2059. Men are Never More Handsome….

At 2058 Her Highness Prettybeans said to me. “Men are never more handsome as when they continue in their tireless efforts to teach and encourage recovery among ladies. Thank you.” Thus, she gives me both a perfect payday and perfect opportunity to further explain men.

When a man does something he considers a responsibility or obligation, it may be nice but he doesn’t expect to be thanked. It’s his duty. It’s the flip side of an unearned gift. Moreover, in today’s world, thank you is as worn out in sincerity as “I apologize.” So men pay little attention to thank you. Unless of course it’s extended as part of a hug from a pretty woman, which makes what he hears even less relevant.

OTOH, surprisingly expressed indirect compliments work wonders. Even reading Prettybeans above, note that the sentence is flooded with meaning for me that makes “Thank you” virtually unnoticeable.

I propose you ladies learn to charm men in general by charming individuals of opportunity. Charm both known and unknown men with indirect compliments wrapped in female boldness that produces the feminine advantage that women long to have. The benefits come to women from the effects they have on the masculine mind.

My favorite indirect compliment is this: “Men are never more handsome than when they please a lady (for whatever they do).” Use it every time a man pleases you. Opens the door, seats you at table, lets you go ahead of him in a waiting line, husband does laundry or brings you flowers. It doesn’t matter. If a man pleases you, suggest that he just might be made more handsome for doing it. You like to be reminded that you’re pretty don’t you? Indirectness works best with men.

  • First, you have not hit on him. You merely used a surprisingly pleasant way of expressing gratefulness for manly conduct that pleases you as a woman. After the same man has heard it several times, the surprise may evaporate but the friendly reminder will only fade slightly if at all.
  • When you claim yourself as a lady a few times, you will benefit both yourself and set standards for men. Up to which men learn to step when convinced you are what you claim repeatedly.
  • The phrasing makes it sound routine for other men. Strangers read it that you are routinely pleased by other men and it generates uncommon friendliness. Men you know are encouraged to do more to stay ahead of their competitors and to keep you pleased with them.
  • Men love to be called handsome by women, but you didn’t call him that. You call him one of many. He has to infer that he’s included among the pleasers of women, which encourages more because of the success you surprise him with.
  • Although delivered directly, you pass an indirect compliment. He has to make it personal. If he’s handsome for pleasing you, then his male competitors are too. To compete better, he’s encouraged to please you and perhaps others as opportunities arise. He sees women as targets to uplift as unique and deserving of his ability to please. It’s a natural follow-on to his success among competitors. He only has to connect pleasing women to earning self-admiration to make him a better man in the eyes of females.

It works in writing, just as Prettybeans wrote to me above. But, ladies, if you want the full effect, do it this way. For example, a stranger speeds up to hold open the door for you to enter a public building. Halfway through or after the door closes, stop to gain his attention, smile sincerely, capture his eyeballs with yours, and BOLDLY say, “You know, (pause) men are never more handsome than when they please a lady.” And don’t say thank you. Just continue to smile and walk on with something like “Have a good day.”

He can’t just hear it either. His ears are not his primary sensor. Belief only comes when he sees your earnestness. Eye-to-eye displays feminine courage that men respect.

I understand you ladies can’t accept what I propose. It requires too much boldness among other sensibilities. Were I in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t think of such a thing. Remember, I’m pushing you no harder than showing an example. Primarily, I’m using it to explain the male mind. You have to figure out how to make men please you, as modern men don’t seem too eager except in pursuit of sex. Only women can train men to do the right thing as women see what is right. Most women think it’s right for them to be pleased and especially by men. That’s why I’m here to help.

I promise you this. Provided you do it boldly, smilingly, and with eyeballs locked with his when you say it, you will find significant pleasure in their reactions. You’ll recognize that you’ve charged them up with new pleasure and perhaps fascination in you. When a woman makes a man feel fantastic about himself, she assumes an aura of respectability that modern women lack.

What’s the effect on him? Think it through. You just convinced one man that ladies have standards up to which a man can easily find success, can find pleasure doing for others. To be more significant, to find more self-admiration, he only needs to please more women. How can that not be good? How can that not enhance the importance of a woman?

If you recall their natures, women are born to be good and men to do good. But women have to determine what is good for men to do. When men determine what is good, women find it mostly ‘ungood’ for them.

