2058. Submissive #12 — Submissive Ends Submission

The last installment in this series starts here. My hope is that it equal or exceed the clarity and quality of the 11 others.

39. Men unsure of themselves and unwilling to let it be known arbitrarily expect submission in their woman. Relationship experts, also known as mature women, know better than to get involved with such men in the first place. [Guy adds: Of course, to some women usually endowed with less maturity, it makes a guy more attractive. She perceives that he needs to change and she’s just the gal to do it.]

40. More than the actuality, how submissiveness appears to both husband and other men is a major issue. Admittedly, it is an ego thing. [Guy adds: She may find it more peaceful to present herself submissive to husband one way and differently in front of other men. The object being to protect husband’s self-image before others.]

41. Just like men on the job, women expect to have their way in domains that advance their self-interest agenda, especially in their home, marital relationship, and mothering. Success depends largely on generating at least the appearance that he rules the roost. [Guy adds: If she expects to rule the rooster, she specializes in getting up before the rooster crows—actually and not just figuratively. He learns to depend on his woman when she prepares his day ahead of him. His dependence and her importance slips when she follows him out of bed in the morning. (I speak about their natures and not today’s practices. I also see the need to once again explain what appears to be alibiing for men.]

42. By not getting in his face, she keeps him open for negotiating and accepting her influence. She knows that his guilt about his own mistakes impresses him much more than if she cites them to his face or in front of others such as the kids. Staying out of his face is the essence of capitalizing on her submissive spirit. [Guy adds: Her peaceful and accepting demeanor in the face of his mistakes makes him doubly regretful and uncomfortable. It’s discomfort that mostly inspires men to change.]

43. Submission aside, over the years the wife/mother ultimately wields the greatest family influence. In the final analysis, she is much better equipped to anticipate competing decisions and negotiate or disguise with cooperation what is really happening in home and family. [Guy adds: It’s the product of an expert relationship expert doing her expert best.]

A woman’s submissive spirit is equally or more influential than a man’s expectation of submission. That is, however, if she fully develops the God-given talent inherent in her submissive spirit. And thus this series ends.



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4 responses to “2058. Submissive #12 — Submissive Ends Submission

  1. surfercajun

    . …she specializes in getting up before the rooster crows—actually and not just figuratively. He learns to depend on his woman when she prepares his day ahead of him. ……

    in the beginning of our marriage he told me I did not have to do this… bring him coffee, fix his breakfast… it left me confused and frustrated….perhaps he was trying to be kind but for the first few years it left me quite unsure how to approach marriage as a new wife. I can see now how this is so very important to start his day… a smile at breakfast, fixed lunch to bring to work, and duties during the day, and a cheerful countenance (despite what my day held) when he returns..Thank you Guy for this. It makes me feel better that though unsure at the start, this would be a life long dedication in my role.

  2. It’s been a very good series, Sir Guy. In fact, very enlightening. You have explained things so well, as usual. I will have to go back and read and re-read. Thank you!

    • surfercajun

      (will have to go back and read and re-read)

      me too!!!! reminders and review…. NEVER bad!! Have a happy morning,, Sharonwithmaryandmartha!!!

  3. prettybeans

    Dear Mr. Guy,

    I hope that you are doing well today.

    I have struggled through this series perhaps because I am not married but as part of my general interest reading I am currently reading ‘The Surrendered Wife’ by Laura Doyle and ‘Fascinating Womanhood’ by Helen Andelin both of which I think are helping me to get some additional understanding on this issue of submissiveness and interesting explanations on what I like to refer to as of ‘good old-fashioned loving’. I would recommend these books on anyone who would like to do some further study on this.

    Men are never more handsome as when they continue in their tireless efforts to teach and encourage recovery among ladies. Thank you.

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