2082. Marriage Isn’t the Wonder, Breakup Is

Her Highness Shanna at post 2026 pondered. “All these matters about the nature of men and women…it’s a wonder anyone gets married at all!!!”

Well, the wonder is that people don’t do better at marriage. Consider the grander features they inherit at birth that are self-serving both individually and collectively. Everyone is born with the necessary personal features, traits, talents, and skills to live compatibly with a mate. We’re made for permanent mating; it’s virtually in our blood. Marriage provides insurance. Why else would the advanced civilizations through several millennia have found permanent pairing as the best domestic arrangement? Just a few confirming points.

  1. Women have to earn happiness by finding gratitude in themselves, others, and things. A woman’s mission in life is to live a good life made important by providing children for whom she can be grateful. How do mothers provide the necessary provisioning and protecting without the help of a useful and handy man? How do they gain the necessary insurance against abandonment without convincing men to vow themselves into permanent mating? And not just marriage for one but for almost all women. That’s what serves the female gender to the fullest. Too many single women means too much unobligated sex to lure men from faithful permanence.
  2. Men do whatever women require for men to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If most women require marriage in exchange for their providing such easy access, then men marry to satisfy their natural urge.
  3. Men are motivated to pursue self-admiration. Consequently, they combine it with their sex drive and pursue women under whatever conditions women require. A man’s natural drive for efficiency urges him to arrange for frequent and convenient access. So men are vulnerable to indirect female leadership by example, which means that men learn to monogamously follow monogamous women. It returns us back to the point above that women want a useful and handy man and physical faithfulness to him is essential to keep him loyal and dependable.
  4. Men are born to be satisfied. It’s the equivalent of females born to be happy. However, men find satisfaction in daily pursuits. Far more easily than women, they find and can enjoy a pleasant life, which opens their heart and attitude to being pleased by a woman who shows promise for supporting, encouraging, and partnering with a man’s endeavors.
  5. In the natural course of events, the dominant male sex continually faces off against the superior female sex. The immovable object of males resists the direct but yields to the indirect irresistible force of females. Women maintain peace in the process by convincing men that husbanding and fathering are both admirable and rewarded.

So, I disagree with Shanna. It’s more a wonder that marriages do not survive very long. It’s in the interest of both sexes, and yet they can’t get along well enough. It’s a pity but common today. Basically, both sexes abandon the strengths embedded in their own natures and copy that of the other, which makes them weaker rather than stronger as individuals.



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7 responses to “2082. Marriage Isn’t the Wonder, Breakup Is

  1. MLaRowe

    I’ve been thinking about how many songs on the radio I hear (always driving kids to schools and practices) that are about cheating or about the woman as a disposable commodity, useful only for sex and only temporarily.

    Also I know 4 couples getting divorced right now. So to me, right at this moment, marriage seems like a relatively fragile state of being.

    While I do believe there are deal breakers and sometimes it is best to get a divorce, I appreciate coming to this blog and hearing from someone with the wisdom of years who made a lifetime marriage commitment work.

    There is not enough of this kind of advice, way too much of the normalizing of the temporariness of marriage and relationships.

  2. surfercajun

    males resists the direct but yields to the indirect irresistible force of females… I feel this is still a struggle for me at times. (being indirect) At times I open my mouth and remove all doubt.

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    Perfection comes only after endless trial and error. Stay cool. You have all it takes and just lack enough practice that pays attention to success and disregards failure.

    • surfercajun

      Gentleness is better politics. It zaps virility. ~Becket

      1960 movie with Richard Burton and Peter O’Toole.

      Men are never more handsome than when they encourage women to become better ladies.

      Your Highness Surfercajun,
      Great quote. I have to watch that movie again.

    • Surferkajun AKA Belle Bayou AKA Kim Hamilton AKA Tink

      still have alot to learn

  3. Sharon

    “Basically, both sexes abandon the strengths embedded in their own natures and copy that of the other, which makes them weaker rather than stronger as individuals.” This practice of copying has been stoked by the feminists, inciting further gender confusion and all SORTS of division for couples, poisoning and then fracturing entire families in the resultant tsunami of divorce. Your insights, Sir Guy, continue to enlighten. I am grateful for you!

  4. Shanna

    Mr. Guy! You remembered!!! You said you would expound on my response to post 2026! A man is never more handsome than when he does what he says he will do!
    I agree with your points. I believe in marriage, but I was I was becoming a bit discouraged with the number of divorces and unhappy marriages I see. You’re right, if men and women didn’t abandon the “strengths embedded in their own natures” we’d get along better. I enjoy learning from you!

    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Shanna,
      I love it—out of your comment, Sir Guy spun gold! It prompted one of the best articles on this site! The description Sir Guy outlines of marriage and the natures of how men/women work together is something everyone needs to know these days. It’s one I’ll bookmark and pass on when I encounter friends who seek relationship advice.

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