaRowe

    46. True
    47. True
    48. True

    As for 46 though I did a full disclosure with my husband long before I found this blog. In some ways it’s a comfort since he didn’t hold it against me and married me anyway. Yet, I like your advice that the past is the past and it’s in the best interest of a woman to not reveal.

    As for 48 this hits home because the kids went back to school today and so I’m just lots of mixed feelings right now. At least I still have the baby and my mission in life: dyslexia awareness, to pursue. This reminds me of how fortunate it is I have others who depend on me and need me (whether they know it or not).

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  2. Readingup

    46. T – From birth ( I have always been a cautious person especially in love)
    47. T
    48. True – From birth (Almost every little girl as soon as she is able to talk has a doll that she mothers, feed, changes diaper etc.)

    Your Highness Readingup,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

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