2100. 7th Anniversary, Tempus Fugit

Seven years ago tomorrow I posted my first article as declaration of war against Feminism. I titled it “Feminism Indicted.” I copy it here as still appropriate and the birthmark.


  • Feminism Indicted: Feminism is the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics in relationships. Its inherent virtue merely equalizes unhappiness for women seeking or living with a man.
  • Femininity Acquitted: Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for men, the creed of faithfulness with men, and the gospel of devotion to one man. Its inherent virtue civilizes men, balances male dominance, suppresses male aggressiveness, inspires men to prove their worthiness, and rewards men for acting responsibly as both husband and father.
  • Feminism discourages male adoration of women. Femininity inspires it. Feminism demeans masculinity to get what women want. Femininity praises manliness to get what women want.
  • Feminism unleashes the savage male beast. Femininity tames it.
  • Anger energizes the politics of Feminism. Indirectness and modesty empower the cultural and domestic leadership of Femininity.


I started the blog with commitment to explain what women never hear and expected to post a few dozen articles. Now at 2100 I have become relatively devoted and intend to continue the mindset.

Those of you who comment make my duty more pleasant and enjoyable. Thank you.



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37 responses to “2100. 7th Anniversary, Tempus Fugit

  1. prepetitj

    Thank you for your work! I have learned so much – it is truly enlightening and a delight! May God continue to bless you.

    Your Highness Prepetitj,
    Thank you, my dear. Also, welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  2. prettybeans

    Happy Anniversary Mr. Guy!!
    In the short time that I have been acquainted with you and your blog my thoughts, my words, my dressing and my views have changed radically and aligned themselves more with what I knew intuitively but did not have the courage to live out.

    Please allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude and say that men are never more handsome than when they extend genuine and practical aid for those who are weak and in need of help.

    May God continue to expand your territory.

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    I hate to admit it but I teared up on your second paragraph, darling. Thank you.

    • prettybeans

      Mr. Guy,

      You flatter me deeply with your response though I did not mean to make you tear up.

      What you have availed at us no cost is certainly priceless. Please keep going for you are making a great big difference.

      Ms. Mary Alice,

      As I understand it, feminism pushes for egalitarian equality and you just need to look around at the world in which we presently live to see that no one (not just in the relationship between the sexes) can achieve this. It is impossible.

      Restricting my comments within the confines of the nature of the blog, the sexes are by nature fundamentally different. We have different strengths and we have different weakness. In the ideal, these differences are complementary and reciprocal in nature, they work together without being the same and they are to be fair without necessarily being equal.

      I believe that Mr. Guy has made and continues to make his contribution toward bringing us modern day women closer to the ideal.

      But everything is a choice isn’t it? Feminism hasn’t delivered the intended outcome. Perhaps we as modern ladies ought to be asking ourselves what will deliver what we seek and try that instead.

  3. surfercajun

    Happy Anniversary, Guy! With many, many more happy returns!!! :o)

    PrettyBeans, you embedded everything I have ever thought about our Sir Guy’s writing especially with…men are never more handsome…. Sometimes I wish I could convey such adequate words but at times I clumsily miss the mark even though I don’t mean to. (blush)

    • surfercajun

      To me, this fit what what Guy is trying to help us with, perhaps, my point of view only. This is a little something I was thinking about yesterday about people in general in what makes them the way they are and what I gain in listening to them or reading what they wrote. it is just a snippet.

      ….what the person gives me, (story of themselves, item, wisdom or history of a place) is a gift from them, and if pleasant and redeeming, perhaps I can add to my own character or in the grace of time apply its salve gently to my soul.

  4. MLaRowe

    Just ordered your book and got it in the mail the other day.

    I didn’t think there would be anything in it that isn’t in one of the blog contents but really there is. I’m so glad I bought it and I’m only on page 20.

    Thanks to you for seven years ago starting this in order to help explain things that women never hear. If I was your neighbor I’d bring over a nice cake to help you celebrate.

  5. gonemaverick

    i concur.

    to the naysayers, i hope you stay and learn.

  6. Miss Kitty

    i even notice, that feminine women attract masculine men in a good way
    most masculine men do NOT LIKE women who are not feminine no matter what they say
    they are attracted to the FEMININE, and since they are finding fewer of them, thanks to men uploading women fighting in public
    its getting harder–but they are still out there, but women have to go places where they ARE.. (not in the US coasts as a rule)

    • Miss Kitty

      some women actually can’t believe you are 80+ years old!
      it takes older gentlemen like you are, to explain what ‘normal’ is and what feminism is NOT

  7. Cocoa

    Happy anniversary sir Guy!

