2141. Compatibility Axioms #651-660

651. Devotion is observable. He courts her delicately and doesn’t push too hard for conquest, because he’s afraid of losing her. [222]

652. Commitment is infatuation, lust, love, or maybe half-empty words. The only proof lies in the absence of breaking up. [222]

653. Promises make a risky commitment, as females see it, but it’s often better than nothing. Women crave to be cherished but that only flows out of a man’s devotion. [222]

654. Inspiring and energizing her man without de-motivating him is difficult. But a woman’s natural relationship expertise provides enough talent and skill—if she also practices patience, indirectness, and cooperation instead of competition about decisions that are personally his. [227]

655. Only one way exists to find out if a man is really after a woman for herself. Withhold sex until he proves himself willing and worthy by honoring her ideals, standards, and expectations that he give up his freedom just for her. [227]

656. Long-term marriage boils down to this: She chose him. She’s the relationship expert. Experts critically qualify someone trying to sell them something. Later, they make necessary adjustments to live with what they ‘purchased’. [227]

657. Promises and words of commitment fade easily under daily pressures. Acts of commitment reinforce feelings, promote permanency, and grow into devotion capable of surviving daily pressures. [227]

658. Some women learn the hard way. They dress erotically to capture a man and follow up with sloppy dress and grooming. Eventually they find that it turns his head toward other neat and erotically attired females. Other women learn the easy way. They know and avoid sloppy appearance and inattentive personal grooming at home and in public. [228]

659. Feminist thinking in the home inspires women to favor ingratitude for their man’s imperfections rather than gratefulness for his manliness and strengths. Eventually, a man tires of it, his respect wanes, alienation sets in, and disruption or departure follows. [228]

660. Women expect to kiss a frog into prince hood. Men expect their woman to elevate them from prince to king. Modern women fail to provide this second ‘promotion’. [229]



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22 responses to “2141. Compatibility Axioms #651-660

  1. surfercajun

    660. reminded me of this song…. The video made me laugh …record album, turntable, needle…. ring any bells? Hope this makes someone smile today. 😀

    Thomas Twins….King for a Day:

  2. Sarina

    There is a very damaging trend that basically kills a guy’s persistence in attracting a mate. Other women making remarks that he should stop trying so hard and find a woman that’s easier to please, commenting ‘oh poor guy he does all things for her and she’s not his girlfriend’..or accusing her of being a mean woman for letting a man wait.. I don’t understand this concept..whenever a man tries to make an effort there are voices that will try and stop him..so encouragement from the love interest should be often.

    • Eric

      Miss Sarina:
      Yes—I’ve seen this trend a lot too. And in fairness it’s not only women who say it. Other men often try to put down men who make an effort for one specific woman; usually accusing him of being weak or foolish. With so much cheap and easy sex around, why would any man want to work for it? They call men who do ‘chumps’ and ‘losers’ because the ‘wise guys’ all know how it get it without effort from multiple women.

      It really is a sad commentary on where our culture has gone. It’s just like the Welfare State, where people who get handouts look down on the people who work and their pay their ways.

  3. Eric

    Sir Guy:
    Good post. The first five points basically answered the question I brought up on the other thread. It’s interesting how pop culture keeps stressing ‘commitment’ while ignoring devotion; which seems to flow naturally if women follow their own instincts.

    • Miss Kitty

      with its 50 SHADES OF DECAY
      just in time for VALENTINES DAY
      this book and movie could be VERY DANGEROUS to all young women since its saying that women love to be beaten by men

      • Eric

        Miss Kitty:
        I haven’t read this book or seen the film; but practically all the young women I know are obsessed with it. Given from what I’ve seen of all their other pop culture obsessions, I’m guessing that whatever it’s about, it can’t be anything good.

        I came across this meme while looking up info on the movie. I have to say, I find this woman’s attitude more appealing LOL

        • MLaRowe

          I read all of them awhile ago. If I view it through my belief system (and what I’ve learned here) it’s all more of the same nonsense about being directed at women.

          It’s actually just a dime store romance novel where the “bad boy” is into S&M (as a lifestyle choice) only he meets a sweet young thing and is crazy about her instantly. He is of course a young billionaire because just being a normal guy would not be exciting enough to be a best seller.

          By her sheer presence in his life he changes for her (no effort on her part). She does not need patient, indirectness or anything else for that matter. Hate to think women think this book could be real life.

          Remember it’s written by a woman and the audience it’s directed at is women. Not reality at all. It’s just entertainment.

          The S&M part is just part of the main character’s ugly past for the most part which he quickly gets over since he’s met such a great gal (highly unlikely as I see that as something of a disease or sign of unhealthy mental viewpoint myself).

          It does not take any of the true nature of men into account (what Sir Guy is trying to pound into my head and it’s starting to work thank you very much you wonderful handsome WV man).

          It’s like the DaVinci Code- if you know the truth (once again Thank you Sir Guy) you don’t need to be afraid of it. Just see it for what it is. Fluff and Stuff.

          • Eric

            Miss LaRowe:
            A manosphere blogger pointed out recently that, on one of those ‘Top Ten Male Celebrities Lists’ that three of the actors portrayed vampires. Seriously—if Count Dracula the is male archetype modern women aspire to for husband/father material, you’ve really got to wonder what’s going on their minds.

            The dangerous part of this for young women is the type of ‘bad boys’ they’re going to encounter in real life are not billionaire playboys who are going to change to upstanding men after meeting the woman of their dreams. A healthy percentage of them are borderline psychotics and quite capable of doing serious damage.

            • Miss Kitty

              VERY TRUE!!
              and just look around–few young women are being courted today
              ANYWAY–this is why i HATE ROMANCE NOVELS.. and how a woman could ‘change a man’ with her sexuality
              men don’t change that way but only through femininity
              and we all know that here, or those who have been reading Sir Guys blog for 7+ years…LOL

              • Miss Eliza

                ‘and just look around–few young women are being courted today’

                No that’s ’cause they’re the ones *doing* the chasing. Even my nephew who is 26 notices that things are very wrong. He’s a bit of a ladies’ man and is very popular with girls. However he said to me: “They don’t even give you a chance; they chase *you*. That’s why I get bored of them”. He also said: “You only need to say a couple of nice things to a girl these days and she’s in your arms”. Straight from the horse’s mouth – a young guy is admitting he gets bored of desperate girls chasing him!

            • MLaRowe

              Hi Eric,

              You are right, we are on the same page, it is scary. The films, TV shows or the music where men brag about being a player (those “artists” are on top of the world for the moment with all the women chasing them but they don’t realize that it won’t last), etc.

              I worry for my daughter. Right now it’s Disney channel and even that is not what I would want with it’s girl dramas and silly arguments.

              Other than church and home I’m not sure where a girl is going to get a message that will serve her, pop culture does the opposite.

              It seems to me that our whole society is brainwashed by the childish overly sexualized storylines (films) coming from people who’s own lives are probably a mess (and who certainly don’t have the traditional values that favor women and children).

              Yet I think I need to be humble in my accusations because when I was younger I bought into all that. I myself was engaged to The Hopeless Trickster when I was 23 years old (and didn’t know it at the time, he was 30). Fortunately for me we didn’t marry (although it felt like a divorce to me since I had moved to his state to be with him).

              As Sir Guy says Recovery Is Everything and I wish I could say that everything went well after that but it still took a lot of learning and I’m still learning which is why I show up here regularly.

              • Eric

                Miss LaRowe;
                As Sir Guy mentioned, as women go, so goes society. If you combine the female nature (wanting to bond with a dominant man) with feminist misandry (teaching women that masculinity is dangerous) and Leftist sexual morals (free love with no boundaries) it’s not surprising that these Charles Manson and Marquis de Sade types would become the stuff of female fantasies and be elevated as symbols of masculinity.

                This is what I alluded to before about how pop culture is so discouraging to normal men. No normal man fantasizes about being a vampire, or a psychopathic cult leader or a degenerate billionaire with sex slaves. Normal men fantasize about rescuing/protecting women from scum just like those. But modern women want the scum instead.

              • MLaRowe

                Dear Eric,

                I don’t think that all modern women want the scum “badboys”. I meet nice younger women all the time (here in Ohio) who my be a little misguided (searching for a hottie in a bar sort of thing) but they aren’t so far gone as to be of no value as a potential mate.

                Just tonight there was a darling young woman in the checkout line at the grocery. I’m sure she was something like 24 years old. Pretty in a natural sort of way. She likes western things and horses (she had a necklace with cowboy hat and cowboy boot on it and I commented on it). She is looking for her “cowboy” I’m sure. I saw the sparkle in her eyes and was certain that she is a nice person, a kindly person.

                A lot of people (myself included) grew up in semi or completely dysfunctional situations but there are plenty of us who are on the road to healing and we are looking for someone who is at least semi-healthy or searching for healing/a healthy life also. (I’m speaking of mental health).

                To me it’s not perfection any of us are looking for but more (like Sir Guy says) someone who will one day become Mr. or Mrs. Right. Someone who has the basis for being that person.

                The character traits of kindness (someone kind is probably not going to cheat on you or abuse you) trustworthy (I’m getting to an age where character matters a whole lot more than appearance) hardworking (because let’s face it life is easier when you have enough to live on) and so on are the important things (make your own list).

                I know you have sort of written off the entire female gender as useless but fan that little spark of hope that is still left. There is someone. I’m certain. You just have not met her yet my friend, but I believe you will.

                Until then enjoy your singleness if you are able to. I sometimes miss the days of films by myself and camping trips with just my friends. Now it’s diapers and “what’s for dinner honey” which is good also but not quite as easy as those days in my pretty little apartment by myself.

              • Eric

                Miss LaRowe:
                LOL—well, since I’ve come here, I have learned how to ‘fan the spark of hope’ again, as you say. A lot of women do want to do the right thing, but are misguided as to how they go about it. I’ve encountered some like the girl you mentioned. Whether they represent the majority of women or not is another matter.

        • My Husband's Wife

          …I always think that if a person doesn’t believe in something higher/better than themselves or have a strong set of values, it leaves a vacuum in their lives to be filled with whatever message pop culture decides to feed the public. The message of the day becomes easily accepted and people fall into a hole of worldly depravity without really realizing it.

        • surfercajun

          Gentleman Eric,
          LOL! good one! Was reading one of your comments and it made me think of Henry Makow. His website deals with as one gentleman put it… FemiNazis….

          Sir Guy,
          Oh yeah….Went to the donut shop this morning. I saw a young whipper snapper open the door for me and I thought ( oh, I am ready for you) number 4 out the door for my… men are never so handsome plug! He chuckled and told me thank you as I turned and looked at him. …I actually blushed as he reminded me of someone I admire.

          Number three two weeks ago asked me if I was trying to butter them up…giggle

          Oh, this Friday IS rather wonderful, don’t you think??? 😀

          • Eric

            Miss Surfercajun:
            LOL thanks! I liked the picture because was refreshing to see a woman defending herself and her home AGAINST thugs for a change!

            • surfercajun

              ratataaataaa… right from my car’s steering wheel! The fact it turns in a circle is a never-you-mind option. 🙂

              • Eric

                Miss Surfercajun:
                The woman in the photo is a type of female that seems to have largely disappeared from Western Culture. It’s like those pictures you see of female ancestors: they look elegant, feminine, and glamorous with their hair and clothes in the fashion of the day. And then you realize they were also the same ones you heard about loading the rifles and rescuing the wounded when their husbands were fighting off Indian attacks.

                It seems that the earlier generations of women were soft and delicate on the outside but tough inside; today’s women are the opposite.

  4. surfercajun

    Oh, here you go guys… and ladies… I found this. I don’t know what the book is about either. The talking points seem to clarify questions for me. I hope it helps. It does not sound positive. Like one lady stated on here…decay

    Even one of my friends predicted that it would come out in time for Valentines Day…..sadly, she was right 😦


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