2116. Compatibility Axioms #571-580

571. A woman that appears very ordinary stales fast in the face of erotic scenery outside the home. [203]

572. Men are born hard-headed and hard-hearted. Women are born hard-headed but soft-hearted. It takes years to soften his heart, and her going soft in the head doesn’t help her but stops softening of his heart. Experts aren’t very effective when their thinking goes mushy. [203]

573. Modern women market themselves poorly. They put all their eggs in the advertising basket, use cheap packaging, and ignore product quality. They advertise sex, dress cheaply, groom carelessly, and think and hope that sex will both capture and hold a man. One-night stand, yes! Hold, no! [205]

574. Sexy apparel and exposed skin precisely focuses a man’s interest on conquest. After conquest, he may or may not focus on her other interests. [205]

575. By fishing with sex as bait, she yields dominance and sex to him. This minimizes her negotiating power and puts their future in his hands. [205]

576. Sex needs no advertising. It sells itself, and advertising it cheapens a woman for everything but sex. [205]

577. Women need high quality packaging to project the appearance and confirm the fact of an extraordinary female—the kind to whom men marry and stay married. [205]

578. Regarding her appearance, if she doesn’t protect her self-respect, display self-confidence, and reflect self-esteem, she lacks quality for much more than temporary gigs with men. [205]

579. Modest attire, attractive grooming, and high-standard feminine behavior create a mysterious quality that intrigues men. It elevates a woman toward keeperhood. [205]

580. As women go, so goes society, and feminine mystique, modesty, and morality drive the best bus for females. Exclusively advertising sex makes a woman miss the bus. She’s left behind to get run over by men. [205]



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21 responses to “2116. Compatibility Axioms #571-580

  1. Shanna

    #577 just breathes new life into me!

  2. Miss Kitty

    i remember a George Carlin scene where he talks about STUFF
    and people need a place to put theiR STUFF IN
    actually its WOMEN who need more ‘STUFF than men–because being a LADY REQUIRES MORE.. its that simple.. GUYS really could live out of their cars easier if they had to.. and save up for a house etc.
    at one time, LADIES stayed home with mom, dad, and STUFF until Mr Right Now came along and he, could provide the place for them after marriage

  3. Miss Kitty

    STUFF IS “MARKETING”.. dresses, STUFF FOR HAIR (guys could just go to barber if traditional) jewelry

  4. Lovely

    What should one do about 571? How can one compete?

    Your Highness Lovely,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    What should one do? Fix herself up and keep herself that way every day so that he wants to look at her more eagerly, closer, and appreciatively. Her attractive presence—whether he’s watching TV or arriving from work—is her main weapon.

    I suggest mirror time first thing in the morning as described in articles 1778, 1440, and others mentioned therein. Then follow your heart to please your man with the attractiveness that first drew him to you or he got by marrying you. And do it daily.


  5. Andromeda

    Hi Sir Guy,

    Could you kindly explain 571? Does it apply to wives? If so, what can a wife do to look extra ordinary to her husband when there is erotic scenery outside?

    Your Highness Andromeda,

    It applies to every woman who wants to find, capture, or keep a man. Men are creatures of extreme habit on this score. They expect to see the same woman every day that first captured and initially held their attention enough to commit or devote themselves to her.

    What should one do? Fix herself up and keep herself that way every day so that he wants to look at her more eagerly, closer, and appreciatively. Her attractive presence—whether he’s watching TV or arriving from work—is her main magnet.

    Fix her own mind first. I suggest mirror time first thing in the morning as described in articles 1778, 1440, and others mentioned therein. Then follow her heart to please her man with the attractiveness that first drew him to her or he got by marrying her. And do it DAILY FOR LIFE.

    A man does not come free, and her pleasantness to his eyes are critical to the price she must pay.


    • Krysie869

      I have a few questions on this.

