2155 — Compatibility Axioms #691-700

691. Whatever embarrasses a woman reveals her heart-felt and unchanging modest nature. When she tries to overcome or ignore it for a man, she misses earning his respect, which enlarges his dominion over her.  [237]

692. Female modesty rigidly enforced is the strongest natural counterbalance to male domination. She wins as a person entitled to equal respect by defending her modest nature competitively with other persons also due respect even with their immodesty. [237]

693. The second strongest counterbalance is a woman’s self-respect and determination to stand up for herself, her dignity, her claims for the proper alignment of things in her life. She wins a man’s respect by defending her values, standards, and expectations competitively as a woman standing up for herself and making him take the back seat to her character.

694. The third strongest counterbalance is a woman’s actions that prove her loyalty to, respect of, and dependence on a man. All displayed with an attitude of gratitude for who he is and what he does. Thus, she wins indirect influence by not competing over who has the dominant role. [237]

695. Her lack of values, standards, and expectations means that she follows her man’s. The lower his are, the more that testosterone and male dominance direct his life. It makes their life together ever harder for her to upgrade. [237]

696. She comes across as respectable, courageous, and strong—and maybe and unfortunately disposable—when she repeatedly has the strength to say ‘No’ to conquest. [237]

697. (This is one of my favorites.) As one woman claimed, Femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world. (Alison A. Armstrong, Keys to the Kingdom, 2003, PAX Programs, Inc. Sherman Oaks, CA , p.151) [244]

698. She makes her single self worthy of a man and thus becomes seller instead of buyer. This clicks her for the recycle bin, although he may not dump her until later.  [244]

699. By conqueror’s right he takes control of their sexual agenda. She needs to own it until marriage, because it lays firm groundwork for counterbalancing his dominance after marriage. [244]

700. Men separate sex from the gal. It’s natural because the urge to conquer obscures the person behind the sex target. She only has to be known well enough to convince her into bed. Women let men get by with it by not requiring a well-developed and deeper relationship before yielding. [244]

P.S. The series on dating in mid-life is still in preparation. Coming soon to a screen near you.



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5 responses to “2155 — Compatibility Axioms #691-700

  1. tink

    693 …this made me weep with joy!

  2. Always a wonderful read.
    Can you go into detail on femininity and how is its used as positive reinforcement in relationships.

    Your Highness Ladylikefaith,

    I like your screen name.

    I’m headed out the door. Read articles 719 and 1349 and then come back if they don’t provide what you expect.


  3. Eric

    695 seems to be the pattern that most women today follow. Most rationalize it and say that they’re in love with weak/thuggish males when in reality it’s that those males reflect their own lack of values.

    Sir Eric,
    Amen. Another good point. Women lead and men follow, except when women give up their ability to set and keep the cultural values and standards that guide the interaction of people in society.

    • Shanna

      Right you are Eric. But I would venture to say most women equate a man being thuggish with having strength. Of course it’s a false version of the real masculine strength her spirit seeks.

      P.S. Mr Guy, I’m looking forward to your series on middle aged dating. Whew, I shudder when I realize I fall in that category! 🙂

  4. Cinnamon

    But I would venture to say most women equate a man being thuggish with having strength. Of course it’s a false version of the real masculine strength her spirit seeks.


    I think Gentleman Eric is partly correct in that some women do chase these men because of their own lack of values, but I agree with your point that many women who do this are simply misguided. The pop culture, which is so all-pervasive, even to educated women, has undermined both masculinity and feminity to such a degree that many women don’t even know what they are anymore.

    You cannot trump nature, however, so the longing remains, but it gets expressed in a distorted way because, ignorant of both feminity and masculinity, she doesn’t fully understand it and has no idea of how to fulfill it.

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