    I have been reading, asking and learning for about 18 months now.
    And dear oh dear! Did i learn much? Very much so.
    Did i change? Very much so.
    Did you confirm my embedded feminine instinct sometimes? Oh yeah!
    Did you manage to make my jaw drop in awe? Ah huh.
    Did you spot my shortcomings and misunderstanding? You did, but i learnt from you that recovery IS everything.

    I am a better female because of you. That’s not me who says so, that’s most close people to me who says so.

    So, thanks and for sure men are never ever ever stronger, brighter and more handsome than when they have a mission in life and that’s to promote a life worth living between a man and a woman.

    May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (the most handsome) reward you according to his grace and generosity.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Thank you, darling. I appreciate the nice jump-start for my day.

  8. ari

    Happy anniversary Sir Guy!
    I have been your faithful reader for about a year and am just sad that I did not discover this blog sooner. You have resonated with so many feelings I have had both on the feminist side (encouraged and nurtured by this society) and femininity (what is in my heart) Thank you for helping me find my true feelings and live accordingly.
    Men are never more handsome than when they devote themselves to the service of others. Thank you.

  9. Miss Eliza

    Congratulations…and greetings from across the pond. 🙂 I’ve been reading this blog for about a year now. I have learned lots and have also been pleased to have some of my thoughts confirmed about how/why things seem to have gone so terribly wrong between the genders in Anglosphere societies.

    I wonder whether anyone can share any thoughts on the following (rather strange) tale. For the past year I worked with a guy who seemed highly attracted to me. I was also superficially attracted to him yet my instinct told me that he might not be great news (a touch of the ‘Jock’ about him as you say over there), plus he’s a fair bit younger than me. Anyway he seemed *extremely* shy around me to the extent of not being able to say anything in a natural way for the entire year…or really say much at all! Any time I had to speak to him for a work-related issue or even smiled at him, his mouth would literally drop open and he’d go into a trance for about 15 seconds (and not even be able to smile back) which I found quite perturbing. I’ve never experienced anything quite like that from a guy in all my years – I thought the ‘jaw dropping’ thing was just something that happened in the movies. Other things he did: constantly showed off every time I appeared by acting as if he’s more ‘macho’ than he is; constantly looked me up and down and then nervously blinked and even at times *flinched* away; initially made crude sexual comments in my presence and then when he realised I’m not ‘easy’ he went to the other end of the spectrum in pretending to disapprove whenever anyone else made comments like those when I was around; singled me out for attention by dramatically holding doors open; tried to get my attention (and presumably provoke *me* into talking to *him* – which I didn’t want to do as I knew the effect it had) by walking behind me down a corridor ending up close behind me; had a pained/tormented expression on his face each time we walked past each other. Strange, huh?

    When I left the place I decided to leave my contact details just to leave the door open and also I was intrigued – I wanted to see if I could get him to act more naturally if we were away from that workplace i.e. if we emailed or whatever. Coincidentally, at the same time I think he may have also asked for my details from a colleague i.e. got that person to ask for them for him. I can’t see why that person would need to keep in contact with me – that doesn’t fit. Since then I have heard….flatly nothing from him. I couldn’t understand why given how attracted and frankly bizarrely/freaked out he had acted. After a short while I discovered (partly by doing a bit of digging online/partly by sheer chance) that he had a girlfriend for nearly all the time he was acting like that around me (he met her/got together with her four months after first knowing me and starting this behaviour, and carried on the behaviour til the day I left)…yet he still might have taken my details when he discovered I was leaving!

    The bit that puzzles me about his OTT shy behaviour is that this isn’t a guy who has no experience with women; he has had girlfriends before and obviously has one now. Why would he act so downright odd around me? I can’t see that he must act this nervously around the girls he actually gets into relationships with because otherwise things wouldn’t have moved forwards between them – it would have been stalemate as it was with us. Yet from what I can ascertain, he very quickly seems to have got into a relationship with the current girl – infact he doesn’t appear to be shy/odd with any other female apart from me and in general is much more extroverted and outgoing than me. He also dates attractive/pretty girls so I can’t see why he was so stunned by me if he’s used to that anyway. Maybe he just senses that I’m not easy like the girls he dates (I’m sure they all must be sleeping with him quite quickly as that’s just the dating scene nowadays) and that intimidates him. Also it’s interesting that he paid me all that attention at work and now has gone silent/appears to be sticking with the girlfriend after all, yet even in months 1-5 of their relationship (the honeymoon period) he was acting as if he was single around me. That’s how I didn’t guess he was attached. I just figured that if/when he got into a relationship he would cease paying me attention; however the intensity of his interest never dropped one iota either before or after he got together with her.

