2195. Compatibility Axioms #701-710

  1. The two-year glitch arrives quietly as romantic love fades away in a couple’s second year after conquest. Partners undergo transformation. If an enduring kind of love has not developed mutually, separation is not far off. [245]
  2. Religion and morality serve women much more than men. If a woman fails to live within and uphold a self-imposed strong moral or religious code, she can expect mistreatment by men. (Why? By not following self-determined structured beliefs to guide her, she too easily picks up on the values and standards that guide him. It tremendously weakens her ability to earn his respect. She doesn’t appear to him as a woman of independent strength, which means she’s of less value if she becomes dependent on him. Men don’t marry pushovers for very long, neither sex nor character pushovers.) [245]
  3. Modern women let the need to have a boyfriend override their common sense. His commitment promises togetherness but it remains open-ended unless his devotion develops, which seals his interest in her. [246]
  4. Women who talk endlessly when with a man cannot also be mysterious. Unless, perhaps, if their jabber stays impersonal, which it seldom does. [246]
  5. Women make the institution of marriage of, by, and for women and children. Husbands are left out once children are born. Men don’t play second fiddle and remain with that orchestra. [246]
  6. Women tossed away femininity and the social construct of the lady to make room for feminist theory and spirit. Men fake, sidestep, and b.s. around whatever they face to access sexual partners. They wonder, but not too much, why women yield female strength to masculine dominance in order to have a man. [246]
  7. Wives win this way: Before marriage he proves through devotion that he’s worthy of her; he earns her hand. After marriage she proves herself worthy of him; she uplifts him for his devotion. [246]
  8. When a woman diminishes or weakens showing respect and gratitude for her man, she loses her likeability and his love. His deteriorating respect easily turns to disrespect and shifts her away from marital sainthood, which positions her for exiting at the next off-ramp. [246]
  9. Every couple has two options: become enslaved to money, or make money their slave. Marriage failures start more from financial problems than anything else. [247]
  10. It’s an impossible dream but…. Don’t let him talk about sex until he asks you to marry him. It’s none of his business if he’s unwilling to obligate himself to help fulfill your hopes and dreams.***


*** I’m well aware of the impracticality of it. I offer the principle to guide women into keeping their ‘sexless personage’ on the front burner of dialogue with each man. Keep changing the subject. When you remain sexually attractive but battle to keep sex out of the dialogue, you help keep his mind focused on finding weakness he can use to bed you. Inside of him, however, two options develop and grow toward decision. 1) The frustrated urge to escape (and thus he’s not good enough for you). 2) His curiosity develops the idea and imagination shapes his thinking until he convinces himself that he can’t get along without your presence in his life. You win regardless of his choice.

P.S. See 2198 for a list of questions to use to take his mind of talking about sex. He mentions sex, you mention marriage in various ways in the list.



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4 responses to “2195. Compatibility Axioms #701-710

  1. Eb

    Sir Guy,

    What about Christian men who want to wait until marriage and don’t want to get involved physically too quickly? Are they also looking for weaknesses (saying one thing but hoping for another as their nature dictates)? I’m betting on yes, they are no different from other men.

    Your Highness Eb,

    Sure. It’s the male nature.

    But on his strength of character or proving that he has such integrity, he restrains, makes it habitual that his body respond to his will. Thus, he possesses high self-respect, which ignites high respect for her, which opens the door widely for his love to develop as she would like to see it.

    Congratulations if that’s who you presently face.


  2. Your advice is insightful and spot-on!

    Your Highness K.Q, Duane,
    It’s pleasurable to hear that from an accomplished blogger.

  3. Shanna

    Hi Mr Guy,
    When it comes to sexual matters, most Christian women, from an early age only hear one liners like “keep your legs closed” or “it’s a sin”. I appreciate your blog so much because you use the nature of men and women to explain the why’s and why nots of the whole thing.
    A lot of times when I’m reading about male/female relations (not your blog), it’s written as if women have no desire for sex and our only job is to fend off the man until marriage. Or if it’s written from the modern, feminist perspective, then it’s often from an over-sexed, aggressive point of view… ” have sex til your heart’s content, with no consequences ” -HA!
    Forgive me if you’ve addressed this matter before. How do I handle recovery (it IS everything), with having sexual desire? I’m well aware that men and women view and handle sex differently. I would even venture to say male and female desire may be almost equal…almost, though the motivations are vastly different.
    I’m rambling…. How do I do this right when sometimes emotions, hormones, and modern society rear their ugly heads?

    Your Highness Shanna,

    You would not be burdened with those urges if you were not well prepared to handle them yourself. God gives us all we need to function independently as an adult; it’s living life that convinces us we need someone else.

    As to your recovery, you know who and what you are. As soon as you get someone else to help, you become dependent on them. Where will that lead and what will it cost you? You already know that, right?

    What’s left? Do it yourself. Get your mind off of it. I suggest spending more time in Female Blessings at Birth and also at claiming victory with your best friend at the mirror according to posts (2123 – 2127).


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