2073. Compatibility Axioms #471-480

All that follows below is based on the natures of men and women as they are born. Women have to figure out what’s best for them given the lessons they have learned in life and the relationships they enter.

471. Keeping her legs crossed enables a female to control unmarried relationships. It’s her cardinal power to test boyfriends, friends, and acquaintances for ability and willingness to help fulfill her hopes and dreams. [169]

472. Of the friends, acquaintances, and newbies she knows, their potential value becomes evident when ‘no sex with me’ enables men to turn themselves into either Mr. Not Good Enough or Mr. Good Enough. Her experience denying sex makes for better ID of prospective boyfriends and mates.  [169]

473. The longer she holds out against conquest, then the more the best candidate accepts her other values, standards, and expectations. If he fails to accept and honor her wishes and adjust his behavior accordingly, he thus turns himself into Mr. Wrong. [169]

474. Celebrity worship weakens love three ways. It interferes with a woman’s appreciation of self and adoration of her significant other. She compares her boyfriend or mate against someone that appears far better. She wastes time trying to find a match for one of her favorite celebrities. [170]

475. Commitments at the altar mean promises for life. Sustaining promises requires devotion, specifically actions that provide evidence of commitment to both vows and spouse. If devotion to her is not evident before marriage, it’s much less likely to arise afterwards. [170]

476. Every love affair has a fundamental weakness without this: Both partners respect the opposite sex more than their own gender. [170]

477. Men aren’t the greatest listeners when dealing with women. They perceive foremost what a woman’s appearance and actions say about her. Her words don’t impress nearly as much and, in fact, he can become inattentive to them. [170]

478. Women expect men to change and even compromise their nature to please their mate. But men don’t do that, at least not for a woman they have conquered. [170]

479. Women make sex objects of certain men. The sex objects learn that women are so eager that they make themselves reusable and disposable. Men not treated as sex objects learn that such women cannot be trusted, because they play the man’s game. [170]

480. Ladies exemplify female hard-headedness, which men can live with and even appreciate. However, because sluts imitate and duplicate men, they exemplify soft-headedness. It’s reason enough for his escape after his infatuation and lust fade. [171]



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5 responses to “2073. Compatibility Axioms #471-480

  1. Princess Royal

    Dear Sir Guy,
    It’s me again with a new question.
    Guy I like, am friends with, and am attempting to subtly win over into something more via the girl-next-door method is on a missions trip for two weeks and this is something I’ve been wondering about:
    Best way for a woman to interact with the man of her interest/choice while he is traveling whether for business or pleasure and when he comes home? I’ve refrained from expressing that I miss him on an instinct and he has no cell phone service and limited internet so I am restricted even if I wasn’t zipping my lips… Is it okay to express that I missed him when he gets home? Or don’t say it unless he says it? And how should I express my approval that he did this trip, I definitely was as verbally supportive and encouraging as I could possibly be while he was anticipating and getting ready for it (and he was getting some flack from part of his extended family for it which I listened to and expressed that I thought the exact opposite). Hoping this makes sense and also curious about the larger picture. My dad has traveled on business for much of my life and I could see myself marrying someone who traveled for a living as well.
    Thanks for your time,
    Princess Royal
    P.S. I also seem to have lost the last advice you gave me on this young man and his repeated avowal that he wanted to be “just friends” although he was citing like something more. It is in the comments section of one of the two thousand+ posts on this blog and I can’t find it by searching. It was in the last month or so if you have any way of locating it I would be endlessly grateful. I’m sure you don’t remember but you would be my hero if you did 🙂

    Your Highness Princess Royal,

    Re your P.S. – I found comments to you on the following articles: 424, 930, 1463, 1343, and 1330 with the latest first and the oldest last.

    I’ll respond to your other questions Monday.


    Your Highness Princess Royal,

    This responds to your earlier unanswered questions.

    Be yourself. Be sincere. Be grateful that you both know him and appreciate his mission work. You don’t need to wait for him to miss you.

    Caution: Examine your heart first. If you do those things to get him to like you, it won’t work. Be sincere and not more. Wanting to be liked sends subliminal messages that reek of insincerity. Wanting just to be respected as girl/woman, acquaintance, friend, or something else is the way to go. So, pay more attention to pleasing yourself for doing right things in his company than pleasing him for what is supposed to make him feel better about himself or you.


    • Princess Royal

      Sir Guy,
      Thank you so much for finding those and I eagerly await your response!
      Princess Royal

  2. MLaRowe

    I just love this. Thank you, somehow it was just the right thing at just the right time (again). Princess Royal, you sweetie just hang in there and follow Sir Guy’s advice about making them work for everything they get (even if you are lonely and trying to make it easier for them. The hunter conqueror wants to catch a hard to get trophy.

    • surfercajun

      The hunter conqueror wants to catch a hard to get trophy.

      My spouse stated not long ago, when he dated me he could tell I was unique, special. He told me recently that he is proud to have me on his arm and my smile which other men look at me. (I guess in a way, he still feels I am a trophy) I do know years before, I did not believe him when he shared things like this….perhaps I did not like myself and did not value mirror time.

      Well said, MLaRowe!

      Your Highness,
      And well said, Surfercajun.

      • Princess Royal

        Thank you all and Sir Guy for your advice! I will keep my head held high and a smile on my face…hard to get is a hard game to play but I trust the rewards are great.
        Princess Royal

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