2128. Female Blessings at Birth — #98

I have identified another inborn blessing that women possess in their hearts but may not use enough to enhance their self-interest. As with the other 97, at the end I summarize the blessing as it appears to others and show the natural reaction of men.

  1. I am grateful, although I never recognized it before, I am hardwired at birth to not overeat. All I have to do is be a better, more diligent and feminine woman, and pay more attention to those around me than to myself. I am automatically that when I cook. [Guy adds: The nature of woman works this way at the dinner table where she’s cooked the food. Her mind goes to everything except the food on her plate. She partakes subconsciously. Little or no intention to devour or clean her plate, her taste buds largely ignored. Other interests concern or please her. Does husband like it? Will kids eat it? Enough leftovers for tomorrow? Should she have added more salt? Is meat too rare? Did kids have good day at school? Husband at work? What’s that twinge in her chest? Will x-rays today reveal something bad? Is mother as sick as she lets on? My mom’s car needs to be fixed, wonder if my husband will take it in? Hubby’s birthday is coming up; what should I get him? So is son’s; I don’t want to get him that thing he wants. What to do? (Eating out nullifies such discouragements for overeating. Also, if little girls are not taught to cook, they learn to eat as men eat—to please their taste buds instead of their conscience.) Her blessing: As she’s blessed to deal with ailments better than men, she’s also more capable at making food taste better. His admiration: I like and sometimes love her cooking.]
  2. (I know there are more blessings to come. I await suggestions and inspiration. Target remains set at 100.)

If you disagree with #98, please register it with a big, fat F for false.



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7 responses to “2128. Female Blessings at Birth — #98

  1. x

    Hello! As far as I know you have been spot on with most of these! However, I have to disagree with this one. I’m honestly a food lover and not afraid of it. I simply exercise to make up for my true love of food even when I cook my own! 🙂 I am focused on enjoying the flavors and of course whether or not everyone likes it.

    Your Highness X,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I love it when pretty women disagree. Also, glad to hear what you do. You’re an exception, which makes you an exceptional woman, right? I’m just curious. Do you overeat at all or curtail it for some reason? What motivates you to exercise? Keep weight down? Heart? Aerobic effect? Fun?


  2. surfercajun

    T- There has been at times things in which I think on when eating. When all gathered, talking, and sharing it makes meal time so much more. I enjoy what I eat especially if it is a family favorite. When I receive feed back, it is a highlight in my day for planning, purchasing, prepping and fixing a meal. I usually eat half of what I am enjoying so careful placement on my plate IS important. More veggies, less meat, more water or unsweet tea, smallest slice of bread with little butter. Eat slowly and carefully. I did this exact thing last night.

    I laugh here about what you said about birthdays as there is one in the household tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Shanna

    Mr. Guy
    Women are usually concerned about what others think about the meal they prepare. You’re right on with the things that go through our minds: Is the meal good enough? Satisfying? Enough/too much seasoning? Will they want seconds? There is great satisfaction when others are pleased with what is cooked.
    However, I disagree with your other point. I think women’s tendency to “partake subconsciously” or not devour the meal is learned behavior. Women are taught from childhood that eating equals getting fat. So if you don’t eat, you don’t get fat. This of course is not true and it leads to all sorts of disordered eating. This is a subject I deal with regularly because I work in the health/fitness industry. Many women, far more than men, judge themselves harshly for even having an appetite. Even more, women THINK others are judging them for having an appetite. So they eat less in front of others, then gorge themselves in private, hate themselves for overeating in private, then eat even less in public…it’s a vicious cycle. The diet industry is a billion dollar one because they play on the emotions that feed into the cycle.
    The fitness industry is just as guilty. Ate too much today? No worries, just take an extra spin class, hit the gym before AND after work. It’ll all be okay. I like the way you asked Highness X about her motivation to exercise. Definitely not picking on Highness X, but I encounter many people whose motivation to exercise is to erase the “sins” that fell on their plate from the night before. That’s the mindset: eating is a sin, so I must beat my body to pay for it.
    Actually, we’re all (women AND men) hardwired to not overeat. When we eat real, whole foods…fruits, vegetables, meats, beans, water, etc our bodies let us know when enough is enough. Our bodies recognize these foods, so our brains know when we’ve gotten the nutrients we need. Never really hear of folks overdosing on broccoli. Over the past 50 or so years, we’ve seen the increase of convenient, processed, ready to eat, and artificially flavored-enhanced food steadily become the norm. Our bodies don’t process this stuff the same way. Our brains don’t really register we’ve had enough until it’s too late. Not to mention the addicting chemicals that make it taste so good. It’s really easy to overdose on brownies.
    Obesity is a major issue in our society, but I think the relationship between women and food is a particular one. There’s a lot of shame and secrecy that affects women in a different way. Men are not as affected. They eat…however much or little and go on about their business without concern for judgement. Food tends to be emotional with women. It’s pleasurable and the gratification is instant. We tend to seek it out excessively when other things are lacking.
    Sorry for the rant, just some thoughts.

    Your Highness Shanna,
    Thank you for a clear description of how modern pressures overwhelm and drive women to ignore the blessings with which they are born.

    • My Husband's Wife

      Hello Shanna,
      Wow–You nailed it with your description of what’s happening. I see it too. One could also add that today’s woman is most likely “medicated” in some way as well…a lot of anti-depressants.
      On a side note: I thought it strange, looking through our local business coupon book recently, that the majority of offers were for eateries/fast food, then on the next page fitness gyms and plastic surgeons for lipo.

      …and dear Sir Guy,
      This series is wonderful and well needed. What an inspiration you are to all us women to get pretty AND healthy!

      • Shanna

        Hi My Husband’s Wife,

        Thanks! I see it on a daily basis. Many women crave cinnamon rolls when they really need a hug. And you are correct. The use of anti-depressants is very common. In some cases they are very much needed. But many times they are used, along with food, alcohol, and shopping for a feel good pick-me-up. One thing I have also observed with my patients and clients is that the very same women who struggle with these issues often don’t like the mirror and avoid it at all cost.
        Mr. Guy is doing such a wonderful thing in breaking down the issues and showing how they relate to each other!

  4. My Husband's Wife

    #98 – TRUE!

  5. I believe you’re right on this. True. I especially take heed to the warning about little girls not learning to cook. I have a young daughter left at home and I have not taught her the home skills that I taught my older daughters now out on their own. She wants to learn them, too! Even though, as X says, we ladies sometimes love food and don’t seem to fall into this category, I think it’s not that it’s not inborn, but more that it’s overshadowed with society or upbringing. It is a natural tendency to not want to eat like the men in our lives. I’m an overeater, I admit, but I am in the middle of stopping that bad habit and doing quite well. This post today helps me realize that it’s in me to eat small portions.

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