    At any rate I think he’s rather insecure/immature and so in hindsight I don’t think things would have worked between us. If by any chance he contacted in the future I think it might be sensible to ignore. Any thoughts on any of the above please? My friends are all as bemused as me.

    Your Highness Miss Eliza,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    From the mixture and not any one thing, I’d almost bet money that he bet or was challenged by male friends to try to get you into bed. He chose immature play-acting as the method to overcome your maturity. He never indicated any true interest in you. Fortunately for you, you didn’t show him the interest that he expected. Consequently, a standoff in your favor as his immature tactics revealed a flawed strategy when you faded from his sight. You’re now blessed with valuable experience about analyzing strange male behavior.


    • Miss Eliza

      Thanks for the response Guy. The reason why I thought he was interested was because he was like this from the first moment he saw me. He hadn’t worked there long when I had to speak to him and he reacted by going into a trance and not being able to get any words out. This was way before he knew anything about me and the fact that I’m not easy. I don’t think his trance-like states (and looking oddly pained at other times) were acting because I’m good at ‘reading’ people and can tell when someone is acting; he literally had to *shake* himself out of one of them just so he could return my smile – they were all immediate, and obviously involuntary, reactions. When he smiled at me he was looking all around the outline of my face as if he was fascinated. What I DO think was acting was the ‘peacocking’ i.e. strutting around trying to impress me – I took that as a cover for his clear nervousness and insecurity.

      It’s a heavily female-dominated environment with only about one other man in the entire building so that’s why I discounted the idea of him having some kind of bet on the situation – had thought of that initially too though. I also didn’t say that he did try approaching and speaking to me once but I didn’t really respond ’cause he came out with a strange line rather than just feeling comfortable enough to chat normally.

      Anyway the fact of the matter is that he doesn’t seem a trustworthy sort seeing as he can continue acting like this behind a girlfriend’s back – he would just do the same to me in the end.

      Your Highness Miss Eliza,
      I love it when pretty women show themselves to be better readers of men than I am of situations.

  10. Happy Anniversary to you Sir Guy .please keep the these articles coming . \i have been reading each one faithfully over the last few years . I love being feminine and having a woman’s heart and feelings it is unfortunate today that our culture /society are teaching women to become more hardened but not happier .. Thankyou and God bless Nancy

  11. thetruth01

    Hello Guy,
    I need some advice. I haven’t seen my close friend for about 4 months and we decided to go out tonight. I let my boyfriend know and he automatically started lecturing me. He said if I were to go out it I am going to be”nasty” drinking, smoking, and having sex. I told him I was just spending time with my friend that’s all. He lectured me some more by now hours have passed. Then he finally said you can’t go. I told him I would still go out and I’m not the type of person to do those things he described. He then started cursing at me. When I asked him to stop he wouldn’t so I hung up. He kept calling me, I finally answered and he said why did you answer, you want some more. Then I told him I would hang up again and he started to be nice and say sorry and how much he loves me. I didn’t say I love him back even though he was pressuring me to. He finally told me he is hurting and he needs to hear some loving words. I told him some loving words then he turned back to normal. This isn’t the first time he’s done this and I’m tired of it. I already asked him what we can do so he doesn’t get out of control and said to just listen to him. I told him that’s not always possible because we disagree and he said it would be easier if I just listen to him. What can I do to help him?

    Your Highness Thetruth01,

    I presume close friend is a man, so consider these points.

    • Boyfriend doesn’t trust you with someone else. So not only is he easily jealous, he doesn’t respect you very much. You may recall from earlier posts that respect and trust come as a pair, they are jointly present. One fosters the other; one missing means the other is absent.

    • He accused you of “nasty” drinking, smoking, and having sex. If you do those things with him, he’s justified. If you don’t, he’s not someone that will likely to benefit you in the long run.

    • He lectured you for hours? Your listening registered as desperation in his mind, and so his future treatment of you will reflect that.

    • ‘You can’t go’? Ownership without marital obligation? If he’s that presumptive before you marry, what do you expect him to be like afterward?

    • Cursed you? Accept verbal abuse now and expect physical abuse later; that’s the way of the male beast.

    • It’s not the first time he’s done it? You probably hold a lot of marital promise for him but he holds none for you.


    Finally, you don’t need a boyfriend. You need more self-gratitude that will breathe more self-respect into your thoughts and aspirations. Spend considerable time studying and believing your blessings listed in the standing article at blog top, FEMALE BLESSSINGS AT BIRTH.


    • thetruth01

      Hello Guy,
      I can see how you came to that conclusion. My friend is a woman. I know my boyfriend cares about me because he does things for me no guy has ever done. They way he asked me to start dating him was a formal proposal. I thought that was weird because I’ve never saw that before. He helps me with my school work. He gives me advice when I need it; he’s very attentive and even coddles me. He writes me beautiful heartfelt poetry. I love him deeply. Some of our disagreements come from our language barrier because he’s a foreigner and only speaks some English; so sometimes we don’t understand each other. I know we can work it out though.

