2034. Female Blessings at Birth — 49-51

This is the 17th group of three blessings that accompany women from birth and through the trials and tribulations of life. I’m grateful for your confirmations and the few doubts too; no disagreements thus far down the list.

I correct a mistake today. I previously have written that women can forgive AND forget and am researching over a million words to find and correct it.* In the meantime, not to worry. Number 49 below is correct and complete enough to describe the blessing that women inherit at birth.

49. I can forgive someone but I can’t forget it—only God is that good. [Guy adds: Women are born better than men at politics, defined as the art of the possible. Men are born better at the use of power, defined as getting things done a certain way. Forgiveness without forgetting helps women to manage relationships. Forgiveness plus forgetting helps men to produce more. Forgiven people produce more diligently when they believe their mistakes and offenses have been forgotten, that recovery is everything in the eyes of those who can forgive. In the political arena, however, men forgo their nature; they forgive but don’t forget. It’s a habit made necessary by their need to influence others politically, aka producing what is possible as relationship managers outside the marital arena.]

50. I appreciate myself when I use my instinct and intuition to be kind and tender hearted. [Guy adds: Women are born to be good. Their kind and tender heartedness enables them to do good and thereby become good. Men are born capable of doing good but lack the natural incentive until females teach them to be good and hold them to higher standards of goodness than come naturally to men.)

51. I am able to comfort those less endowed or fortunate than I. [Guy adds: Men are much less capable than women of comforting others. Women know instinctively what to do without fear of it being wrong; men lack such instinct and their intuition says they may very well screw up, which to men is worse than doing nothing. In the arena of comforting others, a woman’s risk-taking far outshines a man’s.]

Thank you for your confirmation, doubt, or disagreement. More blessings from the list will follow in a day or two.

*If you accidentally come across in blog articles or comments where I claim that women can forgive AND forget, please let me know. I think it appears more than one place too. You’ll save me an immense amount of research.



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4 responses to “2034. Female Blessings at Birth — 49-51

  1. prettybeans

    “I can forgive but I cannot forget – only God is that good”

    I fully identify with this statement however I also see that it may be used as an excuse to be bitter which would ultimately be counterproductive. I believe that most things that God wants us to do are learned over time. And as with anything that needs to be learned this is accomplished through the application of consistency, discipline and focus will yield positive results.

    I read somewhere and it could be on this site, that men naturally believe that they are capable of accomplishing most things whereas women do no naturally believe so.

    I think the entire process of forgiving and forgetting would be much easier for women to go through if at first they believed that they could do so and that it would have direct personal benefits – I have observed that women tend to feel guilty for thinking about themselves and their happiness and will often forego personal happiness for the sake of peace. There is a time and place for this but I am not sure when this is…

    Your Highness Prettybeans,

    You say, “I also see that [forgiveness] may be used as an excuse to be bitter ….” If someone forgives and becomes bitter about it, they didn’t truly forgive.

    Yes, you could have read it here: Men believe they are capable of accomplishing most things whereas women don’t naturally believe they can do the same.


  2. prettybeans

    It always makes me laugh when I miss something so simple and so obvious 🙂 oh well, another lesson learned. Have a lovely weekend Mr. Guy

  3. surfercajun

    49- T if forgotten it might be repeated

    50- T to me…it feels good to do good. …a kind act, a kind word, or kind action no one sees.

    51-T nurturer…comes with having children or taking care of other children, other people, or elders. This can get tapped out at times if used constantly without reciprocation.

    This is awesome!

    Your Highness Readingup,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  4. Christine Smith

    Dear Sir Guy, My answers are as follows:

    49. False- I am able to forgive and forget when someone shows genuine remorse and willingness to change. 50. True 51. True – very definitely.. Sent from my iPad

    Your Highness Christine Smith,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

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