2070. Female Blessings at Birth — 73-75

It seems never to end, this list of blessings that women receive at birth. This is the 25th installment. How can they not be grateful for themselves? Yet so many are.

I’m grateful for your responses. Especially those that signify your agreement or disagreement, T or F.

73. I am grateful that I instinctively resist skepticism. (It’s just an excuse to do little or nothing. It seems to justify escape from responsibility and I don’t like that.) [Guy adds: Ever see a 3-4 toddler girl be least bit skeptical? It just isn’t in her nature, but life does teach it sometimes.]

74. I am grateful to be endowed with the ability to handle anxiety without losing my composure and self-respect. (Lessons learned have made it much easier so that anxiety nowadays causes less guilt and lack of necessary action.) [Guy adds: Lessons learned make other women the exact opposite. Victory goes to those that claim success the most enthusiastically and loudly to self.]

75. I am grateful that my girlhood dreams taught me to expect this. However hard to live with it, my husband expects to remain married to the woman he courted. I never dreamed I would be any different than when we married, except for aging of course. (I recognize now; when and as I change from that fascinating woman, I lose some of his respect and influence with him.) [Guy adds: It’s seldom recognized verbally because it operates at the subconscious level. Other things are more easily blamed for loss of respect and influence.]

Example for your response: “75-F ” works okay to reflect your opinion of false to that one item. Also, comments are welcome and desired, especially if you take exception to anything.



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3 responses to “2070. Female Blessings at Birth — 73-75

  1. surfercajun

    73 T
    This one is very clear to me. Would take care of our garden then go off road and then it is neglected… hubby would correct my laziness and I would defend myself. (thinking… look at all the months I took care of it!…and not one word?) …but, it is still my fault and no one else.

    74. T
    This has happen to me. The other person has lost their cool and I maintained my composure. Other person could not understand why I did not lose it either. To me, it was a controlled atmosphere they were trying to place me in and I saw it, and did the opposite of what they expected, with them screaming at me….. (i won)

    75. T
    at times women do not realize how outside influences influence our home lives. Like Eve, we get sucked up into a situation that affects home. It interrupts home, family, and influence on husband. The belief in the feminist agenda has hurt me, my family and at times our home-life in the worse way.

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  2. Melissa

    73. Not sure what you mean here. A three year old has a very different life to lead from a woman. A woman today needs to be vigilant about bad influences, perhaps more so than in the past. On the other hand, judgmentalness and negativity are traits that make a woman less feminine in her soul, so in that way I think they are unnatural to a woman’s true nature.

    74. T. Always very admirable in a woman. Often depends much on her upbringing and level of self-control. I believe it is in her true nature to have the desire to contribute to an atmosphere of hopefulness and calm.

    75. T.

    Your Highness Melissa,

    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

    Re 73: Of course you’re right. But the point is this. If skepticism doesn’t show up early in life, it’s most likely a lesson learned later. Therefore, the absence of skepticism is more likely a female blessing at birth.


  3. 73-T! Skepticism seems to be closely related to cynicism, which is not a very feminine trait. It generally covers bitterness.


    75-F Unfortunately not. 😦 And I know precious few of my generation that would willingly say “However hard to live with it…”

    Your Highness Denise,

    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

    Re 75: You’re right but I offer editorial comment. You’re right only about youngest generations, which to my mind doesn’t make #75 false as an inborn trait. Feminism taught several generations to not respect men period, much less as mates who husband and father. With little obligation to respect men with female actions, with promises that women can achieve a great life with little more than career accomplishment, women abandon their inborn nature designed to keep husbands compensated for dedication to wives. In words, women make it all sound possible and good. In actions, men make the fallout pretty bad for marriage, women, and children. Consequently, the newest generations of women are less skillful in relationship expertise and the institution of marriage continues to crumble.


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