Happy Birthday, Sir Guy!

Greetings, all. This is Guy Jr. One of the tangential benefits of being Sir Guy’s son is that I have admin privileges to his blog. It’s now after midnight EDT, so it’s official.

I hope you’ll join me in sending warm 34th birthday wishes (give or take half of a century) to my Pops. Not only is he a good man, he is a great man. He spends virtually every moment away from his daily duties on this blog. Trust me, I know.

His endeavors are timeless and tireless and remind me of another. My father has spent countless hours meditating and expounding on good thoughts in the hopes of bettering this world. In some ways, he could be a modern-day Confucius of relationships. Though not accepted by today’s mainstream thought, his wisdom is almost boundless and timeless, in my humble opinion.

Is he always right? Some would say not by a long shot, including my loving partner for nearly 5 years (and we argue regularly about WWNH, but let’s not revisit Lauren and our disagreements on this joyous occasion.) But who is or was, other than The Christ?

Please don’t misconstrue any comparisons. I am certainly not making those. I merely highlight the efforts of one man sharing his wisdom attempting to reclaim a long-lost culture of relative happiness, harmony, and prosperity among us. And we all know that is no easy task given the forces aligned against these tenets in 21st century America. But he fights on, undeterred. Even by me, his son, when we disagree.

Carry on, Commander Dean (USN Ret.). Continue the good fight. We are so proud and appreciative of you.

Happy Birthday, Pops. Stay strong. Stay healthy. We need many more April 19th’s from you.

Tons of man love, respect, and pride,

Allen (Guy Jr.)

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21 responses to “Happy Birthday, Sir Guy!

  1. Christine

    Dear Sir Guy,
    Please allow me to wish you a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns.
    You are a treasure for which I and many others are most grateful.

    With kindest regards,

    Your Highness Christine,
    Thank you, darling.

  2. Mia

    Happy Birthday, Sir Guy! May your special day be filled with happiness and sunshine and may you have many blissful years ahead of you! It seems you and her Highness Grace have done a marvelous job raising your children. 🙂

    Your Highness Mia,

    Thank you, darling.

    Thanks also for the kind comment about our sons. Her Majesty Grace earned far more of the credit for raising her oldest and most precious, middle-est and most precious, youngest and most precious, and oldest and able-est at the table.


  3. Cinnamon

    Guy Jr,

    Gentlemen are never more handsome than when they express so eloquently what is in so many of our hearts. My sincere thanks to you, your brother, and of course Her Majesty Grace for sharing Commander Dean (USN Ret.) with us for all these years. Although in truth I dread the day he will no longer be here to guide us, I cherish with gratitude the immense privilege it is to have him here in our daily lives. As others have noted elsewhere, the ripple effects of Sir Guy’s influence have gone far beyond the readership of this blog as we apply what we have learned in our daily lives, and share this rare wisdom with others. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without his influence.

    Happy birthday, Sir Guy, and much love to you on your special day. May your day be filled with joy and satisfaction knowing you are loved and appreciated by so many grateful readers., and may there be many more birthdays to come. Thank you for everything.

    Your Highness Cinnamon,
    Thank you, darling.

  4. Cocoa

    Dearest sir Guy, Happy super birthday.
    I wish I could wrap this for you; I am a much better, confident, patient and pretty woman because of you. You are definitely an answer for many prayers. May our Lord Jesus Christ reward you with abundance grace, health and wealth.

    Happy birthday 🎁💝💐

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    Thank you, darling.

  5. prettybeans

    Oh Happy Happy Birthday Sir Guy!!

    I love birthdays as they are filled with so much hope and promise for better things in the new year.

    You have lived a long and full life made fuller still by your gentlemanly desire to make this world a better place by recapturing the rightful place of proper manhood and proper femininity in society as we know it.

    It was a delightful day when I stumbled upon your blog and have been an avid reader ever since.
    I owe at the very least a changed wardrobe and a calmer demeanour to your guidance and that I am a more thoughtful, observant, graceful, grateful and patient lady at most, to your persistence when it comes to telling the truth though it be a bitter pill to swallow sometimes.

    I am sincerely thankful to you and may God Himself continue to increase your patience, wisdom, clear mindedness and straightforward simplicity.

    You are a treasure to us and to your beloved family.

