2115. Female Blessings List “Repaired”

I under performed but have now recovered. I never compiled all and completed the entries to “Female Blessings at Birth” as shown at blog top. Numbers 1 through 97 are now posted in complete form. All are presumed true except as you ladies disagree and return an F for false.

Moreover, I merged the other page, “Her Blessings and His Admiration,” which will be taken down as redundant.

The completed version of “Female Blessings at Birth” is now shown in three parts and may read awkwardly at first until you get the rhythm. Her gratefulness expressed in first person as she senses it. Her blessing shortened as others see it and shown in third person. His admiration (or sometimes just reaction) shown in second person.

The newness and completeness of it all begs your attention.


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One response to “2115. Female Blessings List “Repaired”

  1. surfercajun

    Sir Guy,

    I have read through all of the repair. Some might believe they are longer to read, but not withstanding, it is worth the read to gain the wisdom needed.

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