2085 — Female Blessings at Birth — 82-84 Plus

The new project seeds continue at the end of each blessing. They are bolded. I cite her blessing as men might see it and add a man’s likely response. It’s my attempt at tying her actions to what men see in her. Your comments are needed to help clarify it anywhere and anyhow you see fit. If we argue about it, good, it helps clarify my effort.

How’s he going to like her as a woman if she doesn’t act more like a woman than a man? How better to act like that than by displaying and being guided by the unique traits and characteristics she is born with?

82. “I am grateful that I have the ability to activate my hard-headedness when I am all soft and mushy on the inside and have the ability to show my soft-heartedness when the world is so harsh and hard on the outside.” [Special credit to Cocoa for her contribution identifying this female blessing that comes with birth. Guy adds: Her soft-heartedness is designed to compensate at least and overcome at best the inborn hard-heartedness of men. Her blessing: She can be hard-headed as necessary and soft-hearted when appropriate. His admiration: She amazing; she knows when to fight and how to win battles.]

83. I am so grateful that I have the potential to find a great life as someone’s wife. First for being asked to marry and then for finding importance in family, belonging, emotional comfort, and joy of life among others. [Special credit to Surfercajun for her contribution identifying this female blessing that comes with birth. Guy adds: Exploiting her potential requires use of the blessings she acquires at birth. Her blessing: She has the ability to bring harmony into relationships. His admiration: How can she be so smooth and easy at settling differences and bringing order when emotional conflict is closer to normal?]

84. I am grateful that I possess the resourcefulness to create a beautiful and comfortable life without spending much money so I can lighten the burden on my husband. [Special credit to Amyr002 for her contribution identifying this female blessing that comes with birth. Guy adds: Frugal is as frugal does. Women know it instinctively and promote their self-importance with frugality. Her blessing: She’s as frugal as necessary and can even live well with very little. His admiration: She would do that for me?]

As before, mark each item T or F with whatever comment you wish to add.

To expand on yesterday’s closing thought, women aren’t here to serve or please men. The superior sex is here to serve and please women in such ways that men find them fascinating, irresistible, and promising as monogamous mates. Women play their cards right when they live within the blessings they inherit at birth. Out of that men learn that they can—with sufficient care and regard for the givers—be served and pleased by women. It’s called female leadership by indirectness. Both sexes get what they want and expect out of the other and it goes by this common term, compatibility.



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4 responses to “2085 — Female Blessings at Birth — 82-84 Plus

  1. surfercajun

    82. T…this took a bit but with practice comes mastery

    83. T…many times when conflicts arise, I have been the cooler head which serves my use for the *expert in relationships.* This is a place where I did not realize this was such a blessing for my family. To resolve issues that spring up, misunderstandings, tones of others, actions misread, and harmony that is gently set back into place for a peaceful family unit to thrive, survive and live well with each other.

    84. T… just yesterday I was putting together a gift without much money. My imagination and creativity stepped forward to show my skills not only as a wife, and a feminine woman, but a creative force within the walls of her own home. This is a blessing I never thought of AS a blessing and one I am quite proud of.

    • surfercajun

      I took a giant step back yesterday and looked to a saying of yours, Sir Guy that I had copied down. It helped. When stepping back, I lowered my voice, quieted my thoughts, and allowed God to direct my path….Trust in the Lord, with all your heart and lead not to thy own understanding… Proverbs 3:5

  2. Lyndeeloo

    I just wanted to say how much I like the addition of the “his admiration” sentences to this series. Somehow, they help to explain each point in a way that makes things so much clearer for me. I look forward to revisiting these posts when I have more time to dig in and contemplate.

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