    Men are never more handsome than when they distinguish themselves so honourably and faithfully.
    Many Happy Returns Sir!

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Thank you, darling.

  6. Magnolia

    Happy birthday, Sir Guy! And many blessings!

    Your Highness Magnolia,
    Thank you, darling.

  7. surfercajun

    This is touching and beautifully written. Perhaps to mainstream he is a long shot, but he is counter-culture and I can appreciate and admire a rebel as few men are encased in marble, as this mortal man. He portrays tirelessly work here and Allen, you has just shown this with a masterful stroke of your keyboard. I have placed these sages teaching to work and they are the truth. You cannot redress the truth other than truth. If anything, he is a gift to us… Your birthday reminds me of a picture that I have that someone took that was on the back of a car. Truth is hate to those that hate the truth….. Happy Merry Birthday, Sir Guy!!!

    Your Highness Surfercajun,
    Thank you, darling.

  8. Sweet Tea

    Sir Guy,

    Happy Birthday! Sending you hugs and kisses and wishes for a great day with many more to come.

    Thanks also to Guy Jr. for the heads up on this important day!

    Your Highness Sweet Tea,
    Thank you, darling.

  9. kapri20

    A very happy birthday to you Sir Guy!

    I greatly appreciate your generosity and dedication in sharing reflections, wisdom and the fruit of your experience with this community.

    I hope today that you feel truly celebrated!


    Your Highness Kate-Anne,
    Thanks you, darling.

  10. MLaRowe

    A Very Happy Birthday to you.

    Your blog is my most favorite ever and I look forward to every post.

    Have a great day today and know that you are valued and appreciated even by those who have never had the good fortune to know you in person.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    Thank you, honey.

  11. JuJu

    A happiest of birthdays to the blogger who keeps saving my life!

    Your Highness Juju,
    Thank you, sweetheart.

  12. anonymous

    Sir Guy,
    Wishing you a very happy birthday. The wisdom you’ve imparted on me in the last 5.5 years is worth far more than my ivy league education. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all of your hard work.

    Your Highness Anonymous,
    Thank you, sweetie, you’ve been a favorite for at least 5 of those years. Your story inspires me more than you can imagine.

  13. Lunochka

    Happy birthday from a lurking, learning lady.

    Your Highness Lunochka,

    Thank you, charming stranger.

    Also, welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.


  14. Meggrz

    Happy birthday, Sir Guy! I appreciate all your work here, -especially- the points I find contentious. 😀

    Your Highness Meggrz,

    Thank you, sweetheart.

    I really do love it when pretty women love contentious points. It reflects so clearly that they know themselves very well, which is first step to winning the battle of the sexes.


  15. Meow Meow

    Happy happy birthday, Sir Guy! I hope you have been enjoying it and hope you have many more. You are a rare light in the darkness beckoning women (and men) to be our very best selves, no matter what. Cheers!

    Your Highness MeowMeow,
    Thank you, sweetie pie.

  16. Andromeda

    Happy Birthday Sir Guy!!!! Wish you many more blessed years :).

    Your Highness Andromeda,
    Thank you, honey.

  17. ari

    Happy birthday Sir Guy!
    My hope is that you had a joyous day filled with family and good times.
    You are loved and appreciated!
    WIth love and gratitude,

    Your Highness Ari,
    Thank you, darling.

  18. Sharon

    Happy Day-After-Your-Birthday, Commander Dean (USN Ret)! May it be the start of an especially fruitful year, may you remain healthy and strong, and may you increase in wisdom as you impart wisdom about what we NEED TO HEAR. You never fail to clear our vision in a world of muddle. Always, even with the critics who disagree, at least you get us to stop and think. May all your good efforts be multiplied, for good and change and lasting turnaround in our country and beyond!

    Your Highness Sharon,
    Thank you, sweetheart.

  19. Simplicity Evermore

    Hey old guy!! When did you get a birthday?!O_O Now it’s official: Your fossilized 😛 Seriously though, Thanks for your wisdom. I have learned much sitting at your feet. May you and your beautiful wife grow ever closer together and closer to God.

    Your Highness Simplicity Evermore,
    Thank you, honey.

  20. MissBlackbird

    Mr. Guy is most excellent and this is so beautifully written. Mr. Guy, I hope you had a marvellous birthday 🙂

    Your Highness Miss Blackbird,
    Thank you, darling.

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