2138. Compatibility Axioms #631-640

631. Attractive but no-disclosure apparel makes men uncomfortable, because it makes women much more complex, mysterious, and perhaps out-of-reach sexually. Hence, more challenging and requiring more investment of his time and effort. [220]

632. Cleavage signals her breasts as mere stopover to conquest. With prospects made easier, his expectations rise. His natural sense of dominance doesn’t have to yield as his investment for sex. IOW, cleavage signals she’s willing for him to take charge of their sexual agenda even before conquest. He only has to pay some simple price that pleases her. [220]

633. Men dislike having their boldness held in check by a mere woman, especially when she makes it tougher with a façade of impenetrable mystery created with clothing, grooming, and lack of eagerness to bond. However, having to restrain their boldness makes men more gentlemanly and willing to paying a bigger price for conquest. [220]

634. Cleavage makes a man comfortable, “So little to do.” Modest attire makes a man uncomfortable, “How and what must I do to have my way with her.” [220]

635. First impressions are lasting ones. First dates plant the seeds of everything from no calls to marriage. Women have to take charge to make sure they gain the advantage. [221]

636. Both sexes tend to marry people like their mothers. But women take it too far. They mother their man and wilt on the vine of his resentment.  [221]

637. If she’s after fun and excitement on first date, she’s planting seeds for anything and everything except permanent marriage. [221]

638. Trying ever harder to succeed with men, females turn sex into adventurism and free-brothel convenience for males. Booty calls, public fellatio, and groupies come to mind.  [221]

639. Men hang with guys but date women. When women turn themselves into booty, men let them hang out too. (One Duke University senior claimed she never had a date in college and knew no one that had. Plenty of sex, but no dates? Man’s game or woman’s?)  [221]

640. NOTE: To see what women become hanging out with guys, read Ariel Levy’s book, Female Chauvinist Pigs — Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture. [221]



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5 responses to “2138. Compatibility Axioms #631-640

  1. Good observation Guy! Today’s women and men have lost their “play” and “place” in the scheme of things. My experience has yielded “Once the fish is caught, the bait and tackle are stored away forever.” Boobs are now fraudulent and men dye their hair to disguise their true form. Isn’t this already a “trick”? Love and true intimacy with another doesn’t begin with smoke and mirrors and we wonder why they don’t last. If we are not comfortable with who we are why do we think someone else will be. Here is a fact in today’s perception of love. If we think love conquers all (as it did a generation ago) then why is it that when the money is gone so are the women? Exactly! ~ more later 🙂

    • Miss Kitty

      This REALLY shows up with the 14-30 year old Ladies… many have NEVER BEEN on a DATE but aren’t virgins either
      i think, anyone who knows young ladies, need to tell them to start wearing dresses/skirts if they want to go out on a date—and have NO CLEAVAGE!!

  2. KitKat

    Having sex with a man will never get him interested if he wasn’t in the first place but on the other hand NOT having sex won’t get him interested if he’s not interested either. It’s really about timing, unless the man is wanting marriage or even a boyfriend/girlfriend instead of just a casual fling there’s is nothing the women does that really makes a difference in keeping him around. So my advice to ladies would be don’t have sex unless that’s genuinely all you are hoping to get out of it, it may or may not lead to something more, but don’t ever expect that it will. But not having sex, doesn’t guarantee anything either. If he’s looking for a fling, in all likelihood he’ll simply move on to someone who will.

  3. Shanna

    Oh gosh, when I was younger (late teens/ 20s) I thought hanging with guys was the thing to do. I wasn’t even looking for sex, I just thought it made me look cool. Little did I know the image I was putting forth. #639 explains so much…why I was hardly asked out, why guys disregarded what I said, why I was such an easy target. Thank God for recovery!

    • Miss Kitty

      YES.. interesting isn’t it
      BTW, some women would rather hang out with guys as friends since many modern women are so CATTY.. and in competition with each other

      with GUYS there is no competition, but if you want to go on a date, choose different guys to NOT ‘hang with’

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