If women are ever to stop or even slow modern society’s slide from goodness toward evil, they must let men know that female standards not only exist but need to be honored. The way to gain honor is to encourage men to do good, specifically do what women expect. The simple “Men are never more handsome…” can jumpstart any woman’s contribution to pleasing men by pleasing herself to please men in ways that benefit Womanhood.



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6 responses to “2059. Men are Never More Handsome….

  1. surfercajun

    I have always wondered about that reply. Now I understand its contents as well as being the giver and receiver of it.

    This part spoke well to me today ….women are born to be good and men to do good. But women have to determine what is good for men to do. When men determine what is good, women find it mostly ‘ungood’ for them.

  2. surfercajun

    I have official used your comment after being called sexy lady by my husband in an email after updating him on one of our pups trips to the vet.
    …received an email back asking if I was trying to butter him up. I responded with…was giving a thank you as I enjoy being admired by you. 🙂

    I quickly received an email back with a HUGE smiling face!

    I honestly believe we both feel good now! 😀

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    That’s the second payday I’ve received today. Women are seldom prettier than when they find ways to make themselves appear fascinating to men.

  3. Lady Vigilant

    Dear Sir Guy,
    Does this suggestion apply to married women? It would seem to
    be bold flirtation with another man and an insult to my husband to
    say such a thing? Did you mean this for single young ladies?
    Rarely disagree with you though don’t think a married lady should
    ever say such a thing.

    Lady Vigilant

    Your Highness Lady Vigilant,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Sure it applies to married women. How about husband, sons, cousins, uncles, grandfathers? They too need some teaching about how to show more respect for their women if women expect to be regarded as ladies. Only women can teach them.

    In society today, women and men are equally due respect. How does it serve women to be respected no more than men. How do women retain their unique advantages if men don’t treat them differently than men? Wives dominate the home and men enter to do favors or repairs. Matriarchs and not patriarchs rule extended families. But how do women become more respected if it doesn’t begin much earlier in their lives? Ladies make better matriarchs than just any mother; they have higher standards which all family members regard as fit and proper for the family.

    As to flirtation, society could use a little more of the innocent kind. But that aside, a man confronted with a polite lady staring a compliment at him is too surprised to take it flirtatiously. Admittedly, some will take it as flirting. Any woman bold enough to compliment a guy knows how to handle the man that takes it wrongly.

    I agree that husband could find fault with men outside the family. As with everything else on this blog. Women have to figure out what works for them.


  4. I know this is a little OT, but wanted to share this article http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/09/02/love-is-all-you-need-insights-from-the-longest-longitudinal-study-on-men-ever-conducted/ and the posts about mothers and sons are several years old, and I wasn’t sure if I could easily find them, so decided to post it here.

  5. Aneliene

    This post has got me thinking about expressing gratitude towards men in a sincere and genuine way. I know you often apply the phrase “men are never more handsome when…”, but I know that I could never use this due to the informality of my culture and my age, and typically quite liberal environment.

    I recently had an experience where I said I had a problem, and a guy asked me about it, but I said it was really boring and complex (it truly was). But he appeared to want me to describe it, and then he actually listened and took some time to help me get to a solution. I was very surprised that he was patient and helpful on such a boring task, and I’m sure I said “thank you” a few times! In this blog post you caution against saying such a general thing, and I do agree. However, I think because I was genuinely grateful, I did end up conveying this to him through my body language and facial expression.

    So I have always found that my facial expressiveness works for me, in lieu of saying more formal statements about men’s character. Particularly because I am quite ‘put together’ otherwise, I would never gush or be over the top normally, so a man would only earn my receptiveness and gratitude if it is warranted. But I guess my strategy works best for individual men, I don’t think it has the same reach as yours.

    As long as you aim to make a man feel genuinely appreciated, I think that is the important thing. It builds his character and elevates you in his eyes, and it makes you feel good for being grateful and potentially having someone who will try to tackle problems for you. Male and female natures can really be quite complementary!!!

    Your Highness Aneliene,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I surrender, dear. You have already mastered the art so what I suggest is irrelevant to you. You have already found a solution to the fact that “thank you” is usually meaningless to a man if he’s done something he considers an obligation or responsibility. That is, nothing special to him.

    When you’re ‘put together’ right, you can always do things your way.

    Yours is a good story too.


  6. aneliene

    Good to hear, Guy. I have commented before, under different names. I always forget, depending on whether I use my phone or computer!

    Your Highness aneliene,
    Yes, I recognize you now as Eleni and Aneliene.

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