2168. Chivalry — Another Casualty from the Dark Side of Feminism

There’s more coming on mid-life dating, but let’s take a break. Guy Jr. and I collaborated on this subject and two part series for weekend reading.

Women are givers, men are takers. Right? However, bet you never thought of these social processes that leave women craving better men made worse by the death of chivalry.

The spirit of Feminism stirs masculine indignation against feminists; which spreads as non-feminists fall for propaganda and adopt feminist values and expectations; which causes masculine disappointment in womanhood; which stimulates loss of unconditional respect for the female gender; which over time morphs into fury and anger at individual women who show men disrespect; which stirs ambitions for revenge; which intensifies as women blame men for social ills and domestic incompatibility; which convinces men that female uniqueness is valuable only for sex; which kills masculine desire to be more giving; which terminates incentives for gentlemanly behavior and energies for chivalry. Even momentarily, men are unwilling to yield their convenience as symbol of higher regard for women than themselves. Self-centeredness, selfishness, and more taking prevail among men.

Domestic incompatibility soars as women face off against men made uninterested and inadequate for helping to fulfill female hopes and dreams.

History records it this way. The suffragettes planted the seeds, Women’s Liberation fertilized it, and feminists reaped the political fruit trying to emasculate men and thereby destroy patriarchy. Due and well earned in legal, political, and economic arenas, women’s advancements at men’s expense spread toxins into social and domestic arenas, which today makes couples incompatible.

Feminists killed the social construct of ladies as cultural opinion leaders, which pushed men to abandon gentlemanly behavior. Feminists rejected unconditional respect for females to symbolize their demand that men accept the political superiority of the female gender. Needing to appear as dominant leaders, feminists rejected chivalry, belittled gentlemanly courtesies, and shamed the unconditional respect of men for the female gender. (I can open doors myself, I don’t need you.)

Women accepted feminist propaganda and watched as ladyhood died of feminist ridicule. Women abandoned femininity as a featured attraction to capture a man for mating. Men lost interest in female hopes and dreams.

In the name of attacking manhood, womanhood was victimized by radical feminists. Chivalry disappeared along with the death of masculine thoughts that women deserved special attention and treatment just for being the weaker sex. Feminists could not admit to being the weaker sex, even though it’s a misnomer based solely on physical differences. As women proclaimed less need for men and greater strength for femaleness, they got what they wished for. Independence from men except for sex, which also nullified any need for chivalry.

I think it purposeful. Feminism killed the unconditional respect of one’s gender for the other sex that our forebears had developed and had become the greatest protector ever devised for women and children—respect solely because they are women and children (and who gets in the life boat first). Mutual respect for the opposite sex was demeaned and lost trying to benefit women at the expense of men.

Loss of mutual respect at gender level magnifies the loss at individual level. Undesirable relationship outcomes for females depletes the benefits of men in their lives. Witness the death of chivalry, fading away of gentlemanly behavior, and disintegration of harmonious family life—all tied together in a neat radical package.

The fallout today? Boys taught to be chivalrous such as in scouting discover they are emasculated in the eyes of girls and women. After a few unsuccessful efforts to demonstrate gentlemanly or chivalrous behavior, they just quit. Without female encouragement, they turn to easier ways. For example, this ultimate insult for women as quoted from the Manosphere, “there is unanimous agreement that you should never buy dinner for a woman as a date before you have had sex with her. This is probably the most unanimous point of agreement across all Game material from all sources.” Can you think of a bigger opposite of chivalry?

Chivalry triggers unconditional giving of oneself by a man, which minimizes masculine selfishness and neutralizes his role as taker, which symbolizes unconditional respect of women, which recognizes a certain superiority of the female gender, and which puts his convenience momentarily at the disposal of a woman. No wonder women appreciate chivalry and wish they had it again.



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10 responses to “2168. Chivalry — Another Casualty from the Dark Side of Feminism

  1. Cocoa

    “Women accepted feminist propaganda and watched as ladyhood died of feminist ridicule.” Death of ladyhood! Why?! I am still here and most of the ladies active on this blog are all wonderful ladies, able and capable of changing the world around them. It is still there but rare, which explains the almost immediate shift in behaviour after a man understand who and what kind of woman they are dealing with. The contrast is astounding! They just keep coming back. It IS rare therefore much appreciated.

    Your Highness Cocoa,

    You’re right. A few ladies remain. Other than this blog, where have you seen Ladyhood praised or elevated as an admirable way of life? Pop culture? Movies? TV? How popular is lady-like apparel in church? Ladies dress up all the time for fear of being thought common. See it much anymore? Dumbed-down women want to appear common, when they are in competition with each other for men. That is neither ladylike nor competitively attractive to men.

    You weren’t around when feminists ridiculed and shamed young women for emulating older ladies. One motto: Don’t trust anyone over 30, which ended all copy cat motivation for dressing up. Or ridiculed women for wearing high heels, which fortunately are coming back as flagship items in ladies’ wardrobes. I say fortunately because the female nature drives women that put on high heels to dress up all the way to the top. It’s easier to believe any well-dressed up woman to be a lady. Fake it till you make it works. So, the growing popularity of high heels bodes well for ladyhood to spread its wings with more popularity. I’m grateful; the world is a prettier place.


