2086. Female Blessings at Birth — 85-87 Plus

The new project seeds continue at the end of each blessing. They are bolded. I cite her blessing as men might see it and add a man’s natural response. Your comments help.

Blessing approval continues. Agree with these?

85. I am grateful to be ‘wired’ this way. When I sit to eat a meal prepared by me or someone else, my mind becomes occupied by more important things than enjoying the food. So I don’t overeat. [Special credit to Marianne S. for her contribution identifying this female blessing that comes with birth. Guy adds: Her mind flashes to other things on her agenda, such as how to 1) brighten the next upcoming event or opportunity. 2) Stimulate conversation that affirms the eaters or whoever fixed the meal. 3) Find gratitude in having family or friends gathered together for a short while. 4) Find pleasure with herself for bringing two or more together. 5) Discourage daughters from eating too much. 6) Jump up to serve others. 7) Enjoy herself for having prepared the food. 8) Enjoy that the males of her family are satisfying themselves with her food, company, or both. 9) Confirm to herself that tomorrow’s schedule will come off better than today’s. 10) And ad infinitum. Consequently, with her mind preoccupied on other than directly pleasing her own taste buds, she eats slowly and lightly and appreciates that it’s normal, that she is made that way. Moreover, preparing food adds to her sense of importance. Eating eagerly and satisfyingly to please her taste buds—as men do naturally—adds to her proportions unnaturally. She inherits at birth the excellent insight and primal urge to enjoy things other than eating at meal time. Thus, the overweight that she sees on herself is a sign of past disregard of her feminine nature, particularly disregard by trying to copy men or compensate for frustration, boredom, or depression by heavy eating. She’s born to be naturally compatible, and changing her bridal shape to something else is unnatural and does not add to husband’s gratitude for their togetherness. Her blessing: She tends to avoid and not become overweight. His admiration: Her convictions guide her well, and I love her more for remaining the woman I married.]

86. I put myself at disadvantage if I approach men of interest first. Something inside disturbs my mind, even though men say they are flattered and other women encourage it. [Special credit to Screamstyle for her contribution identifying this female blessing that comes with birth. Guy adds: Men don’t expect it and don’t respect women that do it. It smacks that she’s desperate, because it brings her out of the cocoon of uniqueness that men like and expect to see. Female desperation discourages his initiative and prevents the development of manly respect. Men expect women to be independent and uniquely self-sufficient, which a man’s nature expects to last until he proactively turns her interests toward him. If she approaches him, she takes away his opportunity to earn her attention, which means he doesn’t much respect whatever attention she gives him. Her approach also takes away his opportunity to admire the effects he expects to produce. Provided, that is, if he’s interested in her for more than sex. Her blessing: She has patience and respect for men to do the right thing correctly. His admiration: She has self-respect, self-discipline, determination, and high expectations and probably high standards. I shall have to try harder.]

87. I am grateful that my instinct leads me to this. The natural organization of relationships calls for ‘us’ to come before him, him to come before me, and we come before others. (I wish that men would learn that part about “us to come before him”. My setting the example doesn’t seem the least bit contagious.) [Guy adds: Men don’t think ‘us comes before him or her, only women think that way. Either she comes before him or he comes before her. (I disregard the unusual in-between balance just to compare the norm.) She comes first means that he’s very devoted to her. He comes first means that he conquered her without investing himself very deeply in the process of respecting her and therefore wanting to please her endearingly. Men don’t love as women do, and women defeat themselves by expecting it. Think of man and man’s best friend. The more he cares for and pleases his dog with both treats and challenges, the more devoted he becomes to the dog. It’s much the same principle in courtship. His actions program his heart. The more he pleases and presents challenges to a woman in ways that satisfy him, the deeper his devotion grows, the more endearingly he seeks to share himself. If a woman seeks to assess a man’s love of her, let her evaluate his dedication to each of these: 1) His respect for her as person and woman (the foundation). 2) His devotion that pleases her according to his tastes and wishes (his investment). 3) His satisfaction with the way she fills her various roles in their life together (his dependence on her). 4) How her presence enlarges his self-confidence including in bed and public (his return on investment). 5) How her presence lifts his spirits and settles his attitudes (reward for good husbanding). Her blessing: She knows how relationships work, she’s the expert. His admiration: She’s wonderful because he doesn’t have to do it.]

As before, mark each item T or F with whatever comment you wish to add.

