2099. Compatibility Axioms #541-550

541. Females are born hard-headed and soft-hearted. Males are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Her hard-headedness captures a man. Her soft-heartedness holds him. [199]

542. Romance to males means foreplay or prelude to it. Women define romance as what precedes foreplay. [199]

543. Women can enjoy masculine-style sexual freedom, but they eventually lose playing that man’s game. (Losing defined as inability to keep a man for life.) [199]

544. Commitment made before conquest fades or dies afterward, whereas a man’s devotion may dip a little after conquest but it returns. [200]

545. Everything looks and tastes better when you’re grateful. Finding reasons to be grateful for yourself and others simply brightens life. [200]

546. Selfishness interferes with gratitude, the absence of which causes unhappiness. [200]

547. A man’s devotion depends on his respect for a woman, which mostly floats on her wavy ocean of self-respect, exceptionalness as a female, feminine virtue, unique qualities, and likeability as potential mate. [200]

548. A man’s enduring love is built upon his respect for women generally and respect and likeability of one in particular. Need for her intensifies his devotion. [200]

549. After conquest a woman ceases to be a challenge, because a man’s most pressing goal has been accomplished. He moves on to his current mission in life, whether she’s his keeper or a dumpee. [200]

550. Modest attire sends the message she’s interested in long-term relationships. Immodest attire signals she’s interested in a man, period. [200]



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5 responses to “2099. Compatibility Axioms #541-550

  1. “Modest attire sends the message she’s interested in long-term relationships. Immodest attire signals she’s interested in a man, period.”

    Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now.

  2. prettybeans

    Hello Mr. Guy, I hope that you are doing well today.

    I have a question and would like your guidance (I would also welcome the response of other outstanding gentlemen on this forum) on the best way to manage an apology to a man – in a way that would be interpreted sincerely, meaningfully but with no strings attached and with the sole intention of communicating a heartfelt apology for improper words and conduct.

    What would work best? I welcome specifics in phraseology if at all possible.

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Deliver it directly, in fewest words, and with no further explanation or attempt to convince. You are not responsible for his reaction. Only your dead seriousness can convey the thought that no strings are attached. The harder you try to convince, the worse it will work out. Also, don’t try to assuage your guilt; live with it, but let him know in simple terms that you regret whatever you owe him for.

    Thank you

    • surfercajun

      an addendum to this question, please. What if he makes her pay for the said crime. Reminds her of it, won’t talk to her, a sentence justified to be carried out by her fail. All the while making her feel guilty, stepping on her ego/ or her self respect, where she feels it will never move beyond this because he wants to make sure she will never do again. (ie two week punishment)

      …I hope this will not happen to you, Ms Prettybeans

  3. KitKat

    The most successful relationships/marriages I have seen have been the couple meet and dated from high school and have stayed married. One couple I know was sexually active before marriage, they now have great grand kids, the others I don’t know for sure, but they dated so long, I say at the least they had been with each other. But I do know of 2 extremely promiscuous wives (probably more than 100 sex partners) and one is still together after years, they other together until she died. One couple where there was a large age difference with wife being about years older. One where the woman has been married six times (2 ending in death and 4 in divorce. And I also know of married young/no sex partners that ended in divorce. My point being, there just is no guarantees or “rules”.

    Your Highness KitKat,

    Of course. You’re right. No guarantees or rules. But that doesn’t mean women can’t find help. For example, these provide guidance from which every woman can choose for herself what is most likely to work:

    • The hundreds of sex differences. Some bring couples together compatibly, which women can take advantage of and use to their benefit. Some conflict endlessly, which women can avoid.

    • Many principles guide women as the relationship experts and improve the odds for their mating permanently. Such as 1) men must be respected without having earned it. 2) Women must earn a man’s respect and protection of sexual assets is the most effective startup. 3) Two conquerors face off: one for first sex together and the other for marriage. 4) Trust shown returns as respect and vice versa. 5) Commitment is promised by words, devotion is delivered by actions. 6) A man walks himself to the altar, but she has to stay out of his way. 7) Men change after conquest and women have no way of knowing how except by his actions that prove devotion for her as person over and above his words of commitment for sex. 8) Advice of others misleads a woman into doing wrong things; only she knows herself well enough to merge and morph all her qualities into the best interest of and greatest mating promise for a man.

    The anecdotal evidence you present about various couples can easily discourage a woman. If she’s easy to quit, she pays attention to things that you cite. If she’s tough and dedicated to brightening her future, she ignores such evidence. She knows she can’t find gratefulness in negative evidence, the absence of gratitude smothers happiness, and the absence of happy in her attitude discourages men.

    Those are reasons, KitKat, that this blog is aimed and shaped at helping women figure out their own lives and not depend on others.


  4. Eliz

    “544. Commitment made before conquest fades or dies afterward, whereas a man’s devotion may dip a little after conquest but it returns. [200]” can you explain this for me “a man’s devotion may dip a little after conquest but it returns” what about it doesn’t return?

    Your Highness Eliz,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Men are born with two types of sex drive. First time sex with attractive women—aka conquest—and normal sex drive after that. Conquest is a man’s highest form of honoring himself and the result of reaching for the ultimate self-admiration. He changes after that, a different man with the conquered woman.

    If he’s uncommitted or only committed with words before conquest, he exits the experience as different and the conquered woman may be keeper, booty, or dumpee. If he’s devoted to her as reflected in actions that continually please her, his devotion takes a dip simply because conquest itself is such a huge mission accomplished.


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