2103. Women as Champions Or … ?

Sir Eric at 2101 reported this. “[W]hat I’ve noticed mostly from women is an attitude that seems to hold all men as fairly indistinguishable and interchangeable. When you look at the high divorce rates and the whirlwind relationships that go on today—if women are the relationship experts, it seems like they value men and relationships on a very low-level.”

Good conclusions from the results Eric sees in society. Allow me to bore underneath and describe some of the natural motivational forces at work.

Women value men and relationships on a very low-level because they value themselves on a very low-level. Dislike for themselves transmutes into dislike of others, particularly trait for trait, quality for quality. None of us can give what we don’t have, and so if I dislike myself for sometimes not being totally honest, I can’t credit anyone else with that good habit. OTOH, if I acknowledge more rationally that I’m sometimes not honest but it doesn’t make me dislike myself, then I can credit others for their APPARENT honesty. The difference is determined by the governor of the behavior of every person, their self-image, the picture they have of themselves and their roles and positions in life. (If sinning makes me dislike myself instead of trying to do better, then my self-image takes a hit with every sin. It doesn’t take long to convince myself that I’m no damn good.)

Women hold all men as fairly indistinguishable and interchangeable because they feel that way about themselves. As I try to point out in Female Blessings at Birth, women are highly distinguishable and not interchangeable. They can choose to claim, believe, and exploit the multitude of better-than-male blessings they are born with. IOW, they can use their superiority to their advantage, which is what God intended, Nature provides, and hormones energize—but it’s an individual matter and free will has to be dedicated to individual betterment.

Life continues to boil down to this, as women goes so goes society.


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6 responses to “2103. Women as Champions Or … ?

  1. Shermy

    I agree with the above, but also must acknowledge that there are TREMENDOUS forces at work to keep women feeling terrible about themselves, I’d say the 3 biggest ones are what their caregivers teach them, religious ideas, and the media. To me, the 2 most damaging areas are that we are taught that everything that makes our bodies unique is dirty, ugly, needs to be hidden and controlled and most especially that we should be ashamed of it. Secondly, we are taught that our value is in our sexuality and how we look to men and not in our intelligence or our inherent value as human beings. I think women have picked up very well what they’ve been taught, and we see before us the damaging results. To re-educate ourselves as to our inherent value as human beings and more specifically as feminine women, requires undoing a TON of damage. It requires a strong mind that can think for itself, challenge what it’s presented with and decide whether that benefits them or not.

    • Melissa

      My experience has been different than Shermy but still very much in line with Mr. Guys poignant analysis. It seems many of us are raised to focus too much on our intelligence and what we can achieve or do for ourselves as though there is nothing really distinguishing us from men. Cultivating our intelligence is a good thing, but what I mean is that girls are raised to think too much about careers and making a certain amount of money. Therefore we don’t value ourselves much because there is much less that makes us endearing to and treated as a woman (as opposed to a bro or a ‘partner’). So it is no wonder that people and relationships turn out to be so shallow and fickle. Women don’t really embrace being a woman and learn to become at home

      • Melissa

        In their feminine nature. We are raised to be masculine in too many aspects of our psychology. I think many women see their sexuality as sort of a valueless thing, making their lives feel more interchangable or of less distinction.

        • Melissa

          I disagree with Shermy that we are being taught that our bodies are ugly and need to be hidden. More like the opposite is true in most segments of Western society. It is practically acceptible for women to walk around in the tightest and most flesh-revealing clothes they feel like no matter the occasion.

  2. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    Thank you for the detailed response!

    I wonder if you would agree that Feminism has a lot to do with negative self-images a lot of women have. It’s true that feminism devalues and depreciates men; but it also sets the bar for women to unrealistically high levels. IOW, women who don’t live up to the feminist ideal of ‘having it all’ feel like failures.

    Sir Eric,
    Absolutely, I agree. Even worse, Feminism shames femininity, lady-like behavior, and other qualities or dreams that reside in the female heart. Such as modesty, mystery, manners, monogamy, matrimony, maturity, moderation, et al.

    • Sharon

      Well-stated, Sir Guy. Even vast numbers of Christian women are blind to how their lifestyles have been shaped by the negative, pervasive, and destructive influence of Feminism. Each of your “m” words presents a profound topic to ponder. You continue to deepen my own convictions about living and teaching with intentionality. Thank you.

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