2145. Unisex Fails Women

It’s been happening for half a century through six or seven generations of females, each of which seeks its own identity with a different lifestyle from previous ones.

Women possess some male hormones, and I use testosterone merely as example. Hormones respond to behavior. The more masculine-like is female behavior, the higher the level of Big T. The higher the level, the more masculine they act in response, so hormones and behavior trigger more of the other and spiral upward making women more like men. The reverse is true too. The more feminine women behave, the less T floods their body and the less they act like men.

Most men want to marry a virtuous woman, but she’s not virtuous enough unless she’s fascinating to him. Except for sexual potential, men see little or no fascination in women who act like men. Such women possess too few of the virtuous qualities that fascinate men.

Consequently, over 50 or so years women migrated from potential mates to undesirables for permanent relationships. They depend on romantic love to support their relationships. It fades in a year or two after conquest, and men are free to move on to another sex object, if they didn’t move on before.

The unisex movement is political and sprang out of Feminism. Ergo, feminist thinking, theory, and belief are responsible for short duration of marriages. But it’s really not that simple; that’s just the foundation. Unisex politics convinced women they should act more like men, which flooded them with more testosterone, which brought out more self-centered female aggressiveness that men find unpleasant, which cost women much of their non-sexual fascination, which lured men into sex-only relationships, which brought about the shortening of marriages.

The more feminine that women behave, the more likely they appear fascinating to men, and the more likely men see promise in them as lifelong mates. They are made that way in order to live compatibly with each other.



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16 responses to “2145. Unisex Fails Women

  1. tink

    In the book, Why Men don’t Iron talks about girls while in the womb receive more T than most. I am not saying that is an excuse, but it does explain why some women act more manish. But again, it is about the woman rearing the child… it always goes back to mom. Or as one woman states in another book chiding the feminist group, “How you act is how you program your heart.”

    The book mentioned is a fascinating read. It also talks about how beef is demonized which is vital for the boys/young men population. Who do you convince? The mother.

    Like usual, it goes back to the garden of Eden.

    Your Highness Tink,
    Yes, girls are born with various concentrations of T causing some to act more feminine and some more manish. However, the article focuses on what happens in life and how increases in T are stimulated by masculine-like behavior and the reverse.

  2. tink

    Thank you, Sir Guy.

    The article made me ponder on these books read. However, I appreciate your support and clarity . I hope you are having an awesome Sunday. 🙂

    Your Highness Tink,
    Everyday is awesome for me. Every once in a while, one is less awesome than others. It happens when every woman I meet seems to be unable to smile and thus brighten my world.

  3. That Horse Is Dead

    Hello Sir Guy,

    Today at church we were discussing the importance of truth in relationships. One man in my class asked, “Isn’t makeup and push-up bras not being truthful?” If men like and prefer femininity, was his question likely rhetorical and part of men being fascinated about why women do what they do (because men wouldn’t do it)?

    Your Highness That Horse is Dead,

    Yes, rhetorical. Men just don’t think about what are to them mundane and common sense issues. That is, cultural values that women dominate when they choose to do so. Do these tamper with truthfulness? Is everything unnatural untruthful?

    • Why do we even have style in our attire?

    • He opens the door for you and you call him a gentleman?

    • Does he shave daily? For whom? Himself or to not appear differently from other men, his competitors? Or women for dates, because they don’t like a 5-o’clock shadow?

    • Are we entitled, or is it untruthful to make ourselves more attractive? Either to please ourselves or impress others?

    Yes, rhetorical to stir female reactions probably while grinning inside. Bras? Just had to bring up sex, huh?


    • Cocoa

      Hi THIS, it’s not being not truthful, but i rather see it as ‘enhancing’ the truth. It’s like adding a pinch of salt to a chocolate recipe it’s to enhance and bring forth the rich taste of chocolate.

      Now there are cases of extreme makeup/over, that if the woman washed her face she will actually look like someone else. That, IMO is hiding the truth. But again she might have her reasons for this. But if we learn to live with and love our mini defects, no one else will notice it. Love myself as God made ME is my KEY.

      Also, maybe the male enquirer should learn to focus on her non physical attributes, a lesson mothers should teach their boys.

    • MeowMeow

      Well—to take what he said to the extreme—- yes if we were totally “True to Nature” why would we wear clothes of any sort, cut our hair any particular way, shower, shave? Should we let it “All hang out?” (I’m so bad!—-grin)

    • That Horse Is Dead

      I posed the same question to him today (about men shaving their faces rather than growing full beard), and he said it was entirely different because it is “natural” versus the “unnaturalness” of makeup. He did comment that his question was all in fun and that **of course** men rather enjoy the effort of makeup and push-up bras and leg shaving.

      Your Highness That Horse is Dead,
      See, darling, he was teasing. Men know intuitively if not instinctively that teasing pretty women makes them prettier. It’s only temporary but it’s pleasurable.

  4. Miss Kitty

    i notice, that when women take up ‘male careers’ or act a certain way
    becoming hunters, etc. they tend NOT TO ATTRACT the same types
    men who are masculine, tend to go HARD for FEMININITY even if they don’t think so at first
    in fact, the more healthy feminine a woman is, the more likely she ends up MARRIED over a women who is a ‘mechanic’ etc.
    (it could be why women a long time ago, told their daughters not to get involved in stuff like this ex. playing American football even with other girls)

  5. MLaRowe

    Sir Guy and Eric,

    I have found that your advice works almost too well at this point Sir Guy.

