2097. Compatibility Axioms #521-530

  1. Sexually active women highly value hunks for looks, which causes them to capture men poor for keeping. Experience with many sex partners—easy for hunks—weakens a man’s spirit for devoting himself to one woman. Each score leaches out of him a little respect for female self-protectiveness and regard for a woman’s interest. [191]
  2. It’s social custom especially regarding sex. Each new generation of females works harder to duplicate males. Females initiate everything more and more, but males retain the leadership role. They help females lower female-friendly values, standards, and expectations and to demean themselves just to please males. (And a new generation emerges with different values about every six or seven years.) [191]
  3. Women act and try to date like guys. They accept ‘whatever’ to keep a relationship going. They try to participate and enjoy masculine fun and games. They let desire to not offend a man override their nature—for example, tolerate embarrassment that offends a woman’s natural modesty. Her value as any man’s keeper weakens from not standing up for herself better if at all. [191]
  4. Girls and women adopt masculine-style sexual freedom. Females devalue virginity. Girls ditch it, and mothers don’t try hard to prevent its loss to make their girls more popular. Women think of themselves as sexually adventurous. They dismiss chastity that makes males try harder, that earns masculine respect, that primes men to devote to one woman. [191]
  5. To demonstrate their independence from men, women reject feminine virtue, duplicate masculine behavior, and even demo baser behaviors in public. By acting more like men, women hope to be more appealing. In fact, successful relationships revolve around differences between the sexes that couples reduce to compatibility. [191]
  6. If women refuse to honor the male gender as more worthy than the female gender, they kill what it takes for men to respect women as more worthy than men. It’s far more attitude than fact, appreciation than trust, approximation than precision. Caution: The reverse never happens, because men don’t respect women that portray no gender uniqueness. [196]
  7. Feminists believe that male and female infidelity are the same and equal. Not so. He cheats, and she breaks down emotionally and seeks outside help. She cheats, and his sense of significance plummets. This makes her obsolete. He maneuvers to be rid of her—sometimes harshly or violently. Of course it’s not fair, but men aren’t females regardless of how feminists hope to change them. [196]
  8. Men bond with a woman and strengthen family responsibility by making themselves useful and proving their worth as rescuers, protectors, providers, problem solvers. But his woman’s insistence on her independence turns him toward escapism in big toys, expensive adventures, irresponsibility, females. To the degree he’s not needed, he’s free and looks to have pleasure. [196]
  9. Mothers imply it. We all tend to become like those with whom we associate. Feminists for three decades claimed men to be selfish lovers, inadequate mates, and poor responders to female needs. Now, women accuse men of being irresponsible lovers, mates, fathers, and family men. They also claim that men are ignorant of female needs, wants, hopes, dreams, and relationship-building. ♫ Ta da ♫ Men no longer make good husbands. Just as feminists claimed. [196]
  10. Feminism makes the worth of men decline in female eyes. Consequently, the reverse happens too. Women receive less respectful, harsher, and even abusive treatment and then try to compensate with cheap and easy sex to satisfy men into being more reliable at helping fulfill women’s needs. It doesn’t work very long for a woman. Or does it? [196]


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2 responses to “2097. Compatibility Axioms #521-530

  1. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Mary Alice,
    For me, as a female, the male gender IS more worthy than the female gender to me personally as men, by their nature, have abilities that I do not possess. For example, the car I drive, the roads I drive on, the household appliances, and even electricity I use—most everything in my life that designed to make my life more efficient—was discovered and designed and built by men. This doesn’t mean that they have more value than (which both sexes are equal in this way), but each sex brings something to the table that the other one doesn’t or can’t do as well.

    I’m frequently reminded of this when my husband has to open a jelly jar that I can’t, easily uses the heavy equipment around the yard, or quickly solves the math problem in his head that I’m unable to do (or don’t do well) myself. It’s rather humbling…and I happily deem him more worthy of my appreciation than other females in my life. In return, I believe men see females as much more “worthy” as our gender brings beauty, nurturing, patience, calmness, helpfulness, beauty, morality into their lives to brighten up their world—something that isn’t their strong suit by nature but that they truly need.

    Our culture has tried so hard to blend us into one equal genderless sex, has told us over and over that men and women interchangeable and that we don’t need each other–that all the beauty and appreciation of our natural differences is lost.

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you, darling, for the appropriate and very well written response to Mary Alice. You freed me up to challenge her being under the influence of feminist thought.

  2. Eric

    Sir Guy,
    I have a question on #523 and #525 because this has been bothering me a lot lately. Sort of as follow-up to the post earlier about ‘Felon-Crush Fridays’ I’ve recently heard that there’s some similar thing going on locally where young women are cruising for, and having sex with, street bums all throughout the city. I’ve actually seen this happen twice.

    The question about it also dovetails into #528, although in a more general sense. I’ve been putting into practice some of your advice and interacting with women more but things like this are extremely discouraging. I do realize that any woman worth having wouldn’t behave like this—BUT, I think this kind of behavior from women actually causes men to lose respect for women in general. Speaking for myself, whenever I hear or see of things, it’s hard to want to interact with women, even good ones. Do you have a suggestion for how men can overcome that?

    Sir Eric,

    Re 523 and 525: Such women exploit a natural principle but lack one bit of knowledge about men. Recognizing that men seek a unique woman, they falsely think that unique behavior fills the bill. But men seek uniqueness in who a woman is and not what she does. Men don’t seek action figures for mating.

    Re 528: You will think more appreciatively of women if you quit looking for and paying attention to their faults and shortcomings, especially odd or unusual behaviors. Practice searching deeper into their actions and thoughts for qualities and especially ones that you can admire. In every woman you meet or see, find at least one thing that you can admire even after just a flashing sight of one; let that register in your heart as something you appreciate even if just a passing thought. While looking for something you like and can appreciate, you will automatically overlook or at least disregard what you don’t like. It’s all a function of your mind and habit purposely developed by you. There are many more things to admire in a woman than to dislike; but each man has to find them for himself.


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