2118. Compatibility Axioms #591-600

591. Unmarried sex causes couples to over-commit and under-connect. [212]

592. Her value continues upward increasingly to every man that chases her, until she yields. People instinctively value more highly what they can’t have than what they gain and then ‘own’. [212]

593. Everybody makes mistakes. Recovery is everything, and virtual virginity enables it for past sexual mistakes/experience. [212]

594. Avoiding life as an ex comes much easier to the woman that elevates and honors her sexual assets even above marriage. [212]

595. By her refusing to have unmarried sex, she forces a man to prove himself worthy of her and capable of fulfilling her expectations for home and family. If it doesn’t work that way, then he’s after sex and not her. [212]

596. Scoring with a hard-to-get woman elevates a man’s sense of significance, but it’s more ego than conviction, more temporary than permanent, more fun than bond. [212]

597. The woman that a man respects and honors adds to his convicted sense of significance, whether they are sex partners or not. That is, he’s more satisfied with himself by treating her more respectably/honorably.[212]

598. Refusing to have sex with an attractive man requires womanly strength of character to keep from turning him off. Hard-headed feminine gentleness helps and self-dedication wins. [212]

599. A woman’s biggest challenge is to keep from being eager or desperate to have a boyfriend, dates, hubby, or sex, or whatever else she thinks she has to have for the short term. [212]

600. Women seek affection and fear abandonment. Uncrossed legs before marriage is not mutually bonding, which short-circuits affection and increases likelihood of being dumped sooner or later.  [213]



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2 responses to “2118. Compatibility Axioms #591-600

  1. krysie869

    “A woman’s biggest challenge is to keep from being eager or desperate to have a boyfriend, dates, hubby, or sex, or whatever else she thinks she has to have for the short term.”

    I agree totally that this is a huge challenge for women. I see women chase men all the time (i.e. ask men of interest for names and phone numbers).

    In the past I used to chase a man of interest, mostly through email or other forms of social media as I was too shy to do it in public. After seeking advice on this topic from female acquaintances, they would actually agree and encourage me to ask a man for his number or to “hang out”. They honestly see nothing wrong with this. I did so two or three times before although my gut instinct told me not to do it, but I listened to them. Not surprisingly, nothing panned out with those men. I am much better at this as I have gotten older, but the urge is still there.

    I have gotten better recently at using my feminine charm more often to interact with men of interest to positive results, despite being called a “flirt” from other women. I recently told a man who seemed very awkward around me to “pursue me” when he finally got the courage to ask me for my number but he never called. Still, I felt my self-respect rise during that interaction because I was being my “true self”.

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