      Your Highness Thetruth01,
      I love it when pretty women find gratitude where they previously found the objectionable.

    • Eric

      The Truth:
      I know men just like the one described and Sir Guy’s assessment is 100% correct. These types of men have an unmistakable pattern: they alternate between abusive behavior and fawning supplication. And here’s why: they aren’t strong men. In fact, they are hopelessly dependent on whatever females enable them. They aren’t motivated by love but by fear. Every man who was like this could change women easily: the important thing to men like this is that they have a woman at all.

      • surfercajun

        ….they are hopelessly dependent on whatever females enable them. ……motivated not by love but fear. Every man who was like this could change women easily: yes…this is true….says I love you but shows hateful actions or says hateful words but show loving actions….
        I have learned this requires patience, loving prayer and lots of forgiveness.

  12. Shanna

    Mr. Guy,

    I hope you never tire of hearing it because I’ll keep saying it: I have been incredibly blessed by your blog! I was led to it this past March by reading comments in another blog…someone mentioned WWNH in their reply, and here I am! Your teachings have been most instrumental in my recovery, and Recovery Is Everything! Happy Anniversary! You have been the gentle, yet firm masculine voice my heart has yearned to hear. God bless and continue to do what you do so well. ❤

  13. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    And thanks for all the advice you’ve given men too!

    Sir Eric,
    I admire your readiness and willingness to participate here and am grateful for the wisdom you shower upon my readers.

    • surfercajun

      Morning Gentleman Eric,

      I meant to thank you for thinking my icon was cool. (smile and laughs)

      • Eric

        Miss Surfercajun:
        You’re welcome and it IS a cool avatar! I don’t know if you’re Cajun or live in Cajun areas; FYI one of my ex-girlfriends was from Slidell, Louisiana so I saw some of the culture there. LOL

        • surfercajun

          Gentleman Eric,

          Yes! I am from LA! Born in Lake Charles. Funny you should mention Slidell. Went there for a Renaissance Fair one year and had a blast! One of the court jesters were sitting high on a perch, picked on my friend as she was dressed as a page. I kept hearing… “Hey, little boy! Little boy next to the lovely lady in blue.” He was very funny, however my friend was not amused….LOL

          • Eric

            Miss Surfercajun:
            Yes—Slidell was a long time ago. Actually the ex from there was my g/f in college! But I still have fond memories of Louisiana—I used to go to New Orleans a lot. I like the French culture—one of grandmothers was from France, so it always sort felt familiar.

            I’m willing to bet that your friend has grown her hair longer since that experience! LOL

            • surfercajun

              Gentleman Eric,

              Good one!!!! Yes, she did grow her hair out! (suppressed giggle)

              • Eric

                Miss Surfercajun:
                I guess the moral of that story is: if a girl wants to capture a knight, don’t look like a page or you’ll only get jesters! LOL

              • surfercajun


                That, was a wonderful play on words and a great laugh out loud comment! Happy Turkey Day everyone!

              • Eric

                Miss Surfercajun:
                Thanks—I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too!

    • Eric

      Sir Guy;
      Thanks! I don’t know about the ‘showering wisdom’ part, though…lol

  14. Magnolia

    Thanks for everything you do for us.

  15. Shermy

    Sir Guy,

    Happiest of anniversaries to you and the blog! I cannot express in words the gratitude that fills my heart for the blessing of your teachings. A heartfelt thank you for everything you have taught me. I have so appreciated the ways in which you’ve helped me grow deeper into my femininity and to understand better how I can be successful at relationships. All the best to you!

  16. From what I see in life, this is all very true. Written down here makes sense of what we know to be true. I’m glad you did. So really, femininity is more powerful than feminism.

  17. Iwannahear

    Thank you Sir Guy. Men are never as handsome as when they help women grow

    Your Highness Iwannahear,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  18. Princess Royal

    I missed this but a belated thank you for all you do and for making the wisdom of another gender and generation available to the other and the future. To many more years of WWNH!
    With deep respect and smiling gratitude, Princess Royal

    Your Highness Princess Royal,
    I love when pretty double royalty tells me such things.

  19. Sharon

    Sir Guy, your writing efforts and wisdom are matchless. Thank you for everything here — your teachings, mostly, but also the “forum” generated by them. Congratulations on the 7th anniversary! May God give you (and us) many more. I am very grateful.

    Sharon, darling,
    It’s comforting to know that you’re still following the blog.

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