2137. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 97

  • Modern women betray their best interests. They abandon their greatest strengths dealing with males: mystery, modesty, morality, manners, meekness, marriage, monogamy, mothering, and a self-imposed and unique majesty that commands respect from males. The fallout spreads across society and men assume greater dominion over women and their home together.
  • Feminism encourages men to spread their seed. Femininity rewards men for hoarding it.
  • Confused but ever alert for another conquest, men watch as females of all ages deal unsuccessfully with their mates. As relationships crumble, men exploit the females dumped into the pool of those so desperate to recover they are easy to conquer.
  • If a man is to compete energetically for one woman to keep for a lifetime, women must have something of greater value than just genitalia.
    Since all women have that in common, he’s lured by other rewards than just sex for husbanding and fathering.
  • Feminism expects men to suppress their masculine instincts and still please women. Femininity expects men to use their masculine instincts to prove themselves worthy of women, children, and family life.
  • Women seek to change their world but do not listen to men. They learn by listening only to women. Consequently, what women know about men is often wrong.
  • Men see things like this. Things don’t change satisfactorily unless men change them or have them changed.
  • Men don’t look for flaws in the woman they marry. Her qualities outweigh her shortcomings, so that’s good enough. Women are opposite. His flaws are both correctable and his being good enough depends on his qualities enabling her to work on his flaws. Consequently, men marry a good woman and expect her to remain good for him. Therefore, he’s blameless if she changes. Women marry a man with flaws correctable by her and expecting to make him better for her. She earns the blame if he turns out different than she expects. Out of that arises the foreigner in their relationship, undeserved blame for the other. Blame and compatibility are already mutually exclusive, and undeserved blame makes it toxic.



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13 responses to “2137. RANDOM THOUGHTS—Group 97

  1. Cocoa

    “As relationships crumble, men exploit the females dumped into the pool of those so desperate to recover they are easy to conquer.”

    See sir Guy, the above really scares me. Not only that i worry what family and friends would say or think of me if i choose to end what i didn’t initially choose. I am scared of men! They are not leaving me alone while married, what will they do when i am not?! I am a coward. Aren’t I?

    Also, you say dumped. Doesn’t matter if she’s dumped? She left? They both decided it’s not working? Or she will always perscieved “dumped”?
    Is there a recovery plan for divorced women? How to carry on? How to hold hef head up high while feeling broken inside? !

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    You’re considering withdrawing from marriage. I’ve no plan for that, just for recovery after being dumped or cheated on. However, I suggest you study the Path to Victory shown in the blog top menu. It may help get you started.

    • MLaRowe

      Cocoa, Prayer and ask God to send someone to advise you. There are good men in the world and you would be careful about finding them. Take a deep breath. Don’t think of meeting the next man at this point. Think of taking care of yourself.

      • Cocoa

        OH! Hello MLaRowe, hope you’re well. Good to hear from you 🙂
        Thanks for the advice and I am sure waiting and praying that God may send me an answer. (If you remember at all please pray for me).

        I am not thinking of meeting the next man. I am actually too scared to leave one just because I don’t want to be exposed and become a target to whatever is happening in this world around me, What I am seeing, experiencing and reading about is quite scary. At least as a married woman I am a bit protected (or so I think). That’s why I posted the above.

        Women have changed! and men in turn have changed too. There is less respect to marriage and privacy.

        Again what I am worried about is that once and if I decide to leave that I won’t be left alone.

        • MLaRowe

          Dear Cocoa, I will continue to remember you in prayer. I believe God guides us in His time and His way. I’ve had so many God moments in my life that I’m certain if you are asking for answers and guidance it is forthcoming.

          Not my business but my sense is that you are in an tense situation with your spouse. You have been married for longer than I have and come from a completely different background so I cannot offer advice I only hope you have emotional support in your life currently.

          Yes, I do understand that attractive women can feel real danger and that it can come across as meanness by other women and predatory by men.

          Your fear is real and you do need to do things to make yourself feel safe. The problem is that I’m not so good at the “don’t-mess-with-me” kind of thing myself. (I was raised by Southerners to be overly polite). Modesty, talking about my spouse fairly often and not taking anything I believe to be verbal bait (especially anything that smacks of sex-talk) seem to be the only ways I currently have in similar situations.

          It sounds you are being still pursued (same guy?), or is it that you are the new one in your new job and the new job men are trying to “feel you out”. If so, no wonder you are feeling vulnerable.

          I have walked into situations before and seen very obvious signs that I was a new target (despite everyone there wearing a wedding ring including myself). So I do understand. i believe it to be sex addiction in many cases (and it’s rampant).

          One problem is that these sort of men seem to be able to sniff it out when everything isn’t completely solid in one’s marriage. Perhaps in the past there was less of this active pursuit of married women but these days it seems to be open season all the time.

          Anyway prayers going out for you.

          • Cocoa

            I missed this one : “Perhaps in the past there was less of this active pursuit of married women but these days it seems to be open season all the time” One question comes to mind, why pursue married women when single, available, willing and desperate women are all over the place? Why?
            Anyway, with this sniffing business i think you are right, lucky i am a good actor .

  2. Cocoa

    You are spot on MLaRowe. The tension is kind of deep and it’s accumulated. I don’t talk and verbalise my issues with him i keep it in and pray about it, but the major issue is that i sometimes reach an explosion point where I say things that i regret later, not because it’s false but because i don’t like myself when i say these things. Trust and respect are gone.
    What’s killing me is that the kids now have grown up and they try to interfere to settle things , i don’t like that, at the end of the day they are kids.
    i try to keep my head balanced so i could continue and don’t fall into depression.
    See we can’t have everything! I have most things but always hoped for someone to depend on and trust but yeah … didn’t get that one. So grateful for other blessings in my life and praying intensively for help and for an answer. I don’t know what’s right for me. I don’t want to be looking only after myself as selfishness breeds desolation. But i am melting inside.
    My culture is harsh, very harsh when it comes to separation. I may lose friends and i may lose the ability to attend church. There will be a lot to lose!
    I will hang in there till the saviour saves me from myself first and from this wicked world that I’ve been thrown in.
    Cheers and thank you.

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