This is an old subject expressed a new way. The superior sex is the irresistible force pitted against the immovable object, the dominant sex. Men can be moved by one irresistible force: Indirect leadership built around attractiveness and natural blessings that empower women from birth. Men lack such influential abilities.



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7 responses to “2086. Female Blessings at Birth — 85-87 Plus

  1. surfercajun

    wow! the time that was taken to break down and unpack these blessings is truly amazing!

    85. T…i do appreciate when my family responds in such a positive way even when it is something simple or a family favorite that is produced every week or when I try something different with the same recipe. Because that is my creative nature. (at least for me) I always want to improve on my cooking and appreciate when someone else cooks for me while keeping in mind of self control while I eat…. which by the way, for me to enjoy it slowly, is very French. (wink)

    86. T …but a tiny bit false… I would say there are times that there are more subtle ways in which to approach a man indirectly if you are interested. Looking for the time, his shoe is untied, you like his boots, shirt or asking to hand you something. I remember meeting this guy at the mall just because I walked up to him while he sat. I did not see him again, but later we met and he remembered me. He told me he was impressed I spoke so causally with him.

    87. T.. always looking for ways in which to improve my relationship skills.

    Your Highness
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

    • haha, surfercajun – on #86. I remember an old man told me when I was a younger woman that his wife chased him just fast enough for him to catch her. So, I agree there is room for a little chasing, though subtle. I think Sir Guy leaves room for that, too. It just shouldn’t be the woman’s part to approach and chase obviously.

      • surfercajun

        Well stated Sharonwithmaryandmartha!!! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday! cold and flu season is stationary at our home! ugh!

  2. MLaRowe

    85. Actually false for me – I don’t exactly know that I inherited this one. I have food issues. The only reason I’m wearing a size 6 right now is because I’ve been training to run a 5K and I had a bought of colon cancer (stage 1 which I was 41 which helped me lose the first 25 lbs). Otherwise I’ve been a size 14-16 for the last 20 years (eating to cope, yes a vice I know but not the worst one). I am trying to be more mindful while eating nowadays though. To be candid I’m not used to this much male attention so that’s been odd, nice but strange.

    86. True, oh so true. I don’t think a woman should ever approach a man first no matter what. It sets a woman up as the loser. The man should be the pursuer, otherwise he will never know what he has won.

    87. True.

  3. Thank you again, Sir Guy. I can’t figure why you don’t like to hear that so much. Anyway,
    #85. T – o, yes. I agree. I never thought of overeating as mannish, though. That just sounds repulsive to me, and I’m grateful to hear it.

    #86. T- As I commented on surfcajun’s post, I often think of the man’s comment to me about 30 years ago that his wife chased him just fast enough for him to catch her. Another story is of a woman who wore an A-line dress. I heard one man speak of when telling how his wife of over 50 years finally caught his attention with an A-line dress. Playing sports with him didn’t seem to work, but that simple dress did the trick. He saw her at a distance, and he was “hooked”, as he said.
    #87 T – yes yes and yes!

    Your Highness Sharonwithmaryandmartha,
    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

  4. Yani

    85. True, especially when dining with friends. We enjoy our food but it is sweetened by our mutual appreciation of being served, paying attention to each other instead of self.
    86. True, but it helps to put oneself “in the frame” in a subtle, friendly way.
    87. Still learning this one, but I am learning to look at what my husband does not what he says. I may have to mull over the dog analogy a little longer.

    Your Highness Yani,

    I love it when pretty women respond with opinions as I request.

    Don’t get thrown off balance by the dog analogy. It’s simple, a man’s heart follows his actions.


  5. Yani

    Guy, that is exactly what is so counterintuitive about relations between the sexes! It is also why I am lurking around this site on a daily basis. “A man’s heart follows his actions”. I cannot imagine acting unless my heart is already there – there is no following! My heart tells me what to do before I think to do it. But it seems as though you are suggesting that a man’s heart (feelings, emotions, intentions) increase in proportion to his actions, that he can fall in love or become increasingly devoted to his love if he behaves with ever-increasing acts of love and devotion. Amazing! What a revelation if I understand you correctly!

    Your Highness Yani,

    You have it precisely correct. As I point out, men demonstrate the phenomenon with their dogs.

    I imagine many women pine to be treated as well as their husband’s dog. But you know what? A man’s dedication to obligations, responsibilities, and vows that he has emotionally adopted is much stronger than dedication to his love of either woman or dog. So, such women are not as bad off as they often presume.


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