2038. Female Blessings at Birth — 55-57

This is the 19th group of three blessings that accompany women from birth and through the trials and tribulations of life. After publishing 54 blessings, the stats look like this:

  • Of 282 opinions cast on the first 54 blessings, 22 or 8% were false/questionable.
  • Only 15 blessings received false/questionable opinions. They received one or two but the “I am a great kisser” received the most — 4.

Of course there’s nothing scientific about the survey but then again, there’s nothing scientific about the blessings either. They mean nothing except theory except as women learn to use them to find gratitude within themselves—and perhaps reshape their lives contrary to the male-dominated pop culture and feminist-based values and outcomes that so demean women and deny children two-parent upbringing.

55. I believe that I can and will choose a superior mate—not superior of me but of others. After we marry, I can love him into changing whatever faults I discover I can’t live with. I don’t have faults but what my love will compensate. [Guy adds: Women are born with those almost contradictory beliefs. His faults she can’t see before the altar become visible soon after, which sets up the marital battleground that breeds competition and discourages her cooperative spirit. She has two battleground options but only one works to sustain the marriage. 1) Use indirect techniques, have patience, and allow time and his desire to please her which can enable and encourage him to morph from Mr. Good Enough into Mr. Right probably over the course of many years. 2) Set out purposely to change him soon for whatever reason and for whatever result.]

56. I determine my life and resolve my own problems, but sometimes I need help or advice. I don’t like it but when I accept blame for my own mistakes, I learn from the angst. It makes me more independent and considerate enough that I accept blame rather than impose it or let others assume it. [Guy adds: Your self-importance, self-worth, and self-image soar or nearly soar when you sacrifice yourself to lift blame from others, does it not?]

57. I can reward myself at the mirror in numerous ways such that when away I don’t crave as much attention as when I am not looking good. In other words, the better I feel about my appearance, the less confirmation I want, seek, or need. [Guy adds: The mirror and chatting with your best-friend image refills your heart with gratefulness for you, or you’re not doing it right.]

Thank you for your confirmation, doubt, or disagreement. More blessings from the list will follow in a day or two.



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6 responses to “2038. Female Blessings at Birth — 55-57

  1. MLaRowe

    55. True- I think I got lucky that I did choose a superior mate, or rather, he chose me which really means I’m the lucky one.
    56. True- I have no problem asking for help and advice. Can’t stand it when people don’t take any responsibility for their problems. Often i pray the prayer, “Dear God, help me to help myself.” And it often it works out.
    57. True – especially true since I’ve lost the weight and now people are not as dismissive as they were in the past.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,

    Re 55: You’re right. Instead of using the words ‘choose a man’, it’s far better for women that they accept a man. Gotta’ be more precise with my wording.

    Re 56: “Dear God, help me to help myself.” Self-help doesn’t get more powerful than that. Thank you for passing it on.


  2. anon

    TRUE, TRUE, and TRUE. *blush*

    Your Highness Anon,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  3. surfercajun

    55-T …had to learn you can not change a man he has to decide to change himself. That was a rocky road in which to learn. Especially after saying I do. it changes everything after honeymoon night.

    56- T…especially taking responsibility for MY words. Once I took responsibility for that…whether or not he did his…it changed my whole outlook and for the better in how I communicated with family members. It spilled over into others outside the family circle as well. I honestly believe some of it was from feminist brainwashing.

    57-T.. true, true… I could have no idea on how much mirror time would mean to me. I use to think of those things as being vain, and spoiled. Wow, I am glad to be over such thinking. This is important time for me and my best friend…the mirror. It does not lie…does not cover up…it is always simply truth. I can choose to either talk positively to it or negatively. It will affect my day and those around me in which and how I respond to. I guess in a way it shows my heart and where it really is that day.

    I enjoyed what Rowe stated in prayer…mine goes a little something like that…but to help me become more feminine in the way I talk, think, respond, walk, dress and accessorize. 🙂

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.
    Also, I like your prayer too. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. gonemaverick

    T to all 3.

    I especially like number 55 and it’s been fun sending (without fear) unsuitable guys “back on the parade of passing men” in order to choose the best of the rest.

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

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