2043. Submission #1 — The Introduction

The last of three series on this subject was completed in July 2010. It’s time for something new.

Let’s start at the top. We view life from outer space. God designs, Nature endows, and hormones energize two different sexes. One is dominant but the other superior. Respectively, the immoveable object faces the irresistible force, male gender versus female gender. It’s the historical and highly traditional battle of the sexes.

Expecting women to submit flips the superior sex on its head. Not only that, it makes women mad just thinking about it, even when they hear it in church. Unfortunately, that causes some women to lose their female balance, to blame the men in their lives. Regardless of how pastors explain it, there’s plenty of hope always available in the feminine boodle bag of options.

Since the Holy Bible favors men on the subject, women don’t seem to have a full hand of cards to play. Ahhhhh! But they do. In fact, they hold the superior hand. They have patience, skill, hardheadedness, grateful heart, free will, and abundant opportunities to play. Men have stubbornness, self-respect, hardheartedness, ego, and competitive determination to defend only one position, she must submit. Advantage: wives. Abundant opportunities can smother one position though even well-defended.

The advantage comes from this. When push comes to shove, submission means only one thing to men. It’s their handicap. Not handicapped, women are blessed from birth for this particular battle. They are by nature cooperative and even submissive when in their best interest. Their nature thus provides advantage that enables them to outsmart, outwit, and out-maneuver dominant males. Consequently, submission isn’t a yes or no battle. Women make a game of ‘maybe’ out of it that convinces their man that he has won.

The feminine submissive spirit, often seen by men as unrespectable, is quite capable of conquering a man’s insistence that she submit as he and other men conceive it.



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10 responses to “2043. Submission #1 — The Introduction

  1. Readingup

    Submission of the biblical kind is brilliant in design and is the best fit plan for a healthy and function marriage and family. Fear and misunderstanding by women of what it really is denies them of the wonderful benefits that follow.
    I had misconceptions about it at first too…. there is a wonderful lady who teaches the joy of submission and respect and her husband’s account of how her changing from a controlling dominant wife to a submissive one and how it impacted the children, marriage and entire family is a tear-jerking testimony of what you have said in the post. I would like to share it with you Guy: http://peacefulwife.com/when-she-surrendered/

    Your Highness Readingup,

    It’s beautiful and seems complete. But how many women can do what she did and how many men would accept it with the same fervor? It also presumes that every man’s merging of her interests with his makes the best deal for them. IOW, not all men are great or even effective leaders.

    In no way do I disparage such a relationship. It’s a great example. Women have to figure out how they and theirs fit together and do the best they can. So, they need other options to consider. That’s where this blog comes in.


  2. Cinnamon

    I am quite intrigued Sir Guy, as to my , along with the poetry in motion you are speaking somewhat in riddles here in this preview…I look forward to the main show starting 🙂

  3. cocoa

    Submission! Here is how I feel when I deeply think.of submission, it the hidden strength in a woman to say yes when she could’ve said no, to ask his permission when she can very well do on her own, when she makes him shine while she’s the supplying power for all shininess, when she holds back her otpinion and pretend that HE knows better, he’s the expert in this, he’s the handyman for that, he’s the only one who can solve this problem.

    See, I could and for most achieve and do all the above on MY OWN but why? Why, when God in all his eternal wisdom created my man for ME.

    I love to submit out of strength not out of weakness.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    I’m pleased to hear you have it working for you. You’ve figured out the most important step and one of life’s greatest mysteries. Just how in the heck does an individual female capture a man, hold onto him, and fulfill her hopes and dreams by helping him fulfill his ambitions and dreams?

    • cocoa

      I’ve always been grateful for my father, just him opening the house door and entering made me happy and ready to help him get ready for tomorrow, mum was busy with other stuff. When I got married after he, my father, approved my husband being Mr. Good enough, I continued to do the same with my husband even though I didn’t know him well, as I said before we only went out 3 times.

      For me it’s a lifestyle and a principle more than anything else.

      The only major issue appeared when I started working and earning. I changed!
      Yes I did. And because I changed I have allowed my vulnerable self to let go of my life learnt principle.

      Ironically, I am meeting with my husband tonight to use my God designed nature to resolve some issues.

      I feel very unattractive and so unpretty when he’s not happy. I feel very weak very scared when he’s late. I need him and can’t do without him. I thought I could ss he’s not that easy to understand and live with, but no! I really can’t.

      Submission is nothing compared with it’s blessings. See he can, did and does submit but when he does I am not happy I am happier and more fulfilled when I do.

      He knows that I am a strong woman that endured a lot, so he knows that I submit out of strength and wisdom.

      P.S I have shared very deep feelings and I am not used to that. However, writing this will help me with tonight’s meeting.

      Your Highness Cocoa,
      Congratulations on figuring out and dedicating yourself to what and how life works best for you and yours.

  4. That Horse Is Dead

    When your article permits, I would like to know if or how submission applies in dating. Since a man expects to marry the woman he dates (and for his wife not to change after marriage) — yet, it seems from reading WWNH that she becomes cooperative (and less competitive) AFTER marriage. The article recommended by Her Highness Readingup is a good one and the husband comments, “there’s the girl I fell in love with, again!” How does this work?

    Your Highness That Horse is Dead,

    Prior to conquest think of submission the same as after marriage with this exception. Compete as ardently as necessary to refuse to submit on matters concerning your sexual assets, values, standards, and expectations. You only have the one phase of a relationship—prior to conquest—to dynamically shape his thoughts and habits ABOUT YOU, strengthen his commitment TO YOU, and earn his devotion OF YOU. After conquest, the same things are much harder to achieve.

    Men want to remain married to the girl they married, not the new woman she becomes after they come together at the altar. An accurate saying goes like this. Men marry expecting their woman not to change but she does. Women marry expecting their man to change but he doesn’t.


  5. MLaRowe

    The word submission can be a tough one to take for me.

    I find being cooperative easy. Since I married a man I respect (who continues to improve over time) many times I now do go with what he recommends (and my life is better for it).

    I’ve decided over the years that most of the time he is smarter than I am (I’m not flattering him, this is the truth). He is younger than I am but when it gets right down to it that doesn’t matter. He has a proven track record of being a better judge of character (I have never known him to be wrong in the 13 years we have known each other). He also has guided us in smart directions in the past (sometimes in spite of my protests). Only recently have I learned to let go of most issues.

    So if that is what submission really is, not like he is going to muscle me into getting his way and having things on his terms but rather he makes many of the decisions or says, “we should do such and such” and I agree and trust rather than fight him, well, that I can do.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    You’ve found it. Think of submission as a couple harmonizing; they jointly bring out all the best in their life together. They merge leader and follower, head and neck of family, two authority figures, and similar connections in such ways that their personal connections morph into harmony. It seems to me that’s what God intends. The thought of either one submitting just never comes up in thought or deed.

    • MLaRowe

      Glad to know I’m getting it right. I must say that things have never been better for us as a couple so thank you so much for your help.

  6. Shanna

    Don’t know why the term “boodle bag of options” makes me giggle every time you use it. I recall it from another post. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

    Your Highness Shanna,
    I love it when women giggle. It revives their modest and girlish charm.

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