      1.) Would a man be less attracted to a woman he is dating (or maybe even his wife) if he is used to seeing her hair a certain way and she changes it unexpectadely? I have heard cases where a woman’s husband or man gets upset because she has cut her hair or styled it differently and him saying that he is not attracted to her anymore.

      2.) What about women who wear wigs or weaves? Will a man cringe at the sight of her taking it off before bed since that was the look that attracted him to her in the first place?

      Your Highness Krysie,

      1) Perhaps. Every man has different tastes. If her hairdo makes that big a difference in her attractiveness, he’s not into her to begin with. Perhaps sex only or he’s perhaps a manipulator.

      2) Cringe? Men don’t like surprises but does she have to do it before him? Has he never been sold on her use of it?
      Both are relationship problems to be resolved before her man is surprised.


      • Eric

        Miss Krysie:
        I agree with Sir Guy on the 2nd point. On the first one, it would depend a lot on why the woman did this. It would probably be wise to ask a man what he would like before doing anything too radical.

        A lot of times the way women wear their hair is making a statement: if the man doesn’t like the statement, it could become a problem.

        • Cocoa

          Interesting Eric, see i always thought the way women (and men) wear and style their hair say something about them. But would you be able to share from a male’s point of view, and i know males are different, how do you see say, long hair , ponytail, coiffured, extremely short hair.. what does it tell you. Or does it?

          Your Highness Cocoa and Sir Eric,
          I’ve upstaged you with today’s post. No offense intended.

    • Andromeda

      Thank you for the reply Sir Guy.

  6. Peach Blossoms

    Sir Guy and other male readers, I’m curious… What might men think if a married female friend wears very tight and short dresses sometimes? If they know and like her well enough by that point, does it even matter? Do they think they know her character well enough to say her dressing doesn’t reflect immodesty?

    • Eric

      I wouldn’t think much of anything of it. If she’s dressing that way to please her husband, no problem—but if she’s flirting with other men, that’s another matter.

      • Peach Blossoms

        Thank you for your perspective, Sir Eric! 🙂

        Your Highness Peach Blossoms,

        Eric is right again per usual.

        Now, may I offer another opinion for your future thoughts?

        Does your husband encourage it or just go along with you? Regardless, let’s face it, you do it to please yourself first. Even if no one else sees it this way now, tight and short attire keeps your mind focused on sex. When you pass 30 years of age, no one will believe anything except that you’re longing for some sexual adventurism.

        If you make sex that important in your life, you add hazards to your marriage. If you don’t start weaning yourself out of being purposely attractive sexually while you’re young, your middle years will become frustrating and your older years miserable. Marriage does not prevent it either.

        Sometime during those dynamic years of aging with you trying to remain sexually attractive, your likeability to husband and his likeability of you will also change. It can be hazardous to your marriage. I suggest you start easing out of the sex object appearance soon. Your current life my get slightly duller but your future years will shine much brighter.

        Mine is just an opinion formed from seeing so many middle-age women trying to retain their sexual appeal and having to spend time with a variety of men, none of whom have anything to offer except sex. And seeing older single women trying but failing to impress men who are better off economically. My conclusion after 84 years of life and 64 years of studying human motivation is very simple: Promoting her sexual ability dulls a woman’s later life regardless of how exciting it makes her younger life.


        • Peach Blossoms

          Er, I’m still single actually. I asked because I saw an acquaintance dressing like that and had been wondering about it.
          But it’s always good to hear your thoughts! I just can’t help but feel sometimes that modesty doesn’t impact men that much when they’re so steeped in the culture of today.

          Your Highness Peach Blossoms,

          You’re right about men not appreciating modesty. Until, that is, they start thinking about marriage and know that modesty signifies greater likelihood of their woman’s faithfulness.

          But let me ask you this. Do you feel better about yourself when you appear and act modest? What does it do to your self-esteem, self-image, and self-interest as a woman of quality? Make you feel better about yourself? Or poorly because you don’t attract as many men?


          • Peach Blossoms

            Sir Guy,
            I do feel good about myself – I have a self-image I like and like to maintain. Gives me a sense of dignity which makes me feel good about myself. Not about to abandon it for no reason. And although lately I have had some black thoughts or “stinking thinking” as you aptly describe, staying the course (Pretty Time, modesty, restraint) has helped me to keep from feeling unwanted, for the most part. But not entirely, hence I’m here complaining 😛 I question why I can’t seem to go beyond the initial attraction with a couple of seemingly Mr. GoodEnoughs. Modesty, attractiveness, being restrained doesn’t seem to stir men to do more. I am wondering how to balance your advice about being more restrained because I’m naturally quite aloof and honestly, I don’t know whether it’s too much. Or rather, I suspect it is but I don’t know how to be less so without actually overtly leading the men.
            BTW, I’m just figuring things out as I talk with you, so please understand if it sounds like I can’t decide what it is exactly I have a beef with!

            • That Horse Is Dead

              Hi Lady Peach Blossoms,

              It sounds like you and I are of a similar pattern. I’m introverted and shy and so I always thought that my efforts to show a man my interest (while maintaining modesty and restraint) were perceived loud and clear. What I’ve come to realize, however, is that my idea of “loud and clear” may be like an iceberg to a man who is used to women being more flirtatious than I am. I had to really step out of my comfort zone with showing interest in him — smiling, laughing, light touching on arm, maintaining eye contact, and being available when a man does reach out to me the way I want him to (by telephone or inviting me to lunch). Of course, I only do this when the conversation is enjoyable to me (I commented to Lady Krysie in another post that I wouldn’t do this for a “hunk” who was making almost no effort to engage me).

              It took me a long time to realize that “hard to get” doesn’t mean cold (so, I’d like to hear Sir Guy’s comments on what aloof/restraint looks like), but that you are hard for other men to get (man of interest feels like he’s beating out the competition) and that you are hard-to-get for sex. I was also overlooking the likeability factor (he finds you likeable and he sees that you find him likeable). The Compatibility axioms list on this blog is really, really important, too.

              Last week I stepped WAY outside of my comfort zone and invited a man of interest to meet me at a local event which we had talked about previously (he had to drive to meet me there). The only reason I extended the invitation was because he first invited me to lunch and I was busy. I waited a few days and really felt like it was the right thing to do. To my surprise, he was really happy to go and we had a great time. He’s since followed up with a phone call. Not sure if any of this helps you, but thought I’d share:)

              • Peach Blossoms

                Dear Lady THID,
                I’m really happy to read your response and that someone else recognises my experience 🙂
                I’ve showed those signs of interest you mentioned on more than one occasion and as seeing I only show them to this MGE (Mr. GoodEnough), I thought it was obvious enough…. I think Sir Guy’s view that he got bored has merit (as usual).
                Would you mind sharing how you let men know your preferred method of contact? Nowadays it’s all mainly just texting which is fine for some purposes to an extent, but I’m ambivalent about it.

              • That Horse Is Dead

                Lady Peach Blossoms,

                With one man of interest who is a texter…after I noticed his pattern, I replied to his message with, “I’ve noticed something about you…” — to which he replied, “What?” and I wrote, “You loooooooooove to text.” And that was it. My phone rang a minute later and we laughed and I told him I enjoyed hearing his voice on the phone. He still texts me, but now there are more calls. I don’t entertain deep conversations. If I see the conversation is extending beyond a few texts back and forth then I just end it.

              • Peach Blossoms

                Brilliant, Lady THID! I see I have a lot to learn. 😉
                Wish me luck!

              • That Horse Is Dead

                Another approach I’ve heard if a guy is too dense and just doesn’t get it is this….”yawn:0″ — I think that’s hilarious.

            • A.GuyMaligned

              Your Highness Peach Blossoms,
              I got called away. Look for my response tomorrow morning probably late as I have a time-consuming idea planned for you. Study That Horse is Dead just below. She’s always worthy of deep study.

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