2036. Female Blessings at Birth — 52-54

This is the 18th group of three blessings that accompany women from birth and through the trials and tribulations of life. I’m grateful for your confirmations and the few doubts too; no disagreements thus far down the list.

52. Since a little girl I’ve known that I expect peace and harmony in my life but not how to produce it. Later in childhood my expectations grew into dreams of how to produce it by spreading my love to a mate and children. Adult maturity tells me—but I don’t always listen—that spreading my love requires dedication to specific things and diligence to make them standard or normal. For example, produce peace and harmony without demanding it, exemplify it without criticizing self or others, and blend the contradictions as if everybody is sometimes wrong but never bad. [Guy explains: Although you knew the root of it in early childhood, you didn’t realize the details until you gained relationship experience. IOW, your generating peace and harmony has been a natural endeavor from childhood onward. Think about it ladies. How early, much, and many times have you been confronted with the urge to find peace and harmony in whatever happens in your life? And what did you do but work toward it? Peace and harmony is a paramount female dream with roots in the womb, or so I believe. I italicized the how-to details that you may not yet realize are strong abilities also buried within the female nature and usable to facilitate peace and harmony. Let me know if you disagree those italicized abilities reside in your heart. If you agree, shouldn’t you grateful that you have such a blessing? Such a boodle bag of delicate skills to generate peace and harmony?]

53. I appreciate never having to prolong the agonies that self-forgiveness can relieve. The best gift from God or my will power comes when I forgive myself. [Guy adds: See how easy it is for toddler girls to forgive themselves? But guilt interferes later. Women don’t think they deserve to be forgiven for mistakes, shortcomings, or less-than-commendable attributes. They are so used to imposing, accepting, and living with guilt that they fail to consider reality, common sense, and their unique nature. God forgives everything, to ask penitently makes you deserving. So, how does a woman forgive herself? She confesses to herself penitently and her sincerity makes her deserving. Being in a relationship with herself in front of a mirror, she can’t fake sincerity there. While a bit of guilt may linger, it needn’t be incapacitating in the least if she sincerely forgives herself and believes that recovery is everything.]

54. I am so grateful that I get to choose my man my way. I will know him when I see him or very soon thereafter. [Guy says: In girlhood you dream so much about Mr. Right that every candidate appears fully qualified and you’re ever ready to sweep him off his feet. You set aside heart-felt caution as soon as you declare him Mr. Right. Your mind, however, says ‘heads up, you’re headed for trouble’. Your heart responds with ‘I don’t deserve him’ but I’m going to shoot the works, go all in. Your mind agrees and says ‘I can earn his love’. Oops, your emotional reasoning just hit a major snag; you turned yourself from buyer into seller. You try to make yourself worthy of him rather than the reverse. It may work for a year or so if romantic love captures you both but not permanently. When you act eager to capture him, you don’t earn his respect. Too eager and he learns to disrespect you. So, how do you sweep him off his feet after your eagerness and buyer’s spirit convince him—even before conquest—that you only qualify as possible booty? A stand-in for acceptance, a stand-by for sex means his feet stay anchored to the ground. It also means he quits looking for your qualities that he can admire as virtuous. Internal confusion causes your mistakes. Women misread their heart, which doesn’t tell them to sweep a guy off his feet. In fact, it’s the opposite. Instinctively, her heart says, ‘If he wants me he has to earn me’.]

Thank you for your confirmation, doubt, or disagreement. More blessings from the list will follow in a day or two.



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6 responses to “2036. Female Blessings at Birth — 52-54

  1. MLaRowe

    52. True
    53. True
    54. True

    Saw a beautiful redheaded lady that goes to my church today and thought of you and Mrs. Guy.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  2. Anne

    All true, although I had to re-read and re-ponder the first one for quite awhile.

    Your Highness Anne,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  3. gonemaverick

    All true.

    I highly appreciate number 54.

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  4. I appreciate your info.

    Good stuff.

  5. Etu

    I need help, Sir Guy! I’ve been dating a guy…from a culture where people don’t date, just get married…and I made it clear that I date with the intent of finding a husband. Basically he expects to be treated like a king, and I expect to be treated like a queen, and we are coming to a serious communication impasse! We live several states apart and it’s gotten to the point where when we video chat he expects me to call him first, waiting for 5-7 minutes until I text with, why aren’t you calling? When we are together it’s better, although the last time we were together we were leaving a room and got into a debate over who should turn off the light. He said something like, why do I always have to do eveything? He texts one-word from work and makes excuses for why he can’t call me as much. We have some big religious issues. (Both Christian, but he thinks Benny Hinn is for real and I don’t, and he goes to crusades, etc.) Maybe the writing is on the wall here, but I just feel like all the advice about male/female nature doesn’t even work with him because how he was raised is so contrary to that. He pays for everything but very rarely opens a door, etc. I feel like I can’t train him as much as I try. Other men open doors for me when we’re on a date and I comment how nice that is, but neither of us can change. So frustrating! He tells me he loves me and I hang on by a thread. I had never told anyone I loved them, and this is so hard! I am ignoring his one word texts from work right now. This is so hard! I’ve wasted too much time already to be in my 30s and dealing with this! 😦

    Your Highness Etu,
    Your emoticon says it all. You may want to hit the exit ramp now. When a man’s ‘love’ shows so little respect, it isn’t love at all and at least not as women perceive and expect it. He’s ‘locked’ in man’s words about God’s words, i.e., Benny Hinn’s. Neither a man’s nor a woman’s heart can be all that favorable to someone else when they don’t live up to something higher than man.

  6. Christine Smith

    Dear Sir Guy,

    52. True 53. True, but not in my case. I cannot forgive myself. 54. True

    Sent from my iPad


    Your Highness Christine Smith,
    Are you sure you can’t forgive yourself? Have you tried it either through God or in front of the mirror with your best-friend reflection? Try practicing it; it’s a valuable skill.

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