2124. Mirror Time — Part II: Vanity Saves

Every woman’s head has features she dislikes. Vanity is the answer.

Before we go any further. Please read this story: http://www.purpleclover.com/relationships/3456-my-mother-always-looked-like-million-bucks/

Females thrive on the feminine internal and external aura that vanity produces, and the profound effect it has for standardizing the behavior of males of all ages. It starts for you at the mirror and should begin as the first thing in the morning (described later and now scheduled for part V).

As seen daily in public, many modern women ignore or forget these facts of life.

  • Men are visual creatures by nature and appreciate looking at women. But masculine interest goes deeper than skin and sex. Men pay most attention to the physically attractive, because they are attracted most to sex. But they marry and stay married to the prettiest woman that matches their interest.
  • Your vanity is the root of keeping your man or husband focused on you. When he sees the prettiness enhanced every day of who he escorts or married, it helps keep his heart pounding for life with you or at home instead of something or somebody else. Look around you. Modern women tend to let themselves go in appearance, which reflects poorly on both them and their husbands. One wonders, how long does the marital bloom last if your vanity remains forbidden by feminist thought and your resulting appearance reflects poorly on him and you? (You may not care what others think, but your man cares what he thinks of you.)
  • Vanity reminds you that you’re special and demonstrates to men that you are more unique than other women, capable of greater attractiveness, and pleasant to be around or have nearby. Once that qualification is established, you are immensely welcome among one or many men for other than sex and enabled to succeed in life according to individual taste for associating.
  • Beneath a cloak of vanity generated with abundant mirror time, you can stress and guard your natural modesty, which is the most effective trait that you have to keep male dominance under control. Vanity charms men; they like to see the results. Modesty disarms men; they can’t quite grasp the reasoning behind it. (How well your man respects you can be partially measured by how well he respects your insistence on being modest, which of course begs the question, are you modest enough? Do you have and adhere to standards? That is what earns his respect?)
  • The buildup of physical appearance and shaping of your attitude before a mirror supports and enhances your feminine spirit. It reinforces that you’re attractive, unique, and important to both yourself and others. You’re prepared to take on the world and whatever it may present to you. As with all of us, your strength comes from what you create and sustain inside and by yourself.
  • The more uniquely feminine your appearance, and especially ladylike, the more pronounced an aura surrounds you of non-sexual desirability and pleasant association. The more unconquerable you appear subliminally, the more attractive you appear subconsciously as marital candidate. An aura of prettiness promotes your importance and captures manly attention among men with marriage on the mind and induces marital thoughts in men not yet aware they too would like a good marriage. The more uniquely feminine your aura, the less men see you as a sex object.

Modern women don’t spend enough morning time before the mirror, and it produces five undesirable effects. 1) Modesty fades under male pressure. 2) Self-image morphs toward weakness in both influence and self-defense. 3) Desperate desire to attract a man pushes them toward becoming a sex object. 4) Self-confidence doesn’t arise to assertively resist rather than wilt beneath social pressures. 5) Reduced sense of self-worth convinces them they deserve no better than whatever they receive.

My experience writing this blog taught me. Every natural difference between the sexes should be exploited by and to the full advantage of females. When not done, men rule both social and domestic interaction; male dominance gets far out of control and contrary to the betterment of female life and fulfilling of womanly hopes and dreams.

If you seek a better life with both men and yourself, I suggest it lies within your hands. Your natural gift of vanity should be appreciated, used, and enjoyed daily. Prettiness enhanced before the mirror after arising in the morning also empowers you with modesty and enables you to identify and ‘capture’ many more things you seek in life. In that way, modesty and vanity are silent asset partners that are more influential for long time relationships than sexual assets.



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6 responses to “2124. Mirror Time — Part II: Vanity Saves

  1. surfercajun

    I can not help but wonder if the quality of her make up makes a difference as well. Since I am only speaking for myself, I honestly believe so. Superior quality, applied with a light hand, will reflect a charming appearance.

    What an outstanding write up! Your article prompted me to get out of bed, and practice some mirror time by trying something new in order to enhance my features. Thank you!

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    Whatever you decide makes a difference makes a good difference. You confirm what’s coming up in part V, a repeat of #806. When you independently own the first 30 minutes of your day in front of a mirror, you own the whole day. Check it out. I’d love to hear confirmation or denial.

    • Miss Eliza

      @ surfercajun – Yes, I’ve noticed that the fashion amongst many of the young girls these days is to wear over the top make-up – particularly eye make-up. They apply realms of black eyeliner and mascara; it looks very trashy and as if a kid has been raiding their mother’s make-up bag! They would look far nicer if they toned it down as it’s the only thing you notice about their faces. I can only assume that that ‘look’ is the combined influence of glamour models (which we have here in Britain), porn and reality TV stars.

      • surfercajun

        Thank you, Miss Eliza for your kind words. Actually, I have been reading an eyebrow book and pondering on different ways in which to enhance my look and I think I found one! I felt it a bit bold, but I really believe I can pull it off! Started to experiment yesterday with encouragement from Guy’s article! Welcome aboard and I hope to see you around! Happy New Year!!!

    • surfercajun

      Dear Guy,

      Once I found #806 and thought on the words, I suddenly became very aware of women I have been looking at lately in stores, grocery markets, gas stations, etc. It does seem to mark their day by what they put on before stepping out to greet their public. In a waking dream I remember a few years back I heard, (they have an array, but have nothing to wear) which seem to spur me to begin watching women and what they wear. I remember vividly one time in which I was dressed rather nice in a shoe department and had two men wait on me while other women gave me dirty looks. But carefully looking at their attire, it would appear they either rolled out of bed, came from working in the yard, or the gym. The garments in question did not state I am a women but I am comfortable. While I have no problem being comfortable at home, I feel a standard should take place before stepping out in society and our mirror time remains unequivocally important! I have had family members discourage me by saying how others dress was not important. ( I personally believe now they were offended by my dress code as my standard remains high) Read- very picky about what I choose to wear and no, I don’t have allot of clothes but receive compliments from strangers. (blush)

      I believe Tim Gunn stated it best, “Your public awaits!”

      Thanks for asking my humble opinion.

  2. Lin

    The word vanity often seems to have a negative connotation. This post turns this perception upside down and I like that. The post is brilliant.

    As I read, I remembered often brushing aside that secret craving to be vain about myself and my prettiness because somehow I had been brainwashed like many others that being vain about how one looked or being perceived by others as vain was a bad thing. I am glad that after reading this post I feel totally free of all feminist drivel that has ever beng instilled in me.

    Thank you Sir Guy.

  3. So much truth in this post, and so many of my behaviours explained. Mind. Blown.

    Your Highness Rooibosandgrace,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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