2123. Mirror Time — Part I: Pretty is as Pretty Does

 Ladies, you are born pretty and unlike anyone else. You know it in your heart. If you fail to exploit and make the most of it, you will continually find yourself unsatisfied with your life. I aim this series at an option that will help fulfill your hopes and dreams by fulfilling yourself with yourself.

So, I define my terms.

  • ‘Pretty’ is much more than your face. It’s your spirit of importance to yourself. It’s your emotions, motivations, and expectations wrapped into and confirmed by your physical appearance and emotional outlook; you please yourself and elevate your confidence. You feel you’re good and attractive enough to get your way.
  • ‘Prettify’ is getting there. Emotions, mind, and heart work together to convince you of your importance to people around you. But you need frequent reinforcement, and that’s where the mirror comes in.
  • Physical beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s only present when someone else says it is—a judgment call—so it’s someone else’s opinion and at best just a subset of your prettiness.

A woman’s prime motivator is to be self-important, and exploiting your prettiness is the first step. All else follows that, even your self-gratitude. IOW, you’re not likely to be very important to those around you if you don’t exploit your prettiness to your satisfaction. When exploited by using your mirror-reflected image, an aura of beauty arises that outshines the physical. (Physical attractiveness doesn’t cause happiness; the world is full of so-called beautiful people who lack it.)

Females thrive on that feminine aura often called vanity, and that’s next.



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6 responses to “2123. Mirror Time — Part I: Pretty is as Pretty Does

  1. Iwannahear

    Thank you, Sir Guy for the reminder. Compliments of the season!

  2. Melissa

    So to summarize, pretty begins in the heart and mind involving a positive daily outlook, and a conviction of herself as a valuable and important person. Prettifying oneself in the morning is just one aspect of bringing her external appearance into line with how she aims to feel inside and the internal and external both feed into eachother to express and confirm her ‘prettiness’.

    Your Highness Melissa,
    Absolutely, a beautiful summary. Five more parts follow the first one. The most important message coming is that how she uplifts herself to herself each day before anyone else has her attention determines how she shapes the day and the lives of those in it to her satisfaction. She’s born to be good, so why not do good for all those within her sphere of influence? Do it for herself first and it becomes a piece of cake.

  3. Sir Guy, I was brought up with four brothers, no sisters. I always kind of felt guilty for anything girlie. I wasn’t comfortable trying to be feminine, though that was one of my greatest desires. But it was so elusive and I didn’t know how to go about it. The title to this blog was a respected quote that I held close. I never really thought I’d get the boy I wanted because I couldn’t be the feminine girl I’d hoped to be.
    It’s as if reading your blog as well as other things I’ve learned has given me permission – has let me know it’s okay to be soft and feminine. Though I was in my life as close as I could be by learning to be quiet though wise, being pretty and actually not feeling ashamed of pursuing prettiness is finally something I can embrace.
    Thank you, Handsome Sir Guy.

  4. Reblogged this on الأنثى الفاضلة and commented:
    يترجم قريباً إن شاء الله

    Your Highness Lady,
    Thank you for both interest and posting.

  5. Mia


    I’ve been on the mirror-time-routine as proposed by His Excellency, Sir Guy, for around three weeks now – with unexpected results. Unexpected to the point where I ask myself: What happened to me? – A self fullfilling prophecy perhaps, but I’ll take it anyway. 🙂

    I don’t know how Sir Guy figured all this out, but I recommend it. There are many other side effects that Sir Guy does not mention, most notably one: Mirror time lifts you off any guilt you might be feeling – you won’t feel the need to hide like you used to on some days. You’ll feel calmer, more feminine, more confident and you’ll face whatever the day brings head on. Mind you, I’ve always done the pretty-time thing, but it seems to be essential to really compress it into a half-hour of undivided attention to yourself. I never noticed that before. NB also you’ll get all kinds of attention. The envious looks of other women expecially might not sit well with you, if you’re shy. Learn to ignore them. Trust me, you’ll get used to it soon enough and so will they.

    Curious how this pans out in the long run…

  6. Read this today and couldn’t help but add it. The daughter writes so beautifully about a mum whom I am sure would have understood the value of “mirror time”

    Your Highness Thankful,

    You made my whole week, darling. It’s the best example of self-endowed female greatness I’ve seen.

    The lady exemplified in sterling fashion just how a woman takes charge of her life with self-respect, -dedication, and -confidence that confirms extreme self-worth that others can only admire or envy. She owned her world and dominated all those that she expected to dominate, herself first.

    I strongly endorse that lady’s behavior. She made herself more important to herself than being widowed with six children. She’s the kind of woman a good man wants to marry, proud to marry over his head because he knows he will become a better man for it.

    Thanks for mentioning ‘mirror time,’ which refers to articles 2123-2127. I’ve cited for suggested reading the website you spotlight. It’s now part of post 2124. Thanks. It adds a lot of blog relevance too.


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