2136. Attention, Ladies — My Dilemma

I published article 2131 on male blessings received at birth. Just three guys and one lady reflected any reaction and only one reported their opinion about more than one of the items on the list. Perhaps many of you missed it due to holiday pressures. I request you take a relook and rethink.

You may have trouble with me calling them blessings. But remember this, men and women are made to be compatible. So, everything we inherit at birth must be a blessing even though it might be something women wish men didn’t have. There is a reason, though, or at least I believe there is.

Post 2131 may be more easily dealt with if I enlarge the ‘scoring’ system. Instead of true/false with T or F. You may find it easier to reflect your opinion as believable (B) or unbelievable (U). Mark it that way if you desire. In either case, I would appreciate comment or opinion before I do all the work of compiling it in the final format I envisioned earlier. A version to be permanently posted similar to Female Blessings at Birth on home page menu.



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2 responses to “2136. Attention, Ladies — My Dilemma

  1. Cocoa

    Believable and unbelievable will work for us, females, better. We don’t really know whether it’s true or false. That’s where the gentlemen come in to confirm.

    It will also help if the ladies gave birth to males or raised them from a very young age. I have boys and it did help to observe what sir Guy puts in his articles/posts. Dealing with men, which i have limited experience with, may or may not help as when we started dealing and learning about them they are already influenced by other matters: Religion, family, their ethnic background and morals that they learnt while growing up.

    I will go back to 2131 now.

  2. Princess Royal

    Done! I had forgotten in yes, the holiday rush and starting back to school. See my comment there 🙂 Thank you for all you do, hope your Christmas was merry! Princess Royal

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