2093. Compatibility Axioms #511-520

NOTE: A man’s domains are those relationship issues about which he’s the boss, near-boss, thinks he should be, or aspires to be that eminent person. Either as he sees it or concludes from daily negotiations or haggling with his woman. [189]

511. It’s the territorial imperative in coupledom. She shows disrespect when she invades his domains and signals his insignificance when she succeeds.[189]

512. Disrespect shown to a man piles up to kill his love. Insignificance piles up to end his presence. [189]

513. Symptoms of less love and his impending departure can be found in less interest for fulfilling his woman’s hopes and dreams. [189]

514. When women try to lead in masculine domains, much as feminists do, men find bigger or better ways to stay ahead. This leads to put downs, mistreatment, and an ‘I’ll show you’ spirit. Examples: rap music, family abandonment, and abusiveness. [189]

515. Relationship success comes from making daily decisions that build mutually recognized and honored domains for each spouse. An organization cannot long function under two equal CEOs. [189]

516. Men appreciate cheap and easy sex. But, they don’t much value unearned gifts. Such female behavior cheapens a man’s conquering spirit. It denies him opportunity to prove his manly worth by other than sexual performance. [190]

517. A woman’s eagerness for the excitement of sex make her appear too loose for a man to expect her faithfulness.  [190]

518. Being given what a man expects to be a challenge turns him toward other challenges. [190]

519. The female nature intuitively guides mature girls and women away from the extreme behavior of cheap and easy sex. They know something else is much better for them. [190]

520. Though not as women expect, casual sex energizes men. If she’s that free and easy, then he can pursue the next score, notch the bedpost again, and go after more. [190]



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8 responses to “2093. Compatibility Axioms #511-520

  1. Excellent thoughts. Thanks for the post.

  2. prettybeans

    Welcome back Mr. Guy, it is very good to have you back. I hope that the move went well.

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    I love it when pretty women tell me that. Yes, move went well.

  3. Sarina

    Wow, truthful words! This initiative is quite prevalent in my country where most women act like wives before having the ring, they become a couple in 2-3 days since first meeting, then girl smothers him with affection and intercourse. Women in my country are not necessarily feminists, they’re very willing to do whatever to be liked by men, but still get no respect whatsoever.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    You’re right. Women have to earn respect of men and by far the most natural and effective way includes these factors:

    + Ardent defense of her sexual assets.

    + Refusing to yield sex without the man having earned it with dependable obligations and preferably devotion to her personally.

    + Respecting the man in ways meaningful to him.


  4. ari

    Thank you. You were missed. Great to see you back Sir Guy. Keep writing! 🙂

    Your Highness Ari,
    I love it when pretty women tell me that.

  5. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    Regarding points 519 & 520: this story surfaced in the news a couple of days ago. I was interested in hearing your opinions of it:


    On the other thread, I’d mentioned to Krysie about prevailing male attitudes in approaching women—this kind of story is an example of what men actually think most women want. The point here being you can see why good men feel discouraged when the media holds this kind of thing up as an example.

    Sir Eric,

    I have no opinion about the booking or similarity with someone else. It’s no more consequential than stupid people make it.

    Feloncrushfridays is a marvelous example of female stupidity.
    Compatibility depends on character of both man and woman. Women have been so dumbed down they choose felons over law abiding men, looks over integrity, and viral popularity over common sense. Yet, they blame men for not being more compatible with female values, standards, and expectations.

    When women expect to be on the leading edge of social evolution, they will find men still in front of them, still in the lead. Such women merely take men further away from being good and dependable domestic partners.


    • Eric

      Sir Guy:
      Thanks—interesting observation. I hadn’t thought of this phenomenon in connection with the general dumbing-down of our culture before.

      Most commenters in the Manosphere argue that this attraction is based some way in biology; that these kinds of thugs appeal to women because they project some sort of aura of independence and strength to women. I’ve never been comfortable with that interpretation. I’ve known plenty of men just like those two; and they’re anything BUT strong and independent.

  6. Sir Guy, what do you mean in Axiom #512, “Insignificance piles up to end his presence”? If I make Husband *feel* insignificant enough times, he will want to be away?

    Your Highness Sharonwithmaryandmartha,
    Yes, put simply that’s it. A man takes a woman’s signals that she considers him of little significance to mean that she is of no value to him. He can find more support somewhere else with someone else. So, it doesn’t take another woman to lure him away. His woman’s disregard for his importance to both him and her is quite enough.

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