    • Miss Kitty

      High heels are NICE but look STUPID when women wear pants–leggings
      IT SHOULD be worn with dresses/skirts ONLY

      • Cocoa

        I like high heels on everything. Whether pants, dresses, skirts or jeans. When I don’t wear heels, my friends at church or my colleagues at work think that there is something wrong with me.

    • MLaRowe

      A man in my area who is rather known for being something of a flirt/lady’s man seemed to me to be testing the water to see if I was interested not too long ago.

      At first I thought we were just talking like normal people but then I noticed that his wife seemed sad so I backed him off the next time we were all at a neighborhood party together (was trying to think of her feelings although I don’t think she knows and still doesn’t care for me much but that’s okay).

      Anyhow the last time I went into his store he and his co-workers about fell all over themselves trying to assist me. In fact every time I’ve ever set foot in there (which is not often) this happens. I get fabulous customer service in that place.

      This sort of behavior on their part reminds me of what one might see in an old movie.

      To me it means that he (they) realize I’m different somehow? I’m hoping it means that they see me as a true lady.

      Oh and I’m the same height as my husband so I wear flats mostly because I feel less feminine when I’m taller than him. I save heels for when I’m not with him. Plus they hurt my knees if I have them on too long (not used to them anymore I guess).

  2. Cocoa

    “Witness the death of chivalry”. Never! When sir Guy is still around. Advising, providing and producing, almost daily, precious articles for the ladies who trust in him. Will alway be there but rare. That’s why we keep coming back.

    May the Lord during these blessed days – Easter, the memory of His resurrection, reward you abundantly.

    Incidentally, Happy Easter!

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Thank you, darling, and Happy Easter to you.

    • Miss Kitty

      I believe Sir Guy FINALLY OPENED THE DOOR for chivalry to come back—- it had to TAKE an 80+ year old man to teach us WHAT should have come naturally–since many baby boomers really fell off the wagon…

      Your Highness Miss Kitty,
      I love it when pretty women make me grin.

  3. Tiff

    Sir Guy,
    Do you have an idea of how I can evade or deflect the question “why are you single” in a way that doesn’t show desperation or reveal a flaw? Much like the don’t ever disclose your virginity status rule I feel that answering the above question in any way only leads to judgment. It seems rude to pry into someone’s life like that. The idea that full and brazen disclosure from women is cool and expected (e.g. bodily through sex, oversharing on facebook, spilling your secrets to strangers) also constitutes the ‘destruction of the Lady’ and consequently the death of chivalry you mention.

    ‘Lady’ has associations with dignity, class and subtlety- but we need privacy to cultivate those qualities. It’s SO hard to retain privacy in our current culture. It’s frowned upon if you even don’t want to share intimate details of your weekend to colleagues. When there’s no privacy, there’s no mystery, guys aren’t fascinated by women, they don’t feel there’s anything to ‘try’ for, hence the fading of chivalry and manners. It’s hard to imagine there was a time where privacy was encouraged – women once carried fans to mask their facial expressions around men! Flirting used to be tied with secrecy, now it’s done a 180 and morphed into peacocking your sexual appeal to men. Funny, in nature it’s the male who struts for the female.

    It’s not surprising that men don’t want to be chilvarous-low return for high effort unfortunately. I do try to break the cycle by being extra grateful for any effort on their part. It works very well on adolescent boys (13-15 years old), their faces light up if you smile and express a heartfelt thankyou, it’s quite adorable to see actually 🙂 .

    Your Highness Tiff,

    That’s a beautiful description of both right and wrong, what’s in and out, where pressures are and not. Everything you write is right on and clear.

    Them: “Why are you single?”

    You: “Why do you ask?”

    Them: Whatever reason they give.

    You nodding politely: “This too shall pass” as if to yourself and change the subject or move away.


  4. Sharon

    Great response, Sir Guy, including the final “this too shall pass, as if to yourself.” Tiff, a quote I heard this morning and a good guide for nurturing both self-respect and proper interactions with others: “When privacy is violated and dignity is not protected, a person is de-humanized.” There really is a higher plane on which to live.

    A Joyful Easter Day, Guy!

  5. Tiff

    Thanks for the responses, Happy Easte 🙂

  6. surfercajun

    I was told by my daughter yesterday as she left the classroom this week, one gentleman in particular waits for her….as they walked towards the door to the outside building she stopped, then looked at him. (she told me… I wasn’t going to open that door!) she said he quickly opened it for her to go through…and she was ready with her phrase…but then he caught her off guard and begin talking non stop…I got on to her for not saying it… but she protested out of frustration… Mom, he is like a squirrel on crack…When COULD I say this? “Interrupt him”, I said…”He NEEDS to hear this, see the pleasantry on your face.” I added, “Besides, he failed in class to keep your attention.” (she said he took something to far in his joking and she gave a short, curt answer then turned away. Usually she turns in her seat, smiles and laughs with him) ( I call him IOI. Item Of Interest) She nodded and said, ” Alrighty.” Currently there are two gentlemen that speak with her/sit next to her in class. She likes one because he is earnest when he speaks…and of course the other one, IOI interrupts them by saying they talk to long together…giggle…she told me, “I think he might be jealous.”

    Happy Easter, everyone!!

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