    I’ve gotten the Hopeless Trickster that lead me to you in the first place to back way way off. I realized what he was and I’ve avoided a horrible trap and stayed faithful to my husband of 11 years (thank you God) in spite of a less than perfect marriage. (He is a great husband and father it’s just that there are a few issues that perhaps make it not look like a strong marriage on the outside).

    I’m wearing pretty and feminine clothes (and I do stand out but I’ve stayed modest). I’m grateful for my life and to my husband (with only the occasional backslide).

    Apparently I am/was the target in some sort of seduction hunting game – I’m not sure. Please don’t think I’m trying to flatter myself. This whole thing seems so surreal to me.

    The man who was after me before has now been joined by someone else. Neither one of them seems to realize I have a strong faith life and that I can see them both for what they are, sex addicts looking for difficult targets.

    The thing is -this is scary. Eric, is there something out there in the Manosphere besides alpha widow that I should know about? I feel like I’m in a video game and now I suddenly find myself on the next level. I know as long as I keep my legs crossed no one else wins but me but I’m still scared.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,

    Honey, you’re in great shape. You got those guys right where you want them. You know their game, they don’t know yours. Or, they don’t pay attention to your game, which is worse. What great confirmation they provide of your importance to yourself and hubby.

    Also, you get to smile enjoyably each time they make asses of themselves trying to bluff, shame, or guilt themselves into your favor. If you wish to really shut them up, listen and then laugh in their faces as if they are little boys—and which they are not far off.

    Great marriages arise out of wives making themselves more important to both themselves and their mate.


    • Eric

      Miss LaRowe:
      Yes, sometimes these characters do act as a team, they take turns trying to set each other up for a conquest.

      But Sir Guy’s advice is great: knowing what they’re up to is half the battle and foiling them is easy once you know your own strengths and their weaknesses.

    • Cinnamon


      It’s worth spending time reading in the Manosphere in order to understand the techniques they use to manipulate and seduce women. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of online forums where these men discuss “seduction techniques.”

      Fortunately for women, they have carelessly left open their secret playbook for all their potential conquests to see. If you google the terms manosphere, game, and PUA you will find all the information you need. It’s not rocket science, but it does take time to filter the various sites (although you can probably learn everything you will need to know at the Roosh V “Game” forum) and get your head around what they are talking about (they have their own terminology, for example, negging, DHV, LMR, pre-selection, etc.). And it isn’t just young men who use these techniques – there are men in their 50s and 60s who are practitioners.

      If you are patient in your reading you will get the hang of it, and you will then have all the ammunition you need to protect yourself AND educate your female loved ones. Once you understand PUA you will be impervious to it.

      • MLaRowe

        Thank you everyone for your help. Please send me prayers.

      • Lyndeeloo

        Oh, my! I’ve read some of the content on Roosh V’s site. It’s eye-opening in terms of the tactics some men use and their views on women in general. I also read Chateau Heartiste sometimes. When I’m done reading on those sites, it’s so refreshing to come back here to WWNH!

        • MLaRowe

          I just feel sorry for that Chateau Heartiste guy.

          It reminds me the Music Man, where he is trying to be divisive when he says that European women are so much better than U.S. women. “With a capital T and that rhythms with P and that stands for Pool”

          Then there is the list of his rules where really he sets it up so that the man who follows him can never have any real authenticity with a woman. There will never be any teamwork with a man with those views.

          That is just painfully sad to see all the walls he tries to get men to build for self protection. How much hurt is in his past I wonder. All this armor and “let’s just use women” attitude. I can’t read too much of it myself either because it just goes down a sad path I would never want anyone I cared about to go down.

          in the meanwhile there are seriously wonderful men out there who would love to meet a woman but they don’t want one who is going to go to bed with them on the first date. Someplace on this blog sir Guy talks about femininity that men long to be associated with.

          A feminine woman offsets how masculine they are. It stands out in contrast and makes them more masculine. They want that I believe. Those good men want a mate with standards, morals, principals. A different and complimentary view of the world and what life is for.

          Let Mr. Chateau Heartiste keep tricking himself into believing he is satisfied with his many physical encounters with women. It’s easy to poke a hole in his shallow perceptions about life and love.

          • Lyndeeloo

            Dear MLaRowe,

            Yes! I agree with you.

            I am sad to think what life will be like for him (and men who share his worldview) down the road. So many men seem to follow and comment on his blog. It increases my gratefulness for Sir Guy, his blog, and the WWNH community because every day, I see good men and women on this site who are working hard to improve communication and relationships between the sexes.

          • My Husband's Wife

            Dear MLaRowe,

            I agree with you that it’s quite sad! After reading about the game playing that goes on, I was shocked too. And yes, how much hurt has gone on between the sexes that it manifests in men in this way? And of course women have learned their own dysfunctional ways in relating to men as well. Also, when I read about how these women are responding in their conversations with these “gaming men” I can’t help but think: #1, “Who are these women who talk and act like that?” and #2, “Why are you giving this man the time of day, let alone having sex with him?” Both seem lonely and can’t really ever get their needs met. It seems quite lonely this way.

            I would love for these men to understand: A REAL man is one who’s just himself, confident and satisfied (as masculine claims at birth indicate). This IS very attractive and so he doesn’t have to play these manipulative games to get something. I understand the need for sex is quite high for men, but believe that some day most will tire of this constant state of pursuing and want to settle down and have not just sex, but the entire package…that is, after he meets one extraordinary woman as Sir Guy puts it.

            I hope your situation with the men that are targeting you comes quickly to an end. Thinking of you and praying for you.

  6. MLaRowe

    Dear My Husbands Wife,

    I am truly grateful for your prayers and your words and understanding.

    My faith that this will all work out somehow is at least the size of a mustard seed.

    Thank